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1.That awkward moment when you are on
evangelism with you
pastor, then all the road side prostitutes
starts waving

2.Girls and twerking these days.. What if God
decides not to use
trumpets and decides to surprise us with ”It’s
Young John The
Wicked Producer”
That’s how some girls will twerk their way to

3.Some boys wanna keep d conversation
runnin wif their crush nd
be like.. “So is it your Mummy Dat gave birth
to your sisters too?
# no they were Ordered from # JUMIA

4.If you know your boyfriend loves you, break
his iphone 7 screen
and wait for him …
I’m coming, lemme go to shoprite and epp
you price wheelchair.

5.Nigerian Artist Title of song “Big Bum
Award Presentation “Thank you Lord for the
Inspiration”, my brother, which God are you

6.The way some female bankers in Nigeria
be asking you to open an account will be
sounding very sexual “I will open it for you,
just put something inside…

7.Your future is in your hands but you are
using it to finger a girl
Your ancestors will be ashamed…

8.Rihanna came with the tendency of not
Wearing a BRA…. Some slay queens on here
try to copy her buh their Boobs be looking
like “Hospital Drips with no water”
…..Lemme charge my Phone, argue with me

9.Have You Ever Trekked So Hard That Your
Shadow Has To Leave You And Enter Keke

10.I’m so ashamed of guys who go to a
girl’s Facebook wall to thank her for
accepting their request. Please stop doing
that! For the love of gala and lacasera stop
The worst part is you don’t even say it
correctly… you’ll visit a girl’s wall to see
posts like, “Thanks for acceptment…”
“Thanks for the acception…” “Thanks for the
acceptation…” “Thank you for acceptizing my
request…” Thanks for being acceptive…”
I even saw one recently, it goes like, “Thanks
for accepting my request. May God bless you
and your family, anything you seek you shall
find… any weapon fashioned against you
shall not prosper… every evil obstacle will be
diverted IJN… AMEN!!!” This whole prayer for
an ordinary request? KAI!

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