Which Applications And Functions On Your Phone Do You Love?

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Aug 30th, 11:13

Hi guys, the modern age of mobile phone is a wonderful thing as we all know. But i want us to discuss the applications we hav on our phones here. I swear applications make alot of changes to what we call mobile phone (it could become mobile everything). Which application(s) do u find very fascinating and what's d function(s)? This may be a way for us to share applications and utilities

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Aug 31st, 22:11

have smartmovie, ultramp3,viking mp3, oggplay,controlfreak, shockwave flash,higjtoon comic viewer,facewave,sounder,mobilevdr,philips campro,smsguard,mobireader,ebook, isilo3,photosms,im+,conqueror chat,splashblog,agilemessenger,profimail,geominder,notepad,photobase,uleadphotoxpress,jelly,lenses,bluetoothprint,profiexplorer,anticabir/anticommwarrior,appman,spycam,timetool,powernotes,lowtek sounds,avantgo,mobilemouse,quickword,quicksheet,quickpoint,pdf+,calcium,nicedial,instantme,powertouch,extended recorder,traveler,voice reminder,sms spamkiller, blackballer,FExplorer, bluetooth extender, spmark 4, yahoo go, yo yap, dvd player (actually its an xvid player) etc.

X-plore - best FTP client I would ever recommend..

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