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Mar 20th, 18:43

Let's get to business already

Something bad had happened to Dindy because he didn't listen to Nelly.

As their conversation was going on Nelly asked Dindy a question and he said this......

Nelly: Dindy you should have listened to me.

Dindy: I couldn't control myself anymore.

Dindy: It has been in me for years.

Nelly: Ok but If you could go back to any age or time of your life to clear this error in you what age or time would it be?.

Dindy: Age mind your own business..... :D :D

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Mar 20th, 18:54

My people some ladies na witch o, one lady think sey she smart pass me but I show am pepper.

Make I tell una wetin she do me one Friday afternoon.

I was in the office doing my business when a lady came in from no where and held her eyes.

Lady: Jesus my eyes!.

Lady: Dindy please help me, my eyes are on fire.

Dindy: [Surprised] Ah!, what happened to you?.

Lady: Something entered my eyes and i can't get if off.

Dindy: Ok wait let me try and blow it out.

Dindy went closer to her and blows her eyes.

As Dindy was blowing her eyes, she pulled down her skirt and held Dindy tightly.

Dindy: Jesus!, what do you think you are doing?.

Lady: Dindy i love you, i want you now.

Dindy: No!, please leave me.

As Dindy was trying to remove her hands from his body, a knock came.

Lady: [Sreams] Help me!, someone please help me!.

Dindy: [Thoughts] Jesus christ this girl want to kill my destiny, i know what to do.

Dindy: Please leave____.

Dindy starts shaking and falls to the ground then starts removing foam from his mouth like an epileptic patient, then door opens with force.

Lady: [Confused] Please help me, Dindy is sick..... :D :D

She think sey she dey wiser....aka destiny killers them no go see me.... :D :D

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Mar 20th, 18:55

Nelly: What superpower would you have for one day?.

Dindy: Sleeping beauty.

:D :D

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Mar 20th, 18:55

Nelly: What’s your worst habit?.

Dindy: I don't know.

Nelly: Why?.

Dindy: Because I hate walking and standing......... :D :D.

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Mar 20th, 18:56

Nelly: Dindy as you are now a celebrity you are meant to wear a disguise. Remember we are going to armybarracks this evening.

Dindy: You are so correct let me go wear a disguise.

Dindy went to his room then wore a disguise and came out.

Dindy: This disguise it awesome right?.

Nelly: Dindy.

Dindy: What?.

Nelly: Are you ok?.

Dindy: What do you mean?.

Nelly: How can you wear a black mask with an army uniform and hold a gun as a disguise, do you wanna die?....... :D :) :D :)

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Mar 20th, 18:57

Faith: If I go naked where is the first place your eyes will go?.

Dindy: Your chest region.

Faith: Why.

Dindy: Because the doctor said breast milk is good for growing men........ :D :D

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Mar 20th, 18:58

Mother: Who knows your dad best?.

Dindy: Mummy Guess.

Mother: Me?.

Dindy: No.

Mother: Your grandma?.

Dindy: No.

Mother: Your sis?.

Dindy: No.

Mother: The gate man?.

Dindy: No.

Mother: [very angry] you keep saying no to all I say.

Mother: [very angry] now tell me who knows your dad best if not me.

Dindy: Mama Ibadan the garri seller.... :D :D

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