5 Ways To Train Your Body To Wake Up Without Alarm

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Millions of people all over the world depend on an alarm clock to wake them up every morning. While this seems to be effective, you do not necessarily have to depend on a gadget to wake up on time.

After researching on this, i discovered from Source possible
with these incredible tips , you can wake up on time every morning, feeling refreshed and without the screech of an alarm booting you out of sleep.
  1. Keep a regular routine:

    Your body can be trained to do a lot of things. And just like anything else (take driving and riding a bicycle for instance), if you do something often enough, it becomes a part of you.
    Go to sleep at the same time every night and wake up at the same time each morning. This will set your body clock to a particular time range and will cause you to wake up on your own more often.
  2. Make time for sleep:

    Sure, it’s a busy world we live in but a lot of us make the mistake of not making time for sleep. To know if you are getting enough sleep, you should wake up feeling refreshed and physically ready to cope with the day. If you don’t, try sleeping 30 minutes early and waking up 30 minutes later than your usual time to see if it makes a difference.
  3. Be more active:

    Better sleep does not just happen in bed. You are more likely to have a more restful sleep if you are more physically active when you are awake. A restful sleep makes it more likely that you will wake on time on your own.
  4. Prepare your mind:

    The mind is a very powerful tool. Make the conscious decision to fall asleep and also have the time you want to wake clearly in your thoughts. It might not happen overnight but with time, you will get there.
  5. No stimulants:

    Avoid things like coffee, alcohol, nicotine, etc before bed. These things negatively impact your quality of sleep and mess with your body clock.

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