5 Steps To Keeping The Love Flame Burning This Valentine

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Valentine is pretty much around the corner and showing love is the primary base of Valentine day. Though I am not a relationship expert, I have highlighted some steps that you can use to keep the flame of love burning in your relationship.

Surprises: Nothing says “thinking about you” like springing a good surprise on your partner. It can literally light up a thousand bulbs in their world.
The fact that you actually thought it through to send them flowers, gifts, lunch at break time etc when they least expect it goes to show you have them in mind. Surprises show that no matter how crazy your schedule is, you still find time to arrange a thoughtful gesture; and how heart-warming is that?

Date nights: Some may argue this is borrowed culture from the West but it doesn’t make it less of a way to keep the flame in your relationship alight. Date night may or may not be weekly depending on your budget/schedule but incorporating it in your relationship will surely do it a whole lot of good. Find time to seclude yourselves from the craziness of work or the chatter of kids and go out to eat a nice meal, watch a nice movie, or even go clubbing. No matter the location, time spent together as a couple is very valuable and endears partners to each other a lot more.

Public Display of Affection (P.D.A) : Nigerians will stare at you in an awkward manner, iya-alata will judge you with her eyes, children in their naivety will jeer and close their eyes but it is in your power to not let the reaction from the world deter you from expressing love to your partner publicly. Hand in hand strolls, forehead kisses and stolen kisses, brushing hair off your babe’s face, whispering sweet nonsenses in each other’s ears, compliments, private jokes etc done in public make up some of the ways to display affection publicly. Granted, you may be dating an extremely shy person; it is up to you as the bolder partner to make them comfortable with PDA. No need to go about it forcibly; with more subtle gestures and time, PDA can actually grow on your once shy partner.

Remember important dates: this particularly entails anniversaries and birthdays. It doesn’t just end at remembering, also make effort to do or buy something new and special for them. Days like that come only once in an entire year and remembering shows you care. Unless under very reasonable circumstances, do not forget important dates. They are one of the life wires that keep a relationship going.

Pray: ever seen or heard where something had the Almighty’s backing and it failed? I haven’t and I’m guessing you haven’t as well.

The importance of praying for your partner can never be over emphasized. Your partner’s challenges are invariably your challenges and combating them spiritually saves you both a whole lot of stress. Pray, so you don’t fall prey to the antics of the enemy; pray so your love is one that stands the test of time and above all, pray so blessings and joy does not elude you two.

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