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This story was solely written by Dindy.

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Episode 1

They are little small creatures, on/in soil and water. Some you can see and some you can't see, some are hidden, some are visible and some are large. Some are small, some are deadly and some are friendly.

The world of these little creatures are of mystery, wonders and excitement, but fear, strength and weakness runs in their world.

*****STORY BEGINS*****

Deep down under the soil-life was another dimension. Soil was the aim of shelter against predators and it was also a feeding source for predators.

lifelessness gave life and life gave shelter. Shelter brought food and food gave resistance to death.

--Now let us zoom in on the world of insects.--

A forage ant was moving along the soil from side to side, using its antennae for track and trace navigation.

Its antennae pointed it to a direction which it quickly followed. Its antennae jogged notifying it that a meal was available in front of it.

The meal was a grub which was wiggling on its own. The grub was going to where it could rest.

The ant quickly climbed the grub from behind.

Grub: "Hy back off me, I ain't gonna be your meal", said the grub trying to knock off the little ant on its back as it wiggled.

The ant held the grub on its back with its mandibles, then it sent a signal with its antennae, down to the ants from the same colony as it --the ant's nest was not too far from where it was--.

Immediately the other ants received the signal from the air, they track navigated with their antennas to where the ant was.

An ant first got to where the ant which sent the signal was, then it dipped its mandibles into the grub's side.

Grub: "Ahhhh!, oh shit!", it screamed in subjected pain.

Grub: "Get off me mehn", it said trying to shake off the ants.

The more the grub shook itself, the more the ants held onto it. More ants closed up to it and there were about 10 ants against a grub.

The chances of survival was not in space for the grub.

Grub: "No don't kill me", it begged with its last strength.

They paralyzed the grub with their paralyzing liquid that came out their mandibles, then they dragged it deep down to their colony underneath the soil.

--There colony was totally different from that of white-ants and termites. The soil was dry and cool. The ants' nest was filled with recycled plant material, seed dispersal and soil.--

As they pulled the grub into the nest, more ants came to join them to pull the grub down to the storage room, where they kept things they got from scavenging.

As they pull the grub, they communicated with their antennas, by flicking it left to right in a disorderly matter.

They had to communicate in order not to clash with other nest workers; like the soldier ants that protects the nest and nursing ants that carries larva from the queen's side to another side where they would hatch................. To be continued.
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Episode 2

The ants biomass was four times the biomass of all vertebrate animals, in that area combined.


The Ants lived closely to a wasp's nest, which was hanging on a tree's branch. The base of the ant queen's nest was in the root of the same tree.

They had similar body structures, their abdomen was joined to the thorax by a slender stalk/pedicel.

Their pedicel were enlarged into one/ two knobs. Their antennas were typically elbowed/jointed in the middle --Some species of ants possess a functional sting that the workers use to defend the colony or themselves--.

The ants and wasps got into fights from time to time, but most times the wasps defeat the ants because they had more deadly sting than the ants.

Each time the ants climb the tree to savage for food, the wasps usually warns them to back off by buzzing their wings, but if the ant don't respond, they attack pointing their abdomen forward to sting the ants.


The colony was without a king because after the king mates with the queen, he most meet his end (nature rules).

The queen rules the colony alone and she lays eggs for the colony. Every minute the queen lays white or yellowish eggs.

The nurse ants who usually were around the queen, carried the eggs to a place where they would hatch within two to six weeks and develop in to larvae --larval ants secrete a substance that is highly attractive to nurse ants. This is thought to stimulate brood care--.

When the larvae hatches, they would be fed for several months and few weeks. And after that, they grow to pupae (full grown Ants).

Most of the eggs produced by the queen were reproductive and non-reproductive. The queen and the male ants were reproductive. They had wings and could fly --Although males die shortly after mating, and queens lose their wings when they begin their own colonies--.

The colony was about half a million (or more) and the Queen and workers had a lifespan which was longer than 15 years --.Most ants are much shorter lived, living for only a few months--.

The Male ants in the colony, arose from unfertilized eggs and Fertilized eggs develops into females. Most Fertilized eggs from the colony were workers --Workers are wingless and do not reproduce--.

The workers in the colony gather food, care for the young, and defend the colony. The army of the colony were different in size and had mandibles. And They also looked alot more bigger.

Driver ants in the colony had an open mass formed by the clustered bodies of millions of workers, hanging from the underside of the root which enclosed and protected the Queen and the brood....... To be continue.

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