I miss you mum

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This story was solely written by Dindy.
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Episode 1

"Junior! junior! junior!..... won't you wake up and goto school!?", shouted my dad.

"ooooooo why is this man disturbing me like this, why can't he just leave me alone forever", I said grumbling in a low voice.

"He never allows me to rest not even for a sec, I am so sick and tired of him, in fact i wish I was not born by him", I said with an angry face.

"If only my sweet mum was still around me, oh God I miss my mum so much, God you should have left my mum just for my sake", i said looking downwards.

"I can still remember all those happy times I and my mum spent together", I said remembering how things were when my mum was alive.

........FLASH BACK........

I am the first born/male child in my family, I was my mum's favourite and my mum believed so much in me. She usually calls me her "superstar" and she never lets me out her sight.

Anytime my dad beats me up, she always consoles me, she protects me so much from my dad and loves me so much but I have always loved my dad more than my mum no matter how hard he treated me.

Let me tell you a little of how much my love for my dad is; one day my dad travelled for a week because he was invited for a program in a church (my dad is a pastor), you know how pastors and programs are like (you can never separate them). When he left I fell sick like really really sick all through the week, my mum never left my sight, she kept on feeding and giving me drugs (Those times were incredible for me). When he came back the sickness left me.

I always wake up every morning in peace when my mum was with me (but now I wake up each morning with thoughts of how hard my dad will treat me). She usually dressed me up for school and fought with my dad sometimes just because of me --I think my dad was jealous because my mum shows me more love than she shows him-- she usually listens to whatsoever I told her even if it was a childish thing or a dream or a future plan.

She gave me her full attention, she was my best friend but I never fully understood her love and care for me until she left me.

There was a day I sang one of p-square's song (busy body) in church; it was a wonderful and awesome sunday, I sat beside my mum as always (Like I told you my mum never lets me out her sight, I usually stay in the adult church instead of the children department, my mum never allowed me to go there not even for once because she did not want me to stay too far from her). My dad was (and still is) the head pastor of the church.

After preaching and closing the church service he went to his office to relax (I know it's not easy for him because you will surely face both God, man, and the devil with his agents on the Alter). When he went to his office to relax my mum went to meet the women for "women meeting" but before she left she gave me a kiss on the head which really brought out excitement within me. She told one of the ushers who was about going to my dad's office to take me there.

As I was walking with the usher when a song started singing in my head, when we got there the usher took me inside.

The song was now very loud in my head (well I guess i knew the song so much because I usually hear the song in my school area like; everytime I goto school), suddenly the song found its way to my mouth then I started singing "with your busy body,busy body". That was the only thing I knew how to sing in the song, my dad turned at me and took the cain which was under his large desk (he always kept a cain there just in case i misbehave), as I saw the cain I ran but I was not faster than my dad, the cain met with my back as I reached for the glass door (oh it hurts so much) and made a step out side, another met with my head which made tears came out eyes (by fire by force).

I cried as I ran towards the children department, luckily for me people were there to help me from being badly beaten by my dad, my dad left me (after people begged for me) and went back to his office angrily saying "I don't know where you are heard that non sense worldly song from", he said other things but I did not hear him because he was at the door of his office and I was between the children department and the assistant pastor's office.

I was still crying when my mum came and started petting me, I was happy she was there but I couldn't stop crying because I could still feel the pain on my head and back.........

To be continue...

"after I fall in love".
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Episode 2

Three years later I became 7 years and my mum was pregnant with a baby.

There was a day my dad took my mum to the hospital when I left for school in the morning (that day was a Friday), so when I came back from school I was afraid because i didn't find my mum at home. I asked my aunty about my mum then she told me that my mum is ok that she went to the hospital with my dad and she would be back soon, after hearing that my mind came to a rest.

I and my aunty were at home when my dad called my aunt and told her that my mum was about to put-to-bed, when my aunt dropped the call she said "Junior be expecting a little bro or sis in the house", I was very happy to hear those words.

The next day my dad called that he was coming home with my mum and the little baby, my aunty put the phone on loud speaker so i heard it all, I quickly ran and stood at the window side of my room waiting and looking outside for their arrival.

Three hours later I heard a horn (I knew it was my dad's because his car horn was unlike the regular ones I heard in my area), my aunty went straight to open the gate then my dad drove in, all the organs in my body became so happy to see them.

My room was upstairs so I had to run downstairs to meet them, as I was running I fell with my keen to the ground (i think I injured myself but I didn't feel it maybe because of the fact that I was too happy to feel it), I ran out side and opened the back door of my dad's car for my mum to come out with the baby.

I began to jump up and down like a rabbit who just saw a carrot, I jumped to see the baby's face but I was not tall enough, my mum saw that I wanted to see the baby's face so she bent down for me to see the baby's face then she said "it's a boy". I was so wowed (me seeing my little brother's innocent face for the first time was a great feeling), I felt a smile in my heart ---babies are really wonderful indeed--.

I looked into his amazing soft eyes and it took me to another universe of peace, my mum stood up and went inside, I followed her slowly at her back like a kid that has been hypnotize with chocolate.

When she got to her room she placed my little brother on the bed, I walked up to him and I saw how his mouth was toothless, it made me laugh in a way then he looked at me and he squeezed his face (i was like; what's wrong with this boy, why did he frown when he saw me), my mum came close to me and said "Neil now you have a younger brother that you can always play with). --My mum prefers to call me Neil than to call me Junior because she was the one that gave me the name but my dad likes calling me Junior--.

As time went on I began to get jealous of my little brother because he got all the attention, although my mum always tries to do her best to never leave me behind but still my little bro got more attention than me from her, anytime I tried to get close to my little bro (when my dad is carrying him) my dad will always end up pushing me aside (i felt so bad anytime he does it).

Each time I enter my parent's room my dad will always send me out, he would say "Bia Junior you are no more a kid again", those words made me feel bad, it was as if my dad hated me more than ever since my younger brother came to existence.

There was a night that my little bro cried so loud that no one in the house was able to sleep -- what's my biz, I slept like a baby in its mother's womb-- but I slept very peacefully and I didn't even hear a sound as I slept (i even dreamt of tom and jerry {laughs}; that cartoon is one silly cartoon, they keep fighting each other but non of them ever dies and if they eventually die they always come back to life in the next episode).

When I woke up in the morning my aunty asked me whether I slept in my room alone with all the noise that was going on which was made by my younger bro, I said "yes aunty I slept and I dream of tom and jerry but aunty I did not hear when baby was crying", My aunty was totally surprised.

I left my aunty and went to see my mum and dad to greet them "good morning" and to also see my little bro, i got to my parent's room then i knocked
--I remember a time I didn't knock and I entered my parent's room, when I opened the door it hit my dad on his nose and he started bleeding, he could had killed me with cain but luckily for me my mum was there to calm him down, his eyes that day made me so afraid that I didn't know whether to run front or back, I was just in a single position and my mind was in a spot of no return at that point of time and space--.

When I opened the door I saw my mum and dad sleeping but my little bro was awake, so I walked up to him to see his face, he was dancing and kicking his hands and legs (in a childish way, I guess he was in his happy hour).

When I tried touching him he started crying which woke my dad and mum up, my dad got up and shouted at me with all the strength and energy he had in him, my mum tried to calm him down but he refused and pushed me out of his room.

I went straight to my room still hearing his angry manly voice shouting and complaining about me and my behaviour, in my mind I was confused because I didn't know what I did wrong that made him angry....

To be continue....

"After the expression of an unbelievable event".

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Episode 3

Two years later I adapted to my dad's behaviour toward me, nothing he did or said hurts me any more --I just ignored all his unnecessary talks and behaviours--, I and my little bro became closer, but he was a pain in my butt. He was so annoying sometimes, he likes eating everything I ate.

There was a day like that, my mum went out and I went to our refrigerator to grab something. When I opened it, i grabbed an apple which my dad bought from the market.

I was about to eat it, when my little bro walked up to me and said he wanted it, I was like "c'mon go away, haven't you eaten yours!?".

My dad was there when I shouted at him, so my dad took the apple from my hand and gave it to my little bro. I said "oh daddy, I haven't eaten any apple at all na".

My dad said "shut up, he is your junior brother, you should learn how to share and give him things".
In my mind I was like "no be only share, as if he gives me his food to share with him".

I walked out of the kitchen and went straight to my room to relax --my little bro could drive any one nuts--.

There came a day, when I taught my little bro a lesson that he can never forgot. It all happened this way. It was a saturday, my mum and dad went to the market to get things for me and my little bro, and my aunty went to buy tea stuff, in a super market not too far from where we leaved.

My little bro was all alone with me, I went to the parlour to watch football like I always do. I turned on the tv and the dstv, then I quickly moved to my sitting positing, where I sat comfortably with no disturbance.

My little bro came out from no where, then said "[with a childish voice] dada,dada___karton karton".

He started pointing at the tv and the dstv, I understood what he was trying to tell me, but I ignored him because I was watching my favourite football team play. --Barcelona is my best football club ever and I don't like missing their matches at all.--

He walked up to me and did the same things again, I started getting angry because he was really disturbing me from watching the sweet football, he then took the remote from my hand.

I was surprised that a 2 years old boy could have such mind, I told him to give me the remote or else I will beat him, but he didn't listen to me at all.

I got so annoyed that I lost control and gave him a slap on his hand, he dropped the dstv remote and started crying, I ignored him and continued watching the match.

My aunty came back and met my little bro crying, she asked me what happened, but I didn't answer her because I was angry and at the same time my mind was focused on the match.

She said "Neil, I know it's you that beat him, when your dad and mum comes back I will tell them".

I said to myself "If you like, tell them, it's non of my business [hissing]".

God saved me that I did not say those words out, if I could have talked back at her, she would have given me a nuclear slap that will burst my ear drums.

My mum and dad came back after an hour later, they were both tired and weak, I knew my dad would kill me and I was totally sure that not even my mum could save me, from the pain my dad was going to give me.

My aunty told my parent about what happened. I was in my room when I heard a knock.

"Oh my God, I am dead today", so i said to myself.

The door opened and the person I saw was my mum (wow I was relaxed), my mum came in and sat at the edge of my bed, then she placed her hand on my hand

She said to me "Neil my lovely son --My mum knows how to tease me so much--, i know you didn't mean to beat your junior brother, but you have to understand that he is still a kid and kids act annoyingly-funny sometimes. Always remember that you were once like your little brother and also remember that you have only one little brother, no one can replace him if he goes away forever."

After she said those words, all my angry turned to a soft cold ice cream, I started crying --my mum knows how to weaken me--, i fell on her laps and cried, she pampered me.

I later went to meet my little bro to ask him to forgive me, I know it sounds funny because how could one be asking a 2 years old kid for forgiveness, but well I did and after that, me and my little bro hugged.

Since that day til now, he respects and loves me more than ever ........

To be continue.

"After that maximum control of your soul".

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Episode 4


I got up after my flash backs, then I looked at my barcelona wall clock. The time was 7.15, so i sluggishly got up and went to the bathroom, I pulled all my cloths, then turned on the shower.

I remembered how my life sunk, like a ship that was sunk by a whale, in the blue wide ocean of Atlantic.

..............FLASH BACK............

I was 13 going to 14 and life for me was easy with no stress, all I could think of was just how to eat, read, sleep, games, football and how I was gonna be with a beard..

My mum was pregnant again --my dad was a sharp shooter, him no dey slack at all [laughs]--, my little bro was now 4 years old, but he was till stubborn and naughty.

After three months, my mum belly grew bigger and my mum started eating alot and I mean 'alot', I guess it was because of the kid in her. She usually gets emotional unnecessary, which got me scared sometimes.

I, my mum, my dad and my bro always argue about the gender of the unborn child.

I would say "Mum it's gonna be a girl".

My little bro would say "[With a kid's voice] No a boy".

My dad would say "Yes a boy".

My mum would say "Ah, we already have two boys, so I choose a girl".

My dad would say "I know that it's because junior said he wants a girl that is why you want a girl too".

My little bro will say "[With a kid's voice] Mummy you are cheating us oooo". (my dad told him to say that)
My mum would laugh --My mum has an amazing laughter--.

My mum fell really sick, a week before her 9th months of pregnancy. I was really scared when she was sick, although my dad, the prayer warriors, and the church prayed for her.

I cried each time she vomited, anytime my dad was not around, I usually go sit by her side --There is nothing in this life, like the love of your mum beside you--.

The week passed away and it was time for her to goto the hospital --l would have loved it if my mum never went to that hospital--, I was not around that morning because we (my younger brother and I) went to school.

When I and my little Bro came back from school, my sweet mum was not around, my aunty told me that my dad took her to the hospital for treatment and she would soon be giving birth to the baby. I was happy to hear that part "of another child" being brought to our house, my aunty also told me that we would be visiting her on Saturday.

The weekend, came very slow which annoyed me very much because I really and truly missed my mum. All the things my teacher taught on Friday, were like non sense to my hearing because my mind was thinking of how I would see my mum the next day.

The long break bell rang and I thought it was the closing bell, so I started packing my books then stood up.

My friend beside me asked me where I was going to, I told him that I was going home, he laughed at me then said "Neil you are funny ooo, it's not yet time for closing na". I came back to my senses and sat down with a sad face.

After 2 hours we closed, I went home straight to ask my aunty whether we would still go the next day, lucky for me I met her on my way in. I asked her and she told me yes, but I was still unease, all through the afternoon, evening and night my mind was not settled.

Finally saturday came, I was the first to wake up and prepare because I really really loved to see my wonderful mother. My dad, bro and aunty woke up after I was done preparing.

After some hours, we were ready to go to the hospital to pay my sweet mum a visit.

While my dad was driving to the hospital, I was so uncomfortable, it was as if the car was not fast enough --Although we encountered a little traffic on the way--. My dad stopped at a super market to get something for my mum, my aunty accompanied him leaving I and my little bro in the car.

I was so annoyed sitting and waiting for my dad and aunty, they had been there for 25mins, but it felt like hours for me.

My little bro was there playing with his toy, the next thing that entered into my mind was "Why is this man and woman slow na, let them do quick so that I can see mum na".

I was about to get down from the car to go call them, when my dad came out from the super market with my aunty.

I wasn't thinking straight at that time, but Lucky for me I didn't go inside the supermarket to call them, my dad would have given me a deadly knock on my head.

We got to the hospital and I was about to run inside the hospital, when I came to my senses again, I realised that i didn't know where she might actually be.

We entered the hospital, then we went straight to her room. The hospital was our family hospital, they knew us very well and my dad usually comes there time to time to pray for people.

We went upstairs, every single step made me feel like disappearing, every single step felt like a thousand step, I was not myself again because it was a long staircase. Finally my dad stoped and turned to the left, so did followed we.

Immediately I got into the room my mum's stayed, I went straight to hug her --A side hug not a full hug, remember she is pregnant, I didn't want to stress her too much--. I saw her and started crying.

She said "don't cry my superstar, as you can see I'm fine, I know you really missed me".

I told her how much i missed her and how I have always wanted to see her, we both smiled and hugged again......

To be continue...

"After i have the experience with life".

Warning: This story is about to get more emotional.

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My dad was about to say something, then his phone rang, so he stepped out to pick it. My aunty dropped the things, which she and my dad bought for my mum, on a table that was right beside my mum's bed. My aunty looked at the time and it was 11.30am, then she asked my mum whether she has taken anything, she said no that the nurse told he not to eat until 12noon.

My aunty said "Ok let me boil water, so when it's 12noon you will eat. My aunty went to ask the nurse, who was attention to a patient in a room beside my mum's room, after my aunty left my dad came back.

I and my mum were talking when my dad called me a funny name, we all laughed then my dad's phone rang again, he picked the call and went out side.

I guess he was trying to direct someone to the hospital because when he picked it, he said "Have you gotten to the bus stop?".

My mum called my little brother, he came close to her and then he started asking unnecessary questions like "mummy why are you sick? mummy why is your face fat? mummy where is your shoe", I got annoyed because of his unnecessary, unwanted, annoying questions, but my mum knew how to answer all his questions.

My dad came back from his out side trip, but no one came with him (I thought someone was coming with him), i was happy that no one came because I don't want any one to take away the attention my mum is giving me.

My dad sat on a chair, which was right beside my mum as he spoke to my mum about church and other stuffs, my aunty came back with hot water, she went straight to a table beside my mum, where the flask was kept.
After she turned it into the flask, my mum asked her what the time was, she checked her wristwatch and the time was 12noon.
She said "Wow I didn't know I spend this much time boiling water".
The nurse that was taking care of my mum was not too far, she was attending to the next door patient, it was as if she knew that it was time for my mum to eat.
The nurse walked in and told my mum that she could eat now --well I guessed the nurse timed my mum or maybe she has a supernatural power--.
The nurse also told my mum to take the drugs she brought, after my mum must have finished eating her food. After telling my mum what to do, the nurse left, then my dad told my aunty to make tea for her.
My mum asked me maybe I would eat with her --me no dull ooo, if na you, you go close eyes make better thing pass you?--, I told her yes with a smile.
My aunty said "See your head, you too like food Neil".
My dad said "mum's boy, you will always want what your mum want".
My little bro was just there siting on my dad's Lap saying and doing nothing --I guess he is dad's boy and I was mum's boy, so it's one-one--.
I and my mum ate and after we ate, my mum took her drugs. my dad started teasing my mum, then a phone call came in my dad's phone, I started to wonder who the caller was because the person was really disturbing our family play time.
In my head i said "If this person doesn't know the road here, let him/her go house, instead of bugging us".
I began to wonder, why my little brother was quite, he didn't play or fool around like always, he was well behave that day.
I later remembered that his good behaviour, was caused by a nurse at the entrance, who warned him not to make noise or she would inject him with the biggest injection.
I said smiling to myself "Now I know what to use to get food and snacks from you little bro".

.To be continue..

"After excitement".

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Episode 6

My dad came back 5 mins later, with our church prayer warriors --We had 5 powerful prayer warriors in our church, but only 2 came--. When I saw them, I greeted them, but I was confused because I was thinking that it was just one person that was coming.

My dad, can't be directing the prayer warriors to this hospital because they came here to pray for my mum, two days ago. Bro Mathew and kelvin (the prayer warriors), asked mum how she was.

She replied them both "I am getting better".

As my dad and the prayer warriors were talking, someone entered. I couldn't see the person's face because my aunty and the prayer warriors were blocking my view of the entrance door.

They all gave chance for the person to see my mum, It was the nurse that brought drugs for my mum before.

I said to myself "I wonder what she wants again, I pray it should be that she was sent by the nurse downstairs to inject my little bro with sleeping drugs because he is kinda disturbing me".

When my little bro saw her, he sat down one place (fear-fear boy), the nurse did a quick check on my mum, then she changed the drip my mum was on because it was in its last era. When the nurse was done, she turned to my dad and said "She needs to sleep".

My dad said "Ok, I'll be leaving for a church program very soon", then the nurse left.

After 5 minutes that the nurse left, my dad's phone rang, it was that same person that has been een trying to locate the hospital since morning.
My dad picked it, but this time he answered the call in front of us, then the next thing he said was "Are you out side now, ok I am coming".
He moved out with his phone still on his left ear. After he left, I started having this uncomfortable feeling, my bladder was fully loaded with urine, I needed to goto the toilet or else I would wet both the bed and myself.
I told my mum, then she directed me to the toilet where I could urinate. After listing to my mum's direction, I quickly moved out side to find my way to the toilet.
I looked to the left side as my mum told me and I followed, my mum told me to pass three doors, then I would see the toilet by my right. I walked straight down very fast, passing the first, second and third door.
I heard sounds until I got to the end of the road --Maybe some people were giving birth or maybe they were in pain that was caused by an accident--, then I looked to my right and finally I saw the toilet, I opened the toilet door fast-fast and quickly freed myself off the load I was carrying.
After every-every, I washed my hands and wiped it with a small white soft cloth I saw there --I am no white man, but when i see new things, i must try it out. Sometimes we got to behave like white men--.
The cloth was very soft, they wrote on the wall where the soft cloths were hanged "Please put in trash after use". I didn't throw it away --Why would a 9ja guy like me, see a white soft cloth and throw it away, when I didn't use it to wipe my a*s--.
I put the cloth in my back pocket, then I moved out. I was out side the toilet with my left hand still at my back pocket and still trying to force the soft cloth into my back pocket --My back pocket was very small-- .
When i looked straight, I saw a woman fighting for life, I stoped and watched what was happening. The nurses that were there, were trying to hold the woman down, but she was struggling so hard for air.
Finally another nurse came with a big cylinder, which looked like my house gas cylinder, then she did some connections and placed something on the woman's nose. The woman immediately relaxed, I was shocked and scared because I had never seen anything like that in my whole life. I quickly walked back to my mum's room.
When I got back to my mum's room, my dad was already there with one of our church elders, who was the one that had been calling my dad since. We did a little prayer, then my dad left with the prayer warriors and the elder for a church program.
The time was 2pm, so my aunty told my mum that we would go home to cook and incase if she wants to eat, that there is fired rice in the second nylon. my mum just replied with a dizzy eyes "Ok no problem".
My aunty said "I'll come back in the evening with food, for you to eat at night".
My mum was about to say something when I said "Mummy I'm not going, i'll stay here with you".
My mum said "Neil, you have to go, you have to prepare for church tomorrow and school on monday, go home and do every necessary thing you need to do".
After she said that I didn't know what to say again, I then remembered that my maths and English teacher gave us an assignment in school and if i fail to do it, they will deal with me mercilessly with no pity --I was more afraid of my math teacher because he flogged dangerously, no Cain duster could dust his Cain. The day my ass met with his Cain oh God, it was as if my ass was on top of a gas cooker--.
I just had to accept, we all told her good bye. As I made a step out side the door, I don't know what came over me, I turned back and ran to hug my mum.
As I hugged her, I said "Mum I'm already missing you".
She replied "I know my superstar, don't worry I will soon be with you at home".
She gave me a kiss on my forehead, which really got to my heart and made me cry...
To be continue...

"When life becomes sweet".

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Episode 7

I wake up the next day feeling empty and lost, I moved to the edge of my bed and sat there with my hands on my chin and with my eyes looking downwards. My aunty came to my room to wake me up, but when she came in she saw me awake, she looked at me.

She said "What are you thinking, this one your hands are on your jaw. Anyway junior, be fast and go bath, remember today is sunday, don't forget to fix your bed before you leave".

I didn't say a word, she left leaving the door of my room wide open. I got up and looked at the time, it was 5:59am and the temperature was low.

I thought of taking my bath downstairs, then I remembered that the shower was broken.

My little bro broke it, when he was playing with the handle, so my dad turned it off from the out side.

I decided to goto my dad's room to take my shower --My dad's bathroom, had a shower with hot and cold dispenser--. My dad had already gone to church, I knew he won't be at home by that time because he always leaves early to church on Sundays.

My dad, is the head pastor of the church, so you don't expect him to goto sunday service by 6am or 7am or 8am.

After i took my bath, I went to my room to dress up, after dressing up I went straight downstairs with my bible in my hand. My aunty and little bro were all dressed up and ready for church, my aunty had a little cooler in her hand --We don't eat at all on sunday mornings, so we take food to church--. My aunty locked the house and we headed to church
We got to church by 7:35am, my younger brother sat with my aunty while i sat alone. After 25mins Sunday-school was over and now it was time for worship and praise, the choir took the mic and they started singing worship.
While worship was going on, I sat down all though. The choir started singing praises and people were dancing with all happiness, but i was so down and unhappy that my mum wasn't there, so I went out to clear my mind --but it didn't work--.
The choir sang there own song after singing praises, it was like a breeze to my hearing because i was lost in my thoughts.
My dad, started preaching after three hours of both sunday school and choir ministration. All the things he preached in church that day, was a totally dot to me, I didn't listen to anything he said.
All I was thinking, was about my mum and how she was in the hospital, my dad started to notice that I was absent minded when he was preaching, he kept looking at me.
Finally it was offering time, i didn't want to go, but then I saw my dad looking my way again, i knew that if I don't stand up and drop my offering, he would surly ask me questions and I am not in the mood for his troubles.
I just had to force myself off the chair, then walked down to drop the offering of 500 naira.
The church service was now over, so i picked my bible from the chair i sat on, then went straight to my dad's office to relax my brain and eat.
when I got there, my dad was already there talking with one of our church elders, i walked to the corner where I normally sat and eat.
After 5mins, my aunty came into my dad's office, she went to where she kept the food and brought out my own share of the food, then gave it to me and she fed my little bro.
After I ate, I swept the ground and relaxed on the floor a little. i later stood up and went to the window side to look out side a bit. I was there playing with my fingers, when I heard two voices chatting.
The voices sounded like that of women, their conversation was as follows___
Woman 1: "Did you hear that the pastor's wife is seriously sick?."
Woman 2: "Yes ooo, i heard it, only God knows whether it's the bad thing that she has been doing in the women fellowship that made her sick."
Woman 1: "Abi oooo, at least now the women fellowship will be at rest, but wait, have you notice that since when the pastor's wife has been sick, the pastor's anointing has increased."
Woman 2: "Chia!, I swear you're saying the truth oooooo, since the time that so called pastor's wife fell sick, the church has increased. Mmmm, mmm, that woman is a witch!........"
Woman 1: "Ah don't shout na, do you want people to say that we're gossiping about the pastor's wife?, don't forget where you're, we are close to the pastor's office, what if he hears you?."
Woman 2: "Ok ok, let's go somewhere else."
I could still hear them talk as they move further away from my dad's office.
I got so angry and I felt like slapping their silly-stupid-mouth --Da*n, I just use an insultive word, that's so wrong because I'm a Christian --.
How could they talk about my mum in such manner, I wish I saw them, I wish I went out side to see their faces. Da*n!, I wish I had called my dad to listen to what they said.

After five minutes, of expression of inner anger, my mind fell back in thoughts of my mum in the hospital...

To be continue...

"When I can't forget you"

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