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About Afrivade

Afrivade.com is Africa's dynamic knowledge and fun sharing base, where users can engage in discussions to any topic of their interest, swap ideas, share opinions, pictures, videos etc. and thereby create meaningful relationships around Africa.

what can I discuss on Afrivade?

Discussions of any interest can be discussed on this forum be it:

:arrow: Sharing of experiences of a particular event, service, place or product.

:arrow: Make request or ask questions and receive helpful answer from members of the forum, et cetera.

Sign up/registering to Join Afrivade is easy and simple, becoming a registered member gives you access to additional features not available to guest users.

Once registered, click here to introduce yourself. :)

Isaiah Jeremiah.

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Mar 4th, 08:03

One thing I like about Online discussion forums
is it provides platforms where people with similar
interests engage in useful discussions.

So, if you want to get an idea of what to write
about to keep your target audience coming back,
always visit online forums where discussions on
your area of coverage are held.

if per say, as stated above, Afrivade's discussion
forum for Africans ?
Then it's a welcome development, Keep it Up


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