Nigerians react to photos of a beautiful lady killing a goat (photos)

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The beautiful lady sparked series of controversial discussion after her photos went viral on Twitter.

This lady is not only beautiful but also brave, a lot of ladies would run away from such a task but she faced it bravely.

Some male Twitter users who were intrigued by her have referred to as a good 'wife material' while female Twitter users gave are praises for doing what most of them cannot do.

Nigerians react to photos of a lady killing a goat
A twitter user, @DrOlufumilayo shared shocking photos of a lady killing a goat on his twitter page, the reactions and messages for the lady would make you laugh.

@DrOlufumilayo who posted the photo said: "If you date this girl, this should be your screensaver. You have to always remind yourself daily what may happen to you if you cheat."

Read the funny messages below:
Nigerians react to the photo of a lady killing a goat

Nigerians react "I can't even kill a fowl."
Nigerians react "am out here running like hell when a cockroach flies"
Lol! The day I tried killing a chicken, it was so disastrous.

Ladies, how many of you can do this?

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