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Mar 20th, 10:24

Girl: If I were to kiss you surprisingly, what will you do?.

Girl: Will you faint?.

Dindy: No.

Girl: Will you run away?.

Dindy: No.

Girl: Will you be shocked?.

Dindy: No.

Girl: Will you kiss me back?.

Dindy: No.

Girl: [Angry] Then what will you do?.

Dindy: Fall under anointing........ :D :D.

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Mar 20th, 10:25

It was a Friday evening Dindy went to buy something in a super market. After he had picked what he wanted, he went to the counter to pay for what he bought.

Suddenly from no where the head pastor of his church came and met him there.

Dindy: [shocked] Good evening sir.

Pastor: Good evening my son.

Pastor: What did you come to buy here?.

Dindy looks up thinking of a lie.

Dindy: I came to buy juice.

Pastor: Ok, what's that thing you're holding?.

Dindy: [Confused ] m sir, it is m.

Pastor pulls it out of Dindy's hand

Pastor: Jesus Christ!, what is this!?.

Pastor: Condom! Dindy!, what are you doing with condom!?.

Dindy: Pastor it's not for me o.

Dindy: It is for my house Dog..... :D :D

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1). Wow this girl has big bo*bs.

2). Da*n her shape is killing.

3). Shit! her as* is slaughting me.

4). OMG! her eyes are so beautiful.

5). Mehn her hair is so long.


1). See how this girl just use bleaching cream rub, see as she dey red uneccessary.

2). Chia! see as this girl get yam leg o.

3). See as this girl use makeup turn herself calabar bush fowl.

4). See as this girl use fixing turn her head to farm land for hair.

5). Na wa for this girl and her big lips oo.

6). Chia! Why this girl use bleaching make her lips black na.

7). Chia! this babe just dey use foam bra.

8). Chia! see as this babe waist go one side.

9) Chia! why this girl go wear bumbum na..she just dey attract fly.

10) Chia! na wa for this caro white this girl dey use oo.. See as her face white and her hand be like wetin my house cat cough out.

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1). To laugh.

2). To understand tribes and languages.

3). To understand love.

4). To enjoy the action and suspends.


1). To know how to be evil.

2). To learn how to over throne.

3). To learn how to get girls quickly.

4). To learn how to poison father-in-law.

5). To know the best native doctor.

6). To learn how to disappear and appear.

7). To know how to steal and sell land without or with the knowers knowing.

8). To learn how to behave like an idiot.

9). To learn how to fool police men.

10). To learn how to use charm.

11). To learn how to make people believe that I can sing.

12). To learn how to give fake drugs.

13) To learn how to disown your father.

14). To learn how to become a village area boy.

15). To learn how to be a rich man in the dream.

And so many other

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That awkward moment when your crush ask you whether you know how to do something, but you quickly answer back without letting her finish up her statement.

Girl: Dindy do you know how to suck......

Dindy: [cuts in] Yes I know how to suck.

Dindy: I have being sucking since I was a baby.

Dindy: I was called king sucker by girls.

Dindy: My landlord's wife loves the way I suck.

Dindy: My ex-girlfriend called me suck champion.

Girl: Jeez Dindy.

Girl: What I meant was, do you know how to suck fuel from a keg?...... :D :D.

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Mar 20th, 10:28

The problem as a pastor is not when all your members join MMM.

The problem starts when all your members has deposited all their money into MMM and MMM says they are on break.

Long break ni, short break ko. My dear pastor the devil has stolen your glory.

:D :D

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Faith: Do you have any allergy?.

Dindy: I'm not sure.

Dindy: But I tent to spend all my money when you come close to me.

:D :D

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