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This story was solely written by Dindy.

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[The pen]

Episode 1

Hello humans, my name is pen, I am going to tell you how the life of a pen feels like.

I will take you on a long distance wave, of an unstable ocean that grows, each time the moon light drops deep into the light of the day.

I know that all I just said was confusing, but what I meant was; I am going to tell you guys about my rough tough long story. Many of you might not understand how it feels, to be a pen in a large world of moving breathing things, that sometimes miss handle you in a very wrong way.

Now let me take you back in time, to when I was produced as a pen.

My story is full of stuffs you won't imagine in anyway. Ok let's stop this talking and start the story____.

It all started, when I was made in a factory____.

........GOING BACK IN TIME...........

I wake up under a low light, like a robot which has just being made, with my eyes (not real eyes) wide open.

I looked beside me and saw my kind everywhere around. I was lying on top, one of my kind. I guess "It" was still sleeping --We don'tas strange to me, so i started to wonder.

Me: "what am i?."

Me: "who am i?."

Me: "where am i?."

I was still trying to understand what was going on around me, when the large tray we were dropped in, started to make its way, to a place full of brighter lights, shining and looking lovely.

The tray stopped and made a turned to the right, making me see the size of the factory. A hand came (human hand) and picked up one of my kind, which was lying right above my head.

When I saw the hand moving to my head, I was afraid because I didn't understand what really was happening around me, at that given time of life I had in me.

--I am sure other pens were afraid too, but they couldn't talk like me nor even make a sound--.

The hand kept coming back for more of my kind, picking them one after the other. I didn't know why, the hand kept coming for more of my kind, until it got to my turn.

I was picked up by the hand.

.....IN SLOW MOTION.....

I saw some of the areas in the factory, which I didn't see before, due to inability to see from a lower position.

I saw my kind everywhere, some where being molded into my figure.

I saw how the robots the humans made, did its job by fixing our head to our tube, which contains our blood (ink).

I also saw how the robots fixed us together with our butt (the lower cover).

Now, i was right in front of a human.

I could see "its" face, which didn't look like any of my kind.

The human took its --I said "its" because I don't know gender-- hand and fix something on my head, which covered me from head to my neck.

Luckily for me, I could still see because the cover was transparent.

After my cover was fixed on me, I saw the second human, who was sitting beside the human that held me. It fixed a cover on my kind's head, which it was holding.

The human put me into something, where my kinds were in. They were many of my kinds in there.

After it did that, it covered the cage --I called it a cage because there was no way out except the top, which could be opened--. There was very little light in the closed cage.

The cage started moving, then I felt a downward movement, which got me scared because I don't know what was going on.

The little light, I could see before disappeared and there was total darkness.

I felt an upward movement, as my cover hit the top of the cage, then a downward movement, as my butt landed on the bottom of the cage.

From there onwards, I didn't understand a thing, that went on in the cage......... To be continue.
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[The pen]

Episode 2

I was in that dark cage, for a long time and things seemed to be weird to me. Things were going on around me, but I didn't know what was happening or how it was happening.

I was trapped, in the cage with my kinds. I was in a state where my kinds called "PLACE OF IMPRISONMENT".

I began to get use to staying there because it kept me away from the creatures and the world unknown to me.

A time came and little light shined into the cage, then I felt a downwards movement. The cage was opened and i finally had the chance to see the light in full 3D (real life).

The light didn't look like the light which I saw in the place I came from. This light was more yellowish in colour and big.

I felt heat and my cap (top cover) was hot, when the light touched my whole body for a very long time. Every where was hot for me, Unlike the place where i came from which was at a normal temperature.

I saw many of them (humans), after the cage was opened. They were every where and they all looked different in sharps, sizes, heights, colours and profiles.

As I looked at them, I started to understand little by little that they were the ones who ruled this dimension of the world.

I came to understand that they were our masters, but I didn't still understand why they made us. I didn't understand why they dressed in funny ways and why their bodies were not like ours.

The humans in the place I came from, dressed more in a uniform manner, but the humans there dressed more in disorderliness.

They do things differently, than the place I was made. They even had the ability of speech, but the place I was made, it was only the robots that had the ability of speech (maybe sounds only) --or maybe the humans there had the ability of speech, maybe if I would had stayed longer, I would have seen them speak--.

The place I came from didn't have such space (clear view), but there had so much view that you could see colours. Everything there looked lively, but the place I was made was so --Hi! I can't condemn the place I came from, so I won't say how it was--.

One of the (humans) came to the place where I and my kinds were kept (in the cage). The human pointed at us.

I didn't even know that there was another human right at the back of us sitting, until I saw it (the human) --I guess I didn't notice because I was busy looking at each and every human that passed there, and my mind was praising the surrounding which it saw--.

The human behind collected something from the other human in front. The human behind then picked up one of my kinds, from the cage and gave it to the other human in front.

The human in front removed the cap (top cover) from my kind's head, which really gave me a fright.

It held my kind by its body and used its head to do something on the cage we where in, but my kind didn't release its blood (ink) --Our head is always full of blood (ink), if it's not then it means we are still sleeping or sick or it is the type my kind calls "THE BAD ONES"--.

The human in front starting talking to the human behind, then the human behind took my kind from the human in front and tried to use my kind again.

This time, it (human) shook my kind so hard that it released its blood (ink). I was now really afraid seeing how this so called humans used my kind roughly.

The human behind gave the human in front my kind back, then the human in front put my kind into something green and It (human) walked away.

It kept on ringing in my thought that, it was how we were all gonna be used by the humans, all our life time.

Time after time came and went as my understanding of things around me in the unknown dimension increased by size. I started to understand that the human behind us was not just a human but a seller.

It sells many other stuffs apart from us and it buys too, from companies. I usually see buses and trucks come there time to time and they sell to it (human) in bulk.

I always looked at their lips, trying to figure out the words that come out of their lips. Word like "MAMA", was one common word I noticed to see, in most humans lips that came to where I was to buy things from the human behind us.

--We PENS don't have ears or mouth to hear or speak, but we can see--.

I later learnt that humans actually use us to write, it all happened when i saw a human using my kind to draw something on the cage. I got the opportunity to read its lips and it used the same word "WRITING" like 2 times which made me to fully understand what we were used for.

It was not my first or even fifth time of seeing that word moving on a human's lips, but I really never still understood why they always shook us, which made me wonder whether we were used for writing and other things.

As time went on like a man who was after his wealth and fame, I and some few remaining pens waited and watched for our expected time to be picked or to be misused by a human.

Inside me I was afraid and not sure whether I wanted to be picked by a human, but the other side of me wanted to leave the cage to see other places.

Another side of me wanted to know all about the humans and how they relate in this world.

A part of me prayed to get picked on time, before i fell sick or lost my ability to release blood (ink) .............. To be continue.

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[The pen]

Episode 3

The set time came for the waiter (which was me), to be removed from its position to another level of higher ground of life.

It was a light-full day, my eyes (not real eyes) saw two creatures that were playing together on a tall wooden thing --I think you humans call it tree--, they looked smaller than the human.

They didn't wear clothes and I had no Idea what they were. I had seen so many things since I came to that dimension, but it was my first time of seeing such creatures of beauty.

I was still trying to figure out the names of the creatures, when a little human came in front of the cage, I was inside and was talking to the human (seller) at the back.

The little human pointed at the cage, while its lips were moving. The little human then picked me!.

I was so afraid but yet so happy, I was in a state of confusion. The little human opened up my cap (top cover) and fixed it on my butt.

When the human removed my cap, i felt cold air which i had never felt before because since I left the place I was made, my cap has never left my head.

The little human used my head to draw lines on the cage.

My blood (ink) came out my head, when he saw that my blood had stained the cage, he stopped drawing.

The little human then fixed my cap (top cover) back on my head, then the little human gave the seller something coloured in green like a leaf. --I guess that was what they regularly use to buy us--.

The little human walked away with me still under its hold.

I then knew how it really felt like to be carried by a human. As the little human walked, I got the opportunity to see how other humans relate and how things were.

I saw so many things, that I had no idea what it was or how to explain them at that point. I even saw another level of human fashion and style, but what got me more excited was been held by the little human.

It was as if I was high up in the blue colours above (sky), It was totally fun until the little human left hold of me by mistake.

I fell as my cap landed first, then my remaining body on the rough hard ground. The impact was very high and the pain was intensive to my whole body.

I began regretting why I was picked at first, making so many other thoughts to run through my little mind of wonders.

The little human bent down and picked me up, then the little human continued walking with its hold on me more tightened than before.

We got to a place where they (humans) all dressed the same way, even the little human that held me wore the same thing like them (they wore uniforms).

I wondered what that place was, I wondered maybe it was another factory where humans made Stuffs.

As I continued wondering and thinking, the little human made its way into a big building.

The little human brought down something, which it carried at its back (bag), then opened it and threw me inside it and closed it.

When I was inside, I saw stuffs I had never seen before. I saw an empty body of my kind, with no cap or head or tube and the body was different from mine. It was as if something attacked it because it was broken.

After looking at the pen, I became afraid that the little human was going to use me the same way he used the pen I saw.

My mind fell back to what happened to me, when the little human was holding me, which made me regret ever been picked.

I was still pondering about how hard my life would be, when i noticed that there was blood (ink) of my kind on a book --I came to learn of the word "book" and how it looks like, when I was in the place of the human who sold me--.

The book had both writings and drawings on it. I guess the little human likes drawing and writing.

I was still looking at the things that I saw on the book and was trying to understand what it was, when it (bag) opened and I saw the little human's face.

The little human picked me up with a book, then the little human dropped the book on a wooden table (desk) that was in front of it (little human).

The little human then removed my cap and wore it on my butt for me.

After that, the little human began to use me to write. It was fun for me, when I was used to write.

The little human had a very good looking handwriting. I didn't understand some of the words the little human wrote.

When the little human stoped writing, I had the opportunity to see other pens that were around with humans and the place I was in.

As time passed by, I came to the understanding that where I was, was not a factory where humans made stuff, but a school where people came to learn.

The little human's name was "DANIEL", I got to know his name and gender (male) when he used me to write it.

I later learnt so many other things when he used me to write.

I later understood that what he carried at his back was called a "Bag" and the blue area above is called a "Sky".

I also learnt that the white stuffs up there are called "Clouds". I learnt so many, many, many other things.

I guess school is really a place for learning, but not only for humans, but also for us pens too...... To be continue.
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[The pen]

Episode 4

It had been more than a week, since Daniel bought me from the human in the shop and some-things were becoming a little bit old for me.

I still saw new things that I had never since before, but it was not surprising to me, as the first time I came out side.

--I know you guys might wonder how I learnt all this english words, well what do you expect when the kid that bought me writes a lot and he likes english. He also enjoys drawing even ought he draws with his pencil some times.--

Things were more interesting than ever because i started knowing more things, as time moved and other stuff like that.

Although I fell and was beaten by him severally, when my ink didn't come out, I don't blame him because I knew he did not understand our mechanism.

Let me tell you a little about this boy called Daniel or let me say my master.

Daniel was a good kid, he was fair in complexion and very intelligent. He was one of the best in his class, he had this unbelievable ability of solving things fast and quick. Well that's enough about him, let's go back to me.

Daniel taught me a lot of things, but I am sure he didn't know. I'm sure that he never knew that the more he used me to write, the more intelligent I became.

We both benefitted from one another. Everytime he used me to write, i never forgot the words because a pen never forgets its ink which was used to put down a word/number/drawing.

We pen never forget our ink, which was used to write because the ink is part of us and it is what keeps us alive.

--You humans are always ignorant about things around you, you humans won't believe me if I told you what things around you can do. Sometimes things around you, saves you from death without you know it at all.--

There came a day that i was kept beside the book that Daniel was using to draw. Daniel was in class siting and drawing with a pencil, when one of his friends walked close to him and said something.

--Although I was made not to hear or smell or say a word anything, I wasn't use to the feeling of not having the abilities because if I had all those abilities, I would have learnt so many other things more than the things I knew.--

He left me on his desk, beside the book with the pencil still in his hand, then followed his friend as they both went out side.

It was unlike Daniel to leave me like that, he is not a careless kid and he takes good care of his things, even his books were well arranged in his bag and non of them look worn-out or faded.

one of his friend saw me and picked me up, I was so annoyed when he picked me up.

If I was able to shout, I would have shouted so loud, that even Daniel who went out would hear me.

His friend's name was unknown to me, so was his reason for why he had picked me up like he is my master and king.

He dropped me in his left pocket, in an upside down position. While I was there, I was wishing and hoping that Daniel would come back quick enough before his unknown friend, would do what he did to the other pen I saw in his hand the other day to me.

--On that faithful day, I was looking around and my sight got hold of him, he was chewing the tube of a pen. I wondered why the kid did that. I thought maybe the kid was trying to chew the pen down to a smaller size so that it could fit into another pen's case or maybe he just did it for fun sake. Any which ways, I didn't just want to become a victim of his brown and large teeth, that looks like a madman's hair.--

A big blow landed on my head --My cap wasn't on my head it was on my butt--.

The blow was very heavy, which caused my body to crack at the side a little bit (It hurts so much).

I knew it was the kid's hand that did that because I know the touch of Daniel's finger (remember I am a pen). The kid dipped his hand inside his pocket to bring me out.

I saw light again which was cool, but I was really furious, in my front was Daniel standing and looking at the kid.

Daniel's lips were moving, but I was not able to understand because I was still adjusting myself to the crack that disorganized my sense of actuality. I was happy to see Daniel.

The kid handed me over to Daniel, In my mind I was saying "Yea you better give me back to Daniel, if you don't want the thunder raining on you".

I know it was a silly talk, but I was angry at that time, so everything I said that time was a random talk that came from anger.

When my body touched Daniel's hand, it felt like home. Believe me when I say "When your master touches you it feels like home". --I felt life itself, most of you won't understand until you meet your creator.--

Daniel was angry with the kid that took me, I saw how his face was frowned and saw the kid pointing at me.

Daniel relied him back, by showing him the little tiny marks, he gave me when he bought me newly.

--The day Daniel marked me, that day was a day of honour. It was a day I realized that he was my real master and I was made to serve him all my life until there was no more ink left in my tube.--

The kid turned and went out, after seeing the marks that Daniel showed him on my body.

Daniel removed my cap from my butt and placed it on my head, then i relaxed and took a short minutes sleep ....... To be continued.

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[The pen]

Episode 5

Weeks passed and I was in my last drops of ink. I knew my time to be thrown away was coming someday, but I didn't expect it to happen at this level of life I'm in --I am was a month old which is equal to that of a man in his 50s--.

It was really hurtful for me to know that, all my knowledge would go with me and all the lovely times I spent with my master was going to be all wiped away by the power of death.

I was beginning to miss the way daniel held, touched and used me. Although he was using me to write his english assignment, I still missed him because I knew my end was close at hand.

I could still remember the day I solved my first math with him, we were in his room and he was about to write his assignment, which was given to him by his math teacher.

When he started solving the math. At first, I didn't understand all that "3x+2=6", but when he was done I realized that the question was looking for a "x" which was an unknown value.

--But seriously why do humans, whom have higher level of understanding choose to find an unknown value?. If it's unknown, then leave it that way simple because it was not meant to be known, but really you guys need to stop that because it could make you go gaga sometimes when you get confused.--

When he moved to the next assignment, it was more easier because it was english!. I so love that subject, it is very easy.

The only thing with English, is that it changes like a seasonal water.

After his assignments he left me and the book there, while he went out of his room leaving the door open. I got a chance to see how the other side of his room looks like.

--I had never got the chance to see the out side of his room because he always kept me in his bag.--

With the little I saw, I could tell that his room was more beautiful, but inside me I knew that some day I would have the chance to see how it fully looks like.

As I allowed my thoughts to engulf me, a human came from the door approaching me in a speedy motion. She picked me up, I didn't find it normal for another human to pick a pen that doesn't belong to him/her.

--When I was first owned by daniel, i saw so many things wrongly and I even saw some wrong things as the right things. Let me just say, things were rather confusing than straight forward for me.--

As she walked to the other side (out of Daniel's room), I felt so fab. At that time, I didn't even remember that it was not Daniel that was holding me.

As she fully stepped out, i then had the chance to see the whole place. It was more beautiful than I thought, it was high above beauty.

In my mind, I was like "no wonder Daniel left me in his room, this place it awesomely outstanding".

--If only you could understand, how it feels to see something you've never seen and you wished for it, then it comes quicker than an order you placed on SLOT or JUMIA or KONGA.--

There was more light and space outside, than in Daniel's cage --I called Daniel's room so many things back then, like cage and prison--

I didn't enjoy full time with the beauty that beheld me. She took a left turn and she landed herself in front of another door which was quite not to far from Daniel's room.

She then turned the nob on the door, which was facing her, then she opened it with a little force.

When we got in, I saw an older human (man), I thought to myself that he might be the owner (aka dad) of Daniel because he looks to much like Daniel.

She pushed her hand forward to give me to him, then he collected me from her.

He then place me beside a book, as he stood up to put on a switch. At first I didn't like the idea of moving from one human hand to the other.

When I thought of it over again and came to a conclusion at that point, that if the human (man) is daniel's owner, then it's okay if he used me.

A minute later, I started feeling a cold chill on my body. I began to wonder how possible is it for a room to have weather change.

It was not common to me, the temperature of the room dropped gradually, so did my ability to gave out my ink.

The more the place got colder, the more I became more and more dizzy by the passing minutes.

The problem was not only that my ability to gave out ink became weak, but also that the man kept on hitting my small head.

He later dropped me down beside a book --I think he was fed-up of hitting and hitting me continuously--.

After some minutes later, she came back (the girl that picked me) --I think the man called her because he was fed up of using a pen like me--.

He then gave me back to her, then she hurried back to drop me in Daniel's room, as she passed the most beautiful place I had ever seen in my life.

When she finally dropped me, I was happy because my wish came to life under minutes --that was the best time, I have ever had in my life--.


I don't have much time, I think I'm in my last seconds ink. My hopes are that Daniel becomes the greatest human in life.

He is such an out standing kid, with high knowledge of what he wants to be........

.......THE NARRATOR.......

The pen wasn't able to finish up its words because it was out of ink, it died a happy PEN.

As for Daniel, he kept the pen in his bag all through his school days and he became the man the PEN wished for.


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