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Re: The Rape

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:23
by Dindy
Episode 8

After three years life was becoming cool and ok for me but on the 18 of june my my my loving dear sweet wonderful amazing great awesome irreplaceable heart diamond…

…crying……………crying……….left me……crying……my life wasn’t the same after he left me,I and blessing were sick for weeks,I couldn’t concentrate on anything,my mind was not where it was ought to be,I was like an insane person,my world couldn’t understand what life is,my life was a buried history,I was upside down.the doctors said he dead of a heart disease,but I wonder what could have caused the heart disease,I think maybe it might be a spiritual thing.

We buried my dad on the 27 of july,that day was a torment for me,as I saw as my dad being put into the ground,my mind and soul were lost, tears filled my heart and eyes,I couldn’t believe what was happening,at that point I became mad with tears and my deepest fear was right in front of me.
Everyone came except my mum’s new husband(that’s my step dad,I don’t even like him),my mum said he travelled so he couldn’t make it.I didn’t even care whether he came or not,all I cared was about my lovely dad and how I will live life without him by my side,without him there telling me about life,oh my life was hell,it was a leaving nightmare,I could only understand one thing and one thing only and that was that ‘I lost my dad’ every other thing was like nothing to me.

After 3 months of mourning my dear lovely dad, I, blessing and ruth went to stay with my mum in her house, I didn’t like the man or his the house,it doesn’t feel like home at time goes on I was getting use to the people in the area,ruth has already gotten into a university last year,so she was not always around to sell us as usual,my mum was always going to her shop doing her busy as usual,my step dad was always travelling up and down,life was very boring for me,no one had I and blessing’s time again,we were left alone,but the good thing was that I still had my friends in school who always pay me visit from time to time.

there came a day like that,It was a nice lovely saturday morning I,blessing,ruth,my mum and step dad were at home,ruth was on holiday and my mum didn’t want to goto her shop that day because she planned going to the market to buy more things for her shop plus my step dad was given an off day by his boss in his office.
Around 9am my mum told ruth to take blessing to the saloon to plate her hair,ruth did as she was told,now the time came for my mum to goto the market, so she quickly prepared launch for us before she left,now it was only me and my step dad that was at home,I was in the parlour watching cartoon on tv when my step dad came to the parlour,he started looking at me with the eyes of a man in lust,I just ignored him and I continued with my cartoon watching,he came and sat very close to me,I quickly knew that something was up,so I adjusted but he kept coming closer and closer to me,I was about to run when when when……..he he caught me I pushed me to the ground,I couldn’t over power him,he was more stronger than me,I tried all my best but nothing that I did could set me free instead it kept me under his hold more and more ,I screamed but he held my mouth with his left hand and he used his right hand to hold my two hand above my head,I tried kicking him but it was no use because he was stronger than me so he could hardly feel it,I was totally pinned down with no where togo, I screamed for someone to hear me but no one could hear me,I cried for a saviour but no one could save me,I cried so much for a helper but no one could help me……..crying.
He was about to remove his belt with is right hand,so I used the chance to bite him as his hand passed my mouth area,I bit him so hard that he left me but he didn’t bleed,so I pushed myself out of his hold and ran,I was close to the door when he………..crying..

Re: The Rape

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:24
by Dindy
Episode 9

He gabbed my hand and pulled me back to the ground,then he……..crying….I don’t think I have the mind to say this….crying…….he ra…ped me…….crying more and more………that was my first time of being raped,I now fully understand how blessing felt when she was raped,I hate man,I hate that stupid man that calls himself my mum’s husband,God will punish him for what he did to me,I never imagined that such a man could do what he did to me…….crying……after he ra…ped me…..crying….I felt so empty and lost,I felt like a useless living soul,I felt dishonored,I felt like a used cloth,I felt like the worst human on earth,I felt like an object that can be used anyhow,God! That day was a living hell for me,I was laying on the floor and I was just crying and crying,I cried for hours like for two hours,the tears in my eyes dried up but I was still crying internally,my heart was crying with pain and anger,my soul was bleeding,my mind was scattered.
I managed to pick myself up,I was about to enter my room when I saw him coming again,I just use my last strength too open my room door and locked it(I am sure he was going to the parlour to clean his evil doing off the ground and air),I fell on the bed and i continued crying and cryi

My mum,ruth and blessing came back by 6pm but by that time I was already sleeping,blessing came to my room (it is not completely my room because I and blessing share the same room,it is also blessing room but I just like calling it my room),she knocked so hard that made me jumped out of my sweet dream of me and my dad playing and singing songs,I woke up feeling sad because I thought the dream was real and coming back to reality to face my pains was really really hard for me,a child of 10years old,I stood up to open the door,I opened it and went back straight to bed,blessing came in,and she started telling me everything that happened in the hair saloon but everything that blessing said to me were like wind blowing pass my ears,I couldn’t pay attention to her,I was lost in thoughts,I couldn’t hold on to the pain any more,so I started crying again,blessing was surprise to see me cry,so she went to call ruth and my mum,when they came,they started asking me questions,I couldn’t answer them because I was afraid,I just kept on crying and crying,my mum got angry and insisted that I tell her why I was crying,I was about to talk about what happened but that so called idiot who called himself my step dad came into my room,when I saw him fear took over me,I was totally afraid,I wanted to run away from my room because he was there,I just stylishly told my mum that I was told that one of my friend in my school dead of motor accident,my mum looked at me and said “sorry”,ruth just said “na wa o na so life be”,blessing was just steering at me like I was some cartoon,my step dad just said “sorry dear” but his eyes where looking into mine with a warning of “do not say anything about what happened or else”,I just looked down and cleaned my eyes.

Days,weeks and months went so fast,I always keep avoiding that stupid man,anytime I am alone with him,I always go out or I just lock myself up in my room until someone comes back home,from time to time he always tries to get me alone in his room or in my room but all his plans ends up failing,I never found the courage to tell my mum what happened to me…

Re: The Rape

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:25
by Dindy
Episode 10
There came a day that my mum went to her shop that day leaving ruth blessing and I at home,that stupid man was not at home so I was free to move around.i,blessing and Ruth were watching tv but after some hours i slept off in the parlour,when I woke up from my sleep I didn’t even know when ruth and blessing went out,I guess they went to my dad’s grave because Ruth goes there from time to time( after my dad’s death ruth changed a little),well I guess my dad told her something before he left us.
I stood up and went to the bath room to take my bath, I was About to bath when I heard a foot step coming to the bath room,I thought maybe it was my imagination but I was wrong because the feet step became louder and louder,I wanted to lock the door of the bath room but the key wasn’t there it was at the other side,I was totally confused because the person that came into the house didn’t knock,the person could be a robber or maybe a killer and I was half naked,I was moving from left to right in the bath room,I tried as much as possible not to make a sound.the unknown person finally got his hands on the door handle,as I saw the handle moving down,I wanted to scream but I managed to hold my mouth,as the door was opening I quickly went to stay at the back of the door as to avoid to be seen by the unknown person,the unknown person didn’t fully open it,the person just opened the door half way full and then the person closed it,I felt calm and ok at that moment,but the funny thing was that I didn’t hear the feet step of the person leaving,sha what do I care,at least the person did not see me,I turned and the next thing that happened was that the door opened with full force and the person jump into the bath room like a monkey,I was shock to hear a sudden sound and noise,as I turned with that shock and fear,I saw the stupid idiot (step dad),he was laughing and smiling, he was on boxers,I saw his clothes on the entrance of the bathroom(ah God will punish that man where ever he is),I started to wonder how he got inside the house without me knowing,the next thing he said was”you think that I don’t know that there is no one at home except you,when I came home you were sleeping ,
I saw the shadow of your sweet body when I opened the bath room,I am here to bath with you”,then I said to myself”no wonder his clothes are on the entrance,no wonder he is on boxers,ooooo God how will I escape this demon of a man”,I was about to run when he said “don’t even think of running”,I ignored him and I ran to the door of the bath room,he wanted to grab me but I quickly bend down and passed in between his legs,from there I ran to my room,but the door was locked and the key that was there,I wasn’t able to find it(I guess he locked it and took the key),I ran to the parlour but the parlour door was locked,I saw him coming to the parlour to catch me,so I ran to the kitchen but it was locked,and the kitchen was the only root to our backyard,I was totally trapped,I had only one chance and that was to run to the bathroom and lock it with the key,I saw him coming my way so I had to quicken up my speed,I ran to the bath room but he chased me, luckily for me the key was still there at the entrance of the bath room,so I took it and went in and lock it very fast,his face jammed the door,I moved backwards step by step,each step was like my heart beat,he started hitting the door,I just stood one place with my heart in my mouth,I was so afraid that I could hear the sound of my breath.
Suddenly the he started banging the door,then he stopped I could hear his foot step going away,I couldn’t open the door even if he has gone because I was so afraid,I just sat on the ground of the bath room and I started crying and crying,I heard his foot step coming back to the door again, I could hear sounds of keys (at that point I remembered that he has spare keys of the kitchen,toilet and the front door),he finally opened it,and I quickly jumped up, then the b-----d said”so you think you are smart abi”,you think you can run away from me like you always do,today no one will help you at all,so you better behave yourself and do as I tell you to”,immediately after he said that,I started begging him and begging him but all he said was “no need for you to beg because it won’t change anything,just do as I say”,he started coming closer to me(may God destroy him),I moved back as he came closer,my back finally met with the wall of the bath,I had no where to run to,I started crying but he was smiling.
The b-----d raped me again,for the second time,the pain I felt before came back again,this time I was worst than before and it almost made me mad.when the b-----d was done with me,he took me to the bath room and he on the shower and left me there while he cleaned the mess which he had made out of me up.after he carried me to my room(at that point I couldn’t think of anything,I was a complete dummy,I didn’t know what a or b was),he was talking to me and laughing as he carried me to my room but I couldn’t hear a word he said,he opened the door of my room and then he dropped me on my bath and left,my eyes were just looking at the fan as it turned round and round,I couldn’t even cry again because my mind and soul were totally blank,everything around me seems to be on a stand still,I think I slept off, when I woke up everywhere was dark there was no light,I could hear blessing and ruth’s voice but I couldn’t stand up from my bed because I didn’t understand what life was…

Re: The Rape

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:28
by Dindy
Episode 11

After some months my mum divorced him,because she caught him with 5 different women in the house,I was very happy that it happened,I was absolutely free from all what he was planning to do to me,I was over joyed. We moved out of that b-----d’s house,to another place,the new house we moved into was very close to my school,so it was easy for me to always be close to my friends,after some months life started becoming complicated for me,it started one night like that,I and blessing were sleeping then I started dreaming of my fantasy world where everything was ok and fine for me,but very thing started changing,the ground started vanishing bit by bit,I tried to stay away from the vanished side of the ground but it keep coming closer and closer to me,there was no more ground to stand on again except on the side where I stand,a ladder came from no where which just appeared on the wall,I quickly jumped and hold on to the ladder,I started climbing the ladder,the more I go up the more,the more I see total darkness,I started seeing light,I was totally joyed,but the light started turning into fire,I was totally trapped, the fire was coming down to me,so I quickly moved down,but suddenly everything turned up side down,the fire that was up turned down and I was upside down,I was shocked and very afraid,I tried to turn but I almost fell into the fire,I didn’t know what to do again,I was totally trapped like a rat in a pit of decayed excrete,the fire became more bigger and it was coming up my way with more speed,I quickly arranged myself properly as I climbed up upside down,my head started swelling up because blood was going only to my head,my eyes became dizzy, I mistakenly missed a step,then I fell down into the fire.

I suddenly i landed on my bed,I was relief and I said “thank God it was a dream, I looked beside my bed but I could not find blessing,I was about to stand up to goto the toilet but suddenly that b-----d(step dad) appeared in my front,I was shock and afraid,my mind was no more there again,I urinated on myself,I wanted to roll off the bed,but he placed his hands on both sides of the bed,I was trapped again, my fear became triple,I started crying and begging and pleading,his eyes were totally red and he said “I am here to rape you”,he was about to get on me when.
I woke up,I was breathing very heavy,my head were all swollen,and my eyes felt like falling off,my mind was in the cloud,my heart was at my back,my spirit was afraid,I looked at my self and I saw urine on my bed,I felt so ashamed of myself then I said “oh GOD why did this happen to me”,tears started coming down my eyes,I cried and cried for minutes,I could not sleep again because of the way I felt,my emotions were so upside down,

I started blaming and cursing myself for what happened to me,I wished I just took a knife and killed myself( that was my thought at that moment),I was so angry and annoyed with myself.
The nightmare didn’t end there,it kept on coming back to me every now and then,and every time I dreamt of it in different type of ways and situations but still the same incident,I always woke up blaming and cursing myself each time,as time went on,my situation became worst.
there was a day I was in the parlour watching tv alone,then my mind flashed back to what that basterd(step dad) did to me,I starting crying again,I cried so hard that my eyes became red,blessing was knocking on the door but I couldn’t hear,I was lost in pain,I was talking to myself as I cried in pain and sorrow.I don’t know how I came back to my senses,I finally heard blessing knocking,I quickly cleaned my eyes and went to open the door,when I opened the door,i just quickly open it and left because I didn’t want her to see my red eyes,so I just opened the door and left,blessing was saying something but I didn’t pay attention,I wanted to goto my room but I knew that she was going there so I went to the backyard to cry,I went there and i sat on the floor and I kept on crying and crying until there was no more tears in my eyes…
★★★ To be continued ★★★

Re: The Rape

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:29
by Dindy
Episode 12

My pain and past kept on hurting and hunting me for years,I was 16 years old now and I began to understand life bit by bit,my mum’s business has grown so big,but she has never changed her careless attitude to her own children,ruth was out of secondary school and university,she now works in company and now she has her own apartment that she rented with her own money,blessing lived a happy life,I think she might have forgotten about the incident that happened to her but I can’t forget what happened to her or even forgive my senior sister for what she did to us.
my mum got me a new phone,I was so happy and glad to have a new android phone,i enjoyed using the phone so much…

……as time went on I got use to facebook,whatsapp,2go,twitter,snap chat, Afrivade forum, palm chat,bbm and so……..any time I saw things about RAPE in the internet or movie or newspaper it always moves me,and it reminds me of my past and it always ends with me crying and crying.

There came a time when I met with someone on facebook,her name is Juliet,I am older than her by two years and she is a wonderful person,she understands me very well,we chat from time to time,she told me about life when she was in jss1,she said”when I entered into camlag newly i was a tough girl and I had only three friends two were girls and a boy,no one ever messed around with me because I was frustrative and fearless,I fought with one guy because he insulted my dad and on top of it he called me a wizard plus I didn’t like him because he was a class bully,I beat him black and blue,we almost fought once again but I am glad we didn’t because he could have won”,I just laughed and laughed,juliet is one funny girl,she continued again she said “I slapped a guy one day like that because he was writing things about me and I reported to our class teacher about it but now I see that is was nothing,the guy was only trying to be friendly and I did him wrong by reporting”,I laughed so hard after hearing all this,she is so crazy. I told her about my childhood(the good side of it sha) and we both laughed about it,then one thing lead to another then I told her my life secrets,she was surprised,she said she will like to meet me because there is something she also wants to share with me,so we planned to meet on a saturday,we planned to meet in her house,the good news was her house was not too far from mine, she gave me her address, it was easy for me to meet her.
Saturday finally came and I was happy to go meet my facebook friend juliet,I went to her house,she is fair in complexion,i am taller than her,she lives with her mum,dad and brothers,she is the only girl in her family(she once told me that she wish she has a junior sister),her father is a rich man(I could see that when I entered into there house,even the gate sef dey smell money,the house was big and spacious with three guard dogs,thank God they are in chains),as I entered her parlour,I saw her dad there,I was kinda uncomfortable,her mum was coming from the kitchen with food in her hand for juliet’s dad,I greeted her mum and dad,she said to her dad and mum”she is my friend I told you about that is coming today”. Juliet senior brother was not around so we didn’t meet, we went upstairs to her room,as she opened her room door,we saw her junior brother(mehn that boy get strong head ooooo),he was scattering Juliet’s room,the funny part was that he left his own room and came to Juliet’s room to scatter it,when juliet saw him,she said oh God which kin brother do I have(I was like huh so this girl sabi pigin like this),he saw her and he started laughing at her,juliet was annoyed and she wanted to catch him but he was small and quick,so he ran away like a zebra being chased by a thousand lions,he ran downstairs shouting “mummy mummy juliet wanna beat me ooo for nothing ooo”,juliet just hissed and left him, she turned around to look at her room and she shook her head,I am sure that she felt disappointed at her brother because she had a visitor which was me and her room was a mess,I just looked at her and told her that I will help her fix her room,she looked at me and smiled…………………to be continue………………….people who you meet can change your situation it doesn’t matter where or why or who you meet,what matters is that they could change your point of view about the hard dangerous sick evil wicked devilish part of life…

Re: The Rape

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:29
by Dindy
Episode 13

We entered her room and we started putting things were they should be,the room was a total mess,her bed was a total disaster while her closest was….
.I don’t even know what to say that will fit it,but well it became fun all the way as we arranged her room,we talked and talked and laughed and laughed,mehn juliet is an amazing person,it got to a point when her junior brother came again to scatter what we arranged,we were facing the window side when he came in like a thief,he went straight to where she kept her shoes and cloths and he used his hands to pull all the cloths that was hanging up,immediately we turned,he ran away again laughing at juliet,juliet got angry and she went downstairs to report to her mum,

I was left in the room alone,I went to arrange the cloths that juliet’s junior brother scatter,as I was picking up her cloths and hanging it,something fell from one of her cloths,it was a diary and it was written “my painful secret”,when I saw it I quickly hanged her cloths that was on my hand,then I bent down and picked up the diary.
I was looking at it and my mind was telling me to open it,but I was not sure because I came to her house for the first time and I didn’t want it to look like I was already going through her stuffs,but sha the diary looks very colourful which made me want to open it,I was about to open her diary when she came in,I was shocked and i threw her diary on the bed,she started laughing at me and she said “fear fear”,I just looked at her and smiled.

she walked up to me and said “so you saw my dairy,I hope you didn’t read my secret oo”,I just said”no I didn’t,well I was about to open it because I wanted to read the content inside”,she smiled and then she said”well the content in the dairy is why I wanted to see you”,then we both sat down as she opened her dairy and she gave it to me to read it.

This is what she wrote”during one of my holidays my cousins came around to stay,a girl and two boys,solomon was the elderly one,he is older than me,he loved to frustrate me and so we always got into fights(playful fight), we grew fund of each other,he always drags my legs while we fought,john was the second son he was the same age with my junior brother and the girl’s name was joy we are the same age,she was asthmatic,people called us twin but she is only my cousin,

there was one day that we went for a walk at night,when we came back she fell right in front of me on the floor with her hand on her chest,she was having breathing difficulty,my dad was in the parlour,so when he saw her,he and my mum quickly rushed her to the hospital,leaving me,solomon,john and my junior brother at home,after my parent went out john and my younger brother went to sleep, solomon said to me that he wanted to play,I was like ‘play ke this night’,but before I could say anything he dragged my legs until we got into his room then he started romancing me(when I read that part I was totally ashamed of boys and men),I was confused and I wished it was only my imagination but it was very real, I begged him to stop but he did,then I started crying for him to stop finally he stopped,I just went straight to my room then I locked the door and started crying,I was so shamed of myself,I said to myself “how could this be,I trusted solomon so much and I never knew he could hurt me so much”,I cried all night long,I didn’t even know when I slept off”.
After I read that I felt tears coming down my eyes,I just told her sorry for what happened to her,but she said”I wish sorry will take all my pains and suffering I face from time to time,the hate I feel for myself,the blame I give myself,but it can’t”,I felt her pain so much because I fully understand her,she started crying,then she said again “something happened to me after that day,I will tell you everything that happened”, I just wiped the tears off my face and placed my hand on my chin looking at the pure white wall(oh yea her room was coloured white and her bed was big plus she is a big fan of talking Angela,well I knew that when I saw her wall filled with the pictures of talking Angela even her dairy has a sticker of talking Angela and she can talk en like fire)………………………………………she said “I hope the viewers won’t cry after reading this my story that I am about to tell them,I replied”I hope they don’t and do cry(lol….don’t mind me those are just my crazy thoughts ……….to be continued……….remember this words “crying can make you win a war and it solves problems sometimes”…

Re: The Rape

Posted: 04 Mar 2017, 07:31
by Dindy
Episode 14

After that day my life was never the same again,everything was up side down for me,my dad and mum came back without joy the next day,he said she was taking treatment,my dad and my mum left for work,I went to do the dishes,I heard solomon asking my junior brother togo and buy bread for him,on hearing that I got scared because I realised that I was going to be alone with him,he came to the kitchen,I could not even look him in the eyes because i was disappointed,he held my waist then he started saying trash to me like”juliet I love you,I am sorry about yesterday night,I just wanted to show you that I love you” after he said that I became speechless,in my mind I thought “how could this be possible,my cousin telling me he loves me? It was insane”,he started touching me then I threatened him to leave me or I will injure him with the knife that was in the sink,he started laughing(he surly know that I couldn’t do it that was why he was laughing),then a knock came to the door,he quickly left me,(oh thank God he left he,I was so happy that the knock came in at the right time),when he opened the door it was my brother but I am sure he didn’t hear or see anything through the window. My dad came back before my mum with joy,I was so happy to see her,I knew that as long as she was gonna be around me that solomon won’t have the chance to get me.

my cousins were on long holiday so they stayed with us through out the holiday,It was a week before my cousins went back to school when one evening like that,all of us (me,joy,solomon,john and my junior brother)went out for strolling, we walked,teased each other and laughed but solomon stopped and he said “oops I forgot something at home and I need someone to volunteer to follow me back home to get it”,the five of us started arguing on who will follow solomon back home,finally solomon said” you guys should wait wait wait let me choose who will follow me home,mmmmm I choose juliet”,I was like oooo why me na jare(at that point I thought everything was back to normal),he just said “shut up jare let’s go”,then we both went back home to pick up what he forgot.

When we got home the door was locked(my parent went to work that day),so we opened it and we went straight into his room when we got to his room he stopped,I asked him what was wrong and why he stopped,he didn’t reply me then he held me,that was when I knew it was one of his plans to get me(crying……. the only person I truly trusted),the next thing he did was to drag my skirt up then he carried me to his waist level and faced my back to the wall,he was having me and saying non sense like”I love you juliet,I really love you juliet”,I cried and hit him but he didn’t seem to react,I started cursing him then he let me go,I ran to my room and locked the door,he came to call me in my room but I just told him that I am no longer going out,I couldn’t I just couldn’t ,I didn’t even have the courage to tell anyone,as long as it started with us he kept on trying to get me til the holiday was over,whenever I heard that he was coming for holiday I would feel heartbroken,I’m glad he did not even come this holiday.

After she told me that,I saw tears coming down her eyes when I saw her crying I join her crying too because I understood her pain we cried like for 8mins then I said” why didn’t you tell your dad or mum?” then she replied “well the last time that type of thing happened to me,i told me them but they said that it was temptation that caused it and they didn’t even believe me,sha f--k them all for not believing me”,we both laughed after she said that,I told her that I haven’t even told my mum because I was afraid to open up to her and I was not sure whether she will believe me or not, she looked at me then she said “at least your mum ain’t rude like my dad”,I looked at her and said if my mum was rude I would love it but she is not rude,she is doesn’t care about her kids,all she only cares about is her business,all she knows is her market.

We both held our hands together,then she said”thank you for understanding my feelings and pain”, I looked back at her and said “thank you too for sharing your secret,feeling and pain with me,and thank you for listening to my own story”,she started crying again,I said to her”why are your crying again” she replied well I am crying because someone finally understands me very well even more than I understand myself”,the we hugged…

★★★ To be continued ★★★