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This story was solely written by Dindy.
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Note:Illegal copying of this story without permission is a criminal offence and offenders/Violators shall be prosecuted under copyright laws.

Contact Afrivade Administrators or Ossy Andy Nnamdi for permission to copy any of my stories on your blog, website or pages.

Thank you for reading this story.



Episode 1

A night filled with darkness, no light no air, my breath was heavy, I was scared, it felt like my heart was making it's way out of my body.

Suddenly I saw an eye looking at me. Now my fear increased; "my mind is playing tricks on me" (so I thought), but the more I looked into the eyes the more fear moved into my bones, mind and soul.

I couldn't stand looking at the eyes anymore so i closed my eyes. When I opened it back, what I saw made me freeze.

I saw a dark hand reaching to my heart (at this point I was lost both real life and in my soul), I quickly jumped up.

now up on my feet what I saw was was.......... a tall dark creature (but wait how did it get into my room? surely my doors were Perfectly closed and my roof had no opening, it was well build), at that point I was dead, I was no longer with my body.

I felt a strong feeling my lungs were beating my chest like a drum set (well my whole body was dancing to the beat of fear).

Then the creature looked at me and said "I AM YOUR END AND I AM HERE TO SEE YOU, AND TO TAKE YOU AWAY". Its hand quickly grab my neck (at that point I was both alive and dead, the hairs on my body all stood in shock, my head felt like it has been pumped by an air pumping machine; because it was bigger than normality).

I thought that was the end, but no no no another creature from behind come out and whispered to me (remember the eyes I saw from the beginning? well that was a creature on its own and it was the creature that whispered to me), it said with a laughing tone "YOUR SOUL IS MINE".

O what is this? What did I do wrong? will I escape this torment? I need help! be continue. :idea:
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Episode 2

Its hand was too strong (surly it was not a human so its power were more than mine), its fingers cut deep into my neck, my neck veins cut so fast that I felt a very painful sting in my neck.

I lost the ability to shout, there was very little amount of blood going to my brain make me loss sight of everything going on around me.

Suddenly blood began go drip from my nose, my life was now becoming more like a dust (I knew it was the end for me but why are these creatures after me? I surly didn't kill anyone, i am a cool and gentle man, what could I have done wrong to invoke such creatures of darkness?), my eyes began to close, i couldn't fight back (its hold on me weaken me, my fingers were all frozen).

The creature left hold of me and I dropped; like a man with no life (but I still had little life in me. Hmmm I wonder why it didn't finish me off at once, maybe it wanted the other creature to eat me up alive).

I was on the floor; with blood coming from my nose, neck and now mouth and ears because of the way my head landed on the floor.

My fingers were red and I couldn't feel anything all over my body, I was a corpus lying down but the only difference was that I had little life.

The creature was looking at me and waiting for me to pass out (to die completely).

The weird thing was that why didn't it just finish me once, why did it want me to pass through all these pains and sufferings?.

All I wanted was just to die so that the pain would leave me.... be continue.

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Episode 3

The creature pulled me by the leg, while the other licked my blood which was on the floor (my house was well tiled and the ground was smooth).

It pulled me until we got to the entrance of my parlour (my parlour was lower than the rest of my house); as it pulled me into my parlour my head landed with force to the floor which made my skull crack a little.

I started bleeding uncontrollable but not too much (I am sure the other creature will be happy because there would be more blood to lick). It pushed my front door down, and then it stood at the entrance of my house with it's hand still holding my leg---I don't know why it stood there; like it was expecting a taxi from the sky to pick us up, well I guess it stood there because it wanted me to feel pain more and more each passing seconds ---.

My house had an entrance staircase and it was made up of 5 levels (so you can imagine what happened to me), it pulled me with more force more than ever---mehn this creature just hated me so much I think its real name is pain-giver---.

My head was like a song and the staircase was a hit, back to back from the first to the last, (anybody that says that it didn't hurt me that person is a big time joker). My skull was now an open pool of blood (but I don't know how I managed to stay alive because the pain was too much and I lost so much blood).

It pulled me until we got to the front of my house gate then it left hold of my leg. There was a little sharp stone on the floor which my leg landed on, It cut a vein in my leg, I couldn't even feel it much because my brain was half way dead (mehn the pain kept increasing inside me each time I moved closer to death).

The two creatures commanded a door way to open, and when it opened all I heard were the sounds of lost souls with pain and sorrow.

Only God knows what is in there, I hope it is not another "NIGHTMARE".....

.to be continue.

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Keep it going Dindy, more grace.

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Thanks boss

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The two creatures took me by both hands and threw me into the door way, I landed with my back (mehn at that point I felt worst than bad and life meant nothing to me), I couldn't move my whole body; it was no more responding but my ears and heart were managing to keep up, I know they won't survive because they don't have much time (Death was creeping in the dark corners, waiting and longing for my soul).

My face faced the left hand side of my body and I saw graves everywhere billions and billions of graves all with people inside crying for help (well I knew there were people inside because I could hear people banging and screaming for help).

Some said "get me out of here", some were begging, some were crying very loud (Well I guess I was wrong when I hoped that the door way won't be bad).

The whole place smelled death, the ground was filled with decayed bodies and maggots were everywhere.

There was this disturbing smell I perceived, when I rolled my eyeballs upward towards the right side of my face I saw a dead body hanging on a tree with its stomach and intestines almost falling off.

The body seemed to have decayed for 3weeks with an open stomach which exposed internal organs. (mehn I wish I was not in that position.) The opened, smelling and decayed stomach started dropping down little by little; like a melting ice from a cliff (mehn I was in so much pain but mehn that smell made me forget about everything and my concentration was on it).

The entire stomach dropped on my cheek (thank God my face was not facing upward). --Da*n!-- The maggots on it started dancing on my cheek, the watery substance flowed down into my mouth--da*n where is death, I need it to take me away from all this non sense-- I cried in my mind.

It tasted like something far more worst than a vomit, excrete and a decayed food all together. I couldn't spit it out because my tongue was a dry valley and I didn't have the strength to do so.

I felt like vomiting but there was no strength to vomit (well I have been vomiting blood since from other parts of my body).

The hanging intestines which was on the tree inside the body fell on my mouth and on my nose (mehn what remain was death), the maggots in the intestines were as many as the hair on my head.

They started moving toward my mouth, I tried to blow off them but I was too weak, they found their way into my mouth (da*n!, it felt, smelled and tasted extremely worst than bad).

Suddenly they came and the environment changed (I think my time to die has come and I pray it should come quicker than the speed of light) be continue.

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The creatures came close to me but I couldn't see much because of the dead body parts on my face and some blood on my face.

They started saying stuffs like "your time has come to die and you shall feel the pains of souls around". (I was so happy to hear them say the word "die".)

The second creature pounced on me then tore my cloths and it started pilling off my flesh, it pilled every single flesh I had on my skin making me cry in pain; the pain I felt was more than that of a woman in labour (it was even more than the pains souls around felt).

There was no soul or god that could save me from my situation, I was bleeding fast so so so much due to the speed the creature pilled my flesh. As I was bleeding the creature licked my blood and ate my flesh right before my eyes.

Now I was like a skinless goat and I knew my time was up; the first creature took me by the hair and threw me into an empty grave (I think that grave was already waiting for me).

The grave was as deep as an ocean, i dropped at the end of the deep grave; like a bag filled with limestone.

My face faced upwards then my eyes met with that of the creatures which scared me alot and sands started falling into the grave to cover me up.
I was naked and in pain and now I was gonna be buried alive......then suddenly.................

I woke up from my deep sleep breathing heavily with a heart rate which was very high; like a high tension wire, my chest was swollen and my hands and legs were shaking because fear was all over me.

I could still hear the sounds of people crying for help and I could still feel pains all over my body, I was still afraid.

I still felt the taste of the maggots in my mouth and sands on my body and the smell of the dead body parts on my face.

I looked at my clock which was in front of my bed and it was 2:45AM, i looked to my left and right but couldn't see anything (my room was kinda dark).
The air condition and fan was on but I was sweating like I just came out from an oven.

My sweat was so much that it could fill a bucket and my bed was also filled with my sweat, (I think I might have urinated on my bed, due to the excessive fear and torment i faced in my dream.)

Then i said to myself "so the dream world can bring such anxiety to me?, this is unbelievable so nightmares are real, i never knew it could be so scary. see what the nightmare made me do now i and my bed smell like urine".

After those words i got up to clean up my bed because it smelled alot then I went to take a shower and change my cloths, after I did that I went to the kitchen to drink water.

when I got to the kitchen I opened my chilled refrigerator then looked in it to find water but could not find any but I saw my unfinished apple fruit juice which made me smiled, i took it and slipped it; the fruit juice was sweet and cold with chilled my whole system.

I was about to leave the kitchen when the juice fell off my hand, I bent down to pick it up, "thank God it didn't waste away" I sang happy in me.

I went to the parlour to watch a movie because I couldn't sleep, I sat on my soft sofa and reflexed, the television remote was on top of the television so I majestically stood up from the sofa and went to get it and turn the television on.

When I got there I turned the television on and it came on but it went off as soon as I turned back to go sit on my sofa.
It was funny to me because it has never done that before, I went back and switched it on again but it did the same thing, I tried it one more time and it finally came on.

I went back to my sofa and i sat down to watch television. As I was watching the television something dropped on my face, It was a watery substance (it was weird to me because it was impossible for my roof to have a hole in it).

As i wondered within me another dropped and another and another then I took a good look at it and it was blood!, now I was scared so I looked up and I saw my own body hanging looking at me, it was the nightmare I had and it was real everything that happened to me in the dream was right there above me and I was looking at it in real life; both the injuries and the maggots and the fleshless body.

I screamed!!!!! the body which was over me dropped on my body, i continued screaming and screaming, the body held my neck and said "THE NIGHTMARE HAS JUST BEGAN" .


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