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Use your natural eyes without any glasses! Methods to improve your vision

Posted: 08 May 2017, 21:54
by Isaiah
To some people, eyes are the most important organ in the body because it serves as the windows to the world and its importance can never be over estimated.

Just like getting used to your everyday job or activity, the eyes require constant exercise and usage to avoid weakening of the muscles of the eyes.

Making use of eye glasses can be as a result of one shortcoming or the other but whatsoever the reason could be, you should take this underlisted methods serious inorder to throw away your glasses and make use of your natural eyes.

Don’t use your phone or laptop at least 2 hours before sleep
When you go outside, always look into the distance

Try out the Indian technique known as Trataka which is the practice of staring into an external object. This fixed gazing is a type of meditation which strengthens the muscles of the eyes and also stimulates the third eye. First, focus on some image or some object and pay attention to every thought and feeling crossing your mind; the mind needs to be completely absorbed with the item. Continue staring until the eyes become watery, which is when you need to close them and relax.

Wash the eyes with lukewarm water
Drink carrot juice with several drops of olive oil daily

Apply light pressure on the eyeball with the help of the index and middle finger
Stop wearing glasses
Close the eyes for couple of minutes every 2 to 3 hours per day


Re: Use your natural eyes without any glasses! Methods to improve your vision

Posted: 21 Aug 2017, 16:52
by Chidexxy
Stay away from laptops 2 hours before sleep?
That one hard o.

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