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Internet Disease

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 08:13
by Modesty
He spends the whole day browsing;
Never has time for his books;
At the end of the day, he is sighing,
I guess you won't want to gaze at his looks.
I often wonder what he does;
That his head is always down;
He might as well have nothing important to do,
Than to look at sexy ladies' gown.
Whenever there's absence of electricity;
His mobile is always down;
But when there's a sparkle of electricity,
His face doesn't differ from that of a clown.
He does nothing but to woo girls;
Including the blacks and the whites;
Even the so - called girls
Doesn't know their left from the right.
He might know all about the internet;
But never cares much about his book;
Ask him what a magnet is
He'll tell you "I never went to school"

Re: Internet Disease

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 08:16
by Modesty
y'all need to read this
@Mikeson an
others I didn't mention