List of New words added to the English dictionary in 2016

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So far in this year 2016, the Oxford English dictionary have been updated 4 times (once for each quarter).
According to, A total of 1, 200 new words have been added to the numerous already existing.
Some of the words added centres around internet activity, sexuality and a special tribute Roald Dahl.

It will also interest you to know that the word of the year 2016 is Xenophobia.

Listing the 1,200 words will be a tedious job but here are ten words that caught my attention.
The new words included in the dictionary are;
  1. YOLO: an acronym for You only live Once
  2. Gender-fluid:not clearly or wholly male or female, unfixed gender identity.
  3. Clicktivism: the practice of signalling support for a political or social cause by means of the internet, through social media and online platforms.
  4. Bracketology: the activity of predicting the participating teams in a tournament and the winners of a competition.
  5. Moobs: usually prominent breast on a man.
  6. Merica: America.
  7. Freemium: A business model especially on the internet where basic services are provided free of charge.
  8. Non-apology: an insincere apology.
  9. Squee: representing a high squeaking sound produced by an animal, musical instrument.
  10. Dahlesque: Resembling or characteristics of the works of Roald Dahl.

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