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Mar 16th, 02:08

1). Shout out to 9ja bet for making people hopeless....we no go gree aka I go make am through poverty.

2). Shout out to Baba ijebu for making people PHD in maths.

3). Shout out to my ladies and women out there watching zee world......keep it up because its not my love life that is an imagination.

4). Shout out to my ladies out there with a bleached body and dark lips.....please o let me ask you this trending question; it is that the bleaching creams you used were made by an Igbo smoker? or the igbo you regularly smoke painted your lips.

5). Shout out to my ladies out there financing their ministry with different types of make-up of this world.....don't worry one day the fruit of your labour will show and the lord shall bless you with a make-up artist as a husband.

6). Shout out to those schools drawing and teaching A for axe, B for bone, C for cat.... I wonder whether you guys teach only cultism and witchcraft in school...please parent don't send your children there oo before your 5 years old kid go dey carry axe for hand and bone for neck and go dey turn to cat for night!....Dindy(winx).

7). Shout out to my girls wearing you think we guys like plastic?..I'm sorry for your hopes.

8). Shout out to my girls wearing foam bra....let me ask you ooo do you lack nutrition?.

9). Shout out to my guys who've their shorts/trouser always below their ass region....let me ask you, is your ass deflected?.

10). Shout out to Falz for singing "bad, bado, badest" bro my bro, even when I was in nursery one I knew it was "bad, worse, worst", so I'm just wondering....did you really go to law school? joke ooo...

Extra from Clixcity-- shout out to those guys wey dey bounce for street like felele ball instead of walking normaly.

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Mar 16th, 02:11

I and a girl were having a conversation, then she asked me a question.

girl: If you were kissing me, what type of other things would you prefer to be done simultaneously?.

Dindy: Hmmm I can't say it.

Girl: Talk na Dindy.

Dindy: It's too bad.

Girl: C'mon man up.

Dindy: Ok.

Dindy: I would like to clean off your lipstick from my mouth, so that my girlfriend won't see it.

Girl slaps Dindy and walks away...... :D :D

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Mar 16th, 02:12

Girl: If you were going to die at midnight, what would you be doing at 11:45 pm?.

Girl: Calling people?.

Girl: Asking for forgiveness?.

Girl: Going to church?.

Girl: Praying to God?.

Girl: Doing things you have never done before?.

Dindy: Non.

Girl: Then what?.

Dindy: Checking my facebook updates....... :D :D .

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Mar 16th, 02:13

Girl: If you had to pick an animal, which animal do you find the sexiest of all?.

Dindy: Give me options.

Girl: Ok.

Girl: A zebra?.

Girl: A Horse?.

Girl: A Dog?.

Girl: A Cat?.

Girl: A Wolf?.

Girl: A Snake?.

Girl: A Donkey?.

Dindy: Non.

Girl: Then which animal?.

Dindy: Your mum.......... :D :D.

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Mar 16th, 02:13

Girl: If the world froze for an afternoon and only you could move and no one could see you or remember what you did, what would you do?.

Dindy: I would.....

Girl: Wait don't finish it, let me do it for you.

Girl: You would come over and kiss me!.

Dindy: No!.

Dindy: I would go to my neighbour's house, steal his WiFi password, enter back into my room, goto my bed and browse with my phone!!!...... :D :D.

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Mar 16th, 02:14

Girl: Where would you like being touched the most?.

Dindy: Shit girl that question just turned me on.

Girl: [Smiling] tell me jare.

Dindy: I would like to be touched deep down my ear hole..... :D :D

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Mar 16th, 02:15

Girl: Have you ever had a dream about being a lesbian?.

Dindy: Yes I have.

Dindy: But the weird thing was that I saw you and my street dog getting down...... :D :D

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