The Rape

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Mar 4th, 06:42 production.

This story was solely written by Dindy.
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Episode 1

(Crying) My name is a shame to me, this world is such a bad place to
stay, life is useless, life should had been destroyed by God, we human
beings should never had been made, all men are evil, all men are demons, I
wish God destroy all of them (ah God you left me when I needed you to save
me), I wish for all men to die in pain, i wish the world was without men.

They are the root of evil, they are liars, they cheat, they kill and
destroy, they are the best definition of the devil, evil rules in their
hearts, they are so deadly, they are home breakers, life will be very good
without them, they are useless---crying---.

If you know what they did to me and my little sister---crying harder---you
will hate them, you will curse them, you will stand against them, you will
wish you never gave birth to them, they should all be hanged, their bodies
should be dragged on the ground, pain should be what they face every single
seconds of their miserable lives.

I, I, I, I, I hate human nature because they always turn their backs on
you, even your own family, your own so called trusted family will turn
their backs on you, they will treat you like a prostitute, even the last
person on earth that you think will stand by you and protect you that same
person will use you as a s** toy, even my own sis.....(crying).

My name is Esther and my story might not change your life or make you
feel sorry for me but surely it will make you see the evil that lies in the
wicked world of man kind.

★★★ To be continued ★★★
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My home wasn't like every other person's home; we were five in our home (my
dad, mum, elder sister, me and my little sister), I have always wished for a
n elder brother or a little brother but that never happened (if I had an
elder brother I am sure what happened to me won't have happened). We leaved
in a compound filled with boys which made me a little bit of a boy.

My mum was always busy with her job and my dad was busy too but he
always saves time for me and my little sis. He loved me and my younger
sister so much; he took us out, buys us alot of things and stuff (I miss
those times). As time went on my dad and mum started fighting and fighting, my
dad was fighting so that my mum could give us attention but my mum never
understood or cared (and that lead to me and my sis nightmare---crying).

They both ended up separating after years of being together and so did
the good and wonderful memories I had of them together.
My mum after months of separation from my dad got married to another man
, i and my younger sister never went to their wedding but my elder sister
went. I never liked the man, he was not even more handsome than my dad and
he doesn't even look as tall as my dad.

After the wedding my elder sis went to leave with them while I and my
little sister stayed with my dad. My dad always told us about the world and
the lovely things in it, he even told us about his mum and dad (I never had
the chance to see them but everytime I think of them and wish they were
with me when life was hard on me).

After some months my elder sister came to send time with us (that evil
being), she told my dad that she would stay with us for some months before
she goes back. I was happy to see my elder sis so was my little sister, my e
lder sister had this kinda character of not knowing how to care for her y
ounger ones.

One day when my dad went out, my elder sis went to the landlord house
to see the landlord's son. She knew him for a very long time but I had no
idea why she was going there, (we had already paid our house rent).

After 10mins my elder sister came back and told us that she was going
out and we are going to stay in the landlord's house. She took us there and
she said these words to the landlord's son "take very good care of them, don't
let them go out, hold them very well". He smiled as I and my younger sister
went into his house while my senior sister went out.
I never really understood what that meant because I was 6 going to 7
and my little sister was 5 going to 6, I didn't know the full meaning of
that until--

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Episode 3

He locked the door as soon as we entered, he was acting funny and
strange as if he wanted to use us for something, he rubbed my little
sister's head like a ball and his eyes were red--I think he must have
smoked again because that is what he normally does.

He took us to his room which was upstairs (i don't know why he did that
because his parlour was free and no one was at home except him).
He asked us if we wanted anything and we replied "yes uncle we want juice".

He went to his refrigerator which was right beside his bed and he brought
out two fruit juice in a plastic bottle then he gave it to me and my little
After some minutes after drinking the fruit juice I felt like going
to the toilet so I told him that I want to urinate, he directed me
downstairs to where the toilet was, He had a toilet in his room but he
didn't want me to use it, I really don't know why--.

I went downstairs to urinate, as i was urinating I heard my little
sister shouting then it stopped, i was wondering to myself what made her
shout so I quickly jumped off the toilet without washing my hands.
I ran upstairs as fast as I could get there, as I approach the room I
could hear my little sister crying and trying to shout but it was as if
something was holding her voice in.

I quickly opened the door and I saw the landlord's son (that stupid
bastard) raping my little sis and his hand was coving her mouth.
Immediately he saw me he stopped and chased me, i ran as fast as my
legs could carry me, he almost caught me on my way downstairs but he missed
a step and he fell while I used the opportunity to run to the entrance door.

I open the door and run outside, I ran to my house to check whether my elder sis was back to report to her what was happening, when I got home I
heard music playing very loud, I knocked and knocked but no one answered me.

I knew she was inside but she refused to open the door for me; that was
when i knew she sold us to the landlord's son so that he could use us as he
wishes, no wonder she said "take very good care of them, don't let them go
out, hold them very well"--Ah my elder sister is pure evil (tears)--.
As i stood there i saw the landlord's son coming to my house, I quickly
ran out side the compound and I sat on the ground and waited until my dad
come back.
My dad came back by 6pm in the evening when I saw him I was filled with
joy and happiness. He asked me why I was out side but I said nothing
because I was scared to talk, we both went inside the house and I saw my e
lder sister doing what she does best (reading Novels at Afrivade).
My dad asked her why I was outside and all she told him was that I beat
up my little sis and she flogged me for it and I ran outside the gate
abusing her, my dad looked at me and started asking me questions about what
my elder sister told him, all I did was to cry and cry and cry because she
lied against me and it hurts so much.

After that day my life became a living hell, everything I knew as life
and the lovely things my dad told me and my little sis about the world
changed, I felt so bad and angry and mad at my elder sister and the
landlord's son.

★★★ To be continued ★★★

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Episode 4

One week later my little sis was still trying to recover from what
happened to her and I was always there to help her through the pain, I
could not explain things to her at that age (I was 6-7) because I was too
afraid to talk about it. I was sure she didn't fully understand what
happened to her but I knew it would surface one day in her life.
Another wonderful day filled with hopes came; it was a friday and the
next day was the second Saturday of the month, I was happy because my dad
usually took us out mostly every second and fourth Saturday of each month.
I woke up that morning feeling happy and joyed, I quickly went to the
bathroom to take my bath and after i took my bath i bath my little sister
--I bath her sometimes when she feels too lazy to bath or when she is doing
her regular dizzy eyes--. After bathing we dressed up for school then went
to the parlour to eat our breakfast which was waiting for us (prepared by
our evil elder sister) and after eating we left for school.

School was so fun that day; the long break bell came on and we all
jumped up because we knew that after the long break it would be club
activities and after that it would be closing time!!.
I and my friends played so much during the long break playing hide and
seek with me being the seeker and my friends the hidden. The game started
and they all ran to find their hiding place in the school's compound.

After counting very fast from 1-100 --although I skipped some numbers--
i quickly came out of my class to look for them, I went from class to class
but I didn't see them so I started thinking to myself "where did this my
friends hide, mmmmm maybe they went to the backyard to hide".
On my way to the school's backyard I saw my little sister in her class (my
little sister's class was the only link to our school's backyard), her eyes
were looking at the blackboard and it was only her in class, she was just
looking at it in total lost which made me scared when I saw her. I called
her name but she did not answer, she just kept on looking at the blackboard.
Suddenly she started shaking, I ran to her and held her hands which were
hot, she was sweating very heavily which made me cry.
Finally she responded and I was happy then she asked me why i was crying
and what happened to her, I lied to her by saying that I am crying because
dust entered my eyes and that I have no idea of what happened to her.
The long break came to an end but the fears I had for my little sis
still remains, after some minutes we all went for club activities. Every
single thing they taught never entered my head I was just thinking of how
my junior sister is, "I pray she should not freeze again" is said to myself
in a very low voice.

As soon as the bell for closing time came on, I run to where my little
sis was to check on her. When I got there she was smiling and playing with
her friends which gave me peace and total joy. I told my friends bye as I
took my little sis by the arm and went home.
When I got home I met my senior sister with the landlord's son talking (
{hissing}only God knows what they are talking about), I was so angry seeing
him in our house so I just hissed and took my little sister by the arm and
entered our room.

After some minutes I went outside to buy something in the next street, when
I got there the person was not there so I had to wait a little.
When I got back home I could not find the landlord's son but I saw my
elder sister reading novel, I saw some money on the table which was not
there when I came back from school.
I went to my room and saw my little sister half naked --crying-- I
cried and cried, I was so angry but I couldn't do anything, my little
sister was in pain so had to carry her and bath her and clean her up.

My dad came back late that day when I saw him I was happy and I wanted
to tell him what happened but I was afraid to talk, I was ashamed of my e
lder sister, I hated her so much for what she was doing.
I prayed evil prayers for her, I wished her death, I cursed her with
every breath I had..

★★★ To be continued ★★★

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Episode 5

That same night something happened when I and my little sis was sleeping,
the time was 12:38 when my little sister started saying "leave me alone, leave
me alone" i was in a deep sleep but i could hear her saying it.
I quickly jumped out of sleep and i saw her shaking with her hands
fighting the air, i tried to wake her up but she did not answer me so i
called her name but yet she didn't answer.
I began to cry as i called her name once more, i tried to hold her but I
ended up getting a slap on my cheek and a mark on my face so I left her as
i went to stand at the corner of my room crying.
My dad came to my room to find out what was happening to me and my
little sister because I shouted my little sister's name very loud and cried
loud. My dad came into my room then he saw me standing and crying, he saw
my little sis reaction then he said "Esther why were you shouting your
sister's name and why are you standing there and crying? what is that mark
on your face? and what is wrong with BLESSING (my junior sister's name is
BLESSING, I should have told you guys that a long time ago)".
I just told him that i don't know and I told him that the mark on my
face occurred when I was trying to wake Blessing up (I lied, I knew what
blessing was going through but I couldn't tell him the truth about what
happened to Blessing because I was afraid).
My dad called her name but she didn't answer --I am sure that Ruth (oh
yea my evil elder sister's name is Ruth and she was seventeen at that time)
was hearing all what was going on but she don't care whether we were ok or
not-- then my dad tapped blessing and she finally woke up.
When I saw that Blessing has woken up, I was relaxed and settled then i
cleaned the tears off my eyes.
My dad asked her "Blessing what is it? why were you saying 'leave me,
leave me'". She replied him "daddy daddy one man was fighting me and i was
trying to run".
I knew who the man was and I knew what she was fighting for but I could
not open up to my dad --If only (wishing) i had opened up to my dad that
day by now Blessing's life won't be as bad as it was about to become--.
My dad said "sorry dear it was just a nightmare there is no need for you
to be afraid, i am here now and I am with you dear". My dad stayed with us
until the morning.
That Saturday morning my dad was not suppose to goto work but his boss
called him to come, he wasn't happy to leave us but he couldn't tell his
boss no, he left for work without telling I and my little sister.
I woke up by 7:45am and Blessing was still sleeping, I went to my dad's
room but couldn't find him there so I asked Ruth and she told me that he
left for work. When I heard what she said I was unhappy because all my
plans were destroyed, I just went back straight to my room and laid on my
Later in the afternoon one of my friends came visiting with her sister, her
name was faith and she was my best friend.
I was so happy to see them, after hours of staying they told me that
they are leaving so I said to them "ok let me see you guys off".
I left home leaving Blessing and Ruth at home, after 30mins I came back
home but I could not find Ruth.
When I got to my room I saw the landlord's seconds son Wilson on top of
blessing (the landlord had two sons and two daughters, their names were
James he was 19-20yrs, Wilson 17yrs, mercy 15yrs and Doris who was the same
age as me).
As soon as I saw him on top of Blessing I screamed, he turn and saw me
then he quickly came after me, i was about to run when he caught me and
threw me on the bed...

★ To be continued ★★

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Episode 6

He was about to pounce on me when I quickly rolled myself off the bed
to the ground, before he could adjust himself to get hold of me, I ran away
(out side the house) leaving the front door open, I ran out side the
I was out side the compound feeling afraid and scared, I was shaking
and I prayed inside me that my dad returns home quickly. I was lost in
thoughts when Ruth came and tapped me then she asked me what happened, I
just looked at her and said...."God will punish you, you are such an evil
sister, may God kill you" (oh sorry that was what I was thinking of when
she asked me that question). What I really said was "I am receiving fresh
air", I knew she was the one that planned it and I knew i and Blessing were
no more safe with her anymore, she is just using us to make money for
That day passed with Blessing in pain and torment, my dad came back late
and I could not find the courage to tell him.
Two weeks later our school closed and we went on holiday, something
happened one morning like that.

It was around 10am and the day was shining and cool, I wake up that day
with a happy mind, I went to the kitchen to do some work.
After hours of working i got tired because I have been working since
morning so I decided to go rest, I slowly walked into my dad's room to sleep
a little.
After 30mins of resting i wake up, I went to the parlour but could not
find Ruth, I went to my room but didn't see Blessing so I started to wonder
whether they went out to the market.
Ten mins later Ruth came back but I did not see Blessing with her so I
asked her where Blessing was and all she said was "Do I look like
blessing's body guard", I looked at her and kept quiet.
After 3mins of waiting uncomfortably i dressed up and was about going
out to look for Blessing when I heard a knock, I quickly ran to open the
door, when i opened the door I saw Blessing.
She was laying on the ground right there in front of our house looking
roughly-scattered, within me i knew it was either James or Wilson that did
this to her. I started crying then i call Ruth but she refused to answer me
instead she played music in her room.
I cried and cried my heart was very heavy, my eyes were red, my mind
was clouded, my soul was lost and I was divided.
I took Blessing to my room and cleaned her up, I tried giving her food
but she refused to eat, I started crying again feeling unhappy because I
knew she was in pain.
The next morning Blessing was feeling very sick and hot I told my dad
and he called Ruth, he told Ruth to take Blessing to the hospital but she
said that there was no need, she said "i think Blessing is growing up or
she could be growing teeth, so dad it's not too serious". That was a bloody
lie to me, She was so wicked and was a skilled devil at lying, she was only
trying to cover up what she did..

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Episode 7

A week later blessing was feeling alright and healthy,everything was normal..i think… was a thursday and my dad told ruth to take us out to have fun,I was very happy hearing it,I told blessing and she was all jumpy and she started dancing.

later in the afternoon we all dressed up and we were ready to make our move out for fun, i and blessing went to Ruth’s room to tell her that we are done but we didn’t find her there so we sat in the parlour and turn the tv as we waited for her,30mins later she came in smiling,I gave her that weird look, then blessing said “sister Ruth we are ready to go” the she replied “ok lets go out,Esther lock the door quickly”,I did what she told me,we were close to the gate of our compound when I remember that I forgot something inside,so I quickly ran back to open the door and collect the item I forgot.

I opened the door and I went straight to my room,I suddenly felt some one behind me but before I could turn to see the person,I was pushed to the bed and I landed with my hands behind my back ,the person’s face was now clear and it was Wilson,he quickly removed his clothes and jumped on me,I immediately started fighting and fighting for my freedom,he pined me down,but I was still able to use my legs to fight,I threw my legs up and down but it wasn’t hitting him hard enough,I tried using my head but it was no use,I finally felt a little space to move my left hand,I used the opportunity to remove my left hand,I used it to hit Wilson on his right eye,he fall to my left side,so I quickly took the chance to run and run ,I ran to the front of my house without closing my door,I ran until I got to where Ruth and blessing were waiting for me,Ruth asked me what took me so long I just had to lie to her,i told her that I could not find what I went to find, so we left, we enjoyed ourselves that day but my mind was still ringing on what happened and I was scared very scared.

our holiday was coming to an end and my dad travelled for work and he was to turn in two weeks time,so he told my mum and she said she will be paying us visit from time to time until my dad gets dad left the house as early as 4am,I woke up that morning but blessing was still sleeping so I went to the parlour and I saw Ruth reading her usual novel while her leg were on the table,so I went to the kitchen to see whether she cooked anything but the pot wWA empty so I went back to the parlour to ask her what we were going to eat that morning,she replied “rice”.i was about to goto the kitchen when her phone rang and she told me to get it for her,I quickly rushed to get it for her,I saw the caller and it was mum,I gave her the phone,they spoke for few minutes and then she gave me the phone to talk to her,I talked and she told me that she will come later in the day.

afternoon came fast and I planned to visit my best friend before my mum gets back,so I told Ruth and she said ok,so I went to take my bath and prepare,after an hour of batting and dressing up I was done then blessing saw me and she asked me where I was going to,I told her that I was going to see faith my best friend house so she said she wants to follow me,I said ok,so she dressed up and was about to move out with me when Ruth called her and said she should not go anywhere,I was angry when I heard it,blessing was unhappy to hear it but we had to obey her because she is our senior sister.

i got to my friends she was happy to see me her best friend,there was light so we watched tom and Jerry,we talked about school and did a little amebor,we played card game and did some cooking then I we ate after some minute I told her that I want to go home because my mum is coming today and I won’t want her to come without seeing me at home,so faith walked me to my area then she went back to her house.
I got home feeling cool and alright,I knocked but no one answered,so I tried opening the door with the handle,I turned it downwards and it opened to my greatest surprise ruth was in the parlour reading novel,I was like why did I knock but she didn’t even respond,then i heard blessing screaming from my room,I was about running to my room to help blessing when ruth held me by the arm,she said ‘don’t you even try to go inside there’,I got angry and I used my teeth to bite the living day light out of her hand,I made sure she was bleeding before I left her,she left me with her hand bleeding,I ran to my room to help blessing as ruth ran to stop her bleeding hand.

I got to my room and I saw wilson using blessing roughly,he was even beating her,I begged him to stop but he didn’t so I got angry and I use the bottle that was on the floor in my room on his head,he fell with a bleeding head,I took blessing by the hand and we ran as quick as possible,I and blessing went to hide until my mum came to visit us.
As soon as my mum entered the house we came back,we hugged her and she was happy,but we were not mum looked at blessing and she saw that they were injury on her neck and face (because of the beating Wilson gave to her),my mum asked her what happened to you,ruth came from no where and and blocked me and blessing,she hug my mum and said that blessing fell from the bed in her room and she land with her face,she even went as far as to lie that she warned blessing to stop jumping on her mum just said okay,my mum was about to sit when she saw the white bandage on Ruth’s hand,she was like ahahn you too ruth what happened to you,did you fall from the bed also?,ruth lied again,she said that it happened when she was cooking,I just look at her,in my mind I was thinking this”no be only cook na hook you they hook useless girl God go punish you,useless being’,well I can’t say it out because I respected her so much after all she did to me I still love her with my heart…

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