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Episode 9

We stood by him all long, from time to time evil spirits walked around him wanting to destroy him, but we fought them. We even fought with the evil spirits that ruled the area --every single place on earth has a demon or spirit that rules that particular place, but GOD is the greatest ruler of all. We angels fight with spirits and demons in areas because of the humans we protect--.

The time was now 8pm and his wall clock rang, alerting him that it was time to go home.

He shut down his laptop and packed his suitcase, then he stood up.

After he was done, he went out to where his car was packed, then he opened his car. He threw his suitcase inside his car first, then he entered.

He started his car engine but it didn't pick, then he tried it again and it kicked off. He fixed his seat belt then reversed back and drove off. The forth angel went ahead again of him to clear his path while I was with him.

As he drove, he turned on his audio player in his car with his ac on high fan. He turned his car to the left side to connect to the highway.

As I flu over him, I saw the same spirit of accident there waiting for him to come and this time it came in full force more than before.

A big lorry with a container at its back was right in front of him. The spirit wanted the lorry with the container to fall on Gift's dad and kill him, but I was not going to allow that to happen.

Gift's dad drove on a normal speed on the slant road. When he got closer to the lorry, he horned for the lorry driver so that the driver would know that he wanted to over take.

The lorry driver moved aside for him to pass. Gift's dad quickly drove ahead passing the lorry.

Suddenly, the lorry driver started losing control on the steering wheel of the lorry. The lorry driver tried the break but it didn't respond.

The lorry driver then flashed his head lamp countless of times, trying to warn Gift's dad that he had no control again over the lorry. But unknown to Gift's dad he thought the driver wanted to overtake him, so he slowed down for the lorry driver to go ahead.

Gift's dad had reduced his speed so much that he was right beside the lorry, at the right hand side. The driver then opened down his the window to call out to Gift's dad, to warn him about the present situation he was facing with the lorry, but is was no use.

He pushed the lorry's horn countless of times, but Gift's dad didn't hear him because his car windows were closed up and the ac was on with music which was on the high side, and he was focused on the road. All that did not let him hear the noise the driver made.

He finally heard the horn but all he could say was.

Gift's dad: "Oh!, c'mon go ahead I have given you chance to move ahead", he said.

After he said that, he increased the volume of his audio player making it impossible for him to hear the lorry's horn.

The driver looked ahead and saw a slant road up ahead. He decided to divert the lorry to the other side of the road to hit the demarcating fence between the two roads.

He knew that if he didn't do that it would end up badly for both of them. So he turned the wheel but it was stiff, it refused to turn.

The lorry kept going ahead. Gift's father was still beside the lorry and now they were both running on the same speed of about 115km/h.

The lorry driver tried again to turn the lorry as they both got to the slant part of the road. The four back left tyres started lifting up.

The driver noticed it, so he unhooked his seatbelt and set himself to jump off the lorry. Gift's father finally noticed it when he looked at the left side mirror of his car.

He saw that the lorry was about to fall on him, and it was at that stage it became a run or die affair because he was in-between the lorry and the container it carried.

He stepped on the accelerating pedal to move extremely fast. He had only four seconds to escape which was impossible.

I knew what I had to do at that point. The forth angel that went ahead of him was already waiting for the right time to do his job so was i.

As his car accelerated, two seconds went by and it was remaining two seconds more. It was now time for I and the forth angel to take action.

I and the forth angel flu to the lorry and held it from falling down on him. His entire car successfully passed the lorry except the back bumper.

We left the lorry to fully fall knowing that nothing will happen to him. The lorry reached the ground right after his back bumper slightly move an inch away from the lorry.

The lorry driver jumped out of the lorry immediately it almost landed. The lorry driver landed with his legs then he rolled over to regain his stamina.

Gift's dad had passed through the danger but it was not yet over. The speed at which the lorry ran made it not to stop immediately it hit the ground.

The lorry trailed at the back of Gift's dad car. But after few seconds the lorry started slowing down then stopped.

Gift's dad looked at his side mirror and saw that the lorry had stop. He didn't stop and continued driving. In his mind he was thanking God for saving him.

Car drivers from the back that saw what happened slowed down except one which had a drunk driver in it.

The drunk driver rushed towards the lorry as he almost knocked down the lorry driver who was still trying to get himself.

The drunk driver ended up hitting the demarcating fence of the road, but he didn't die --no one dead that day because all of them had their ANGELS OF PROTECTION protecting them from the spirit of accident--.

I and the forth angel continued our journey with Gift's dad.

--I could tell that he was still in torment by what had happened to him.--

He drove his car to an ice cream shop. As he stepped out of his car and was about to lock it to go into the ice cream shop, his phone rang.

The bull man appeared again and this time the bull man shot the arrow at him, as he stood to answer his phone call. I blocked the arrow from hitting him by standing in front of him with my sword.

The forth angel pushed the bull man with his sword and they both went into battle. After Gift's dad answered the call, he went into the ice cream shop to buy ice cream for his daughter (Gift).

Although we encountered some evil spirit of the night, he got home safely without a single harm done to him or his car.

He knock on his front door and the first person that came out was Gift. She opened the door for him then he walked in.

Gift: "Daddy welcome back home!", she shouted with joy.

Gift's dad smiled then asked, "Where is your mum?".

Gift: "She is in the bath room", she said as she pointed out the direction where her mum was.

Gift's dad: "Ok take this, I bought it for you", he said has he separated his suitcase and the nylon that contains the icecream.

Gift: "Thank you dad!", she shouted with much excitement.

He left Gift in a hurry to see his wife, to tell her what had happened to him. When he got to his room, he saw his wife cleaning up.

He told her all that happened that very evening. She knew it was God's doing, so she sang aloud praising God.

After all the singing, talking and eating. They called Gift to come to their room so that they could do their night prayers. After they prayed, they all slept in the same room beside each other.

We angels that PROTECTED Gift's dad house stood tall and strong around the house. No evil could get into the house or on the house because the house had the seal of God on it.

My name is HSIEL and that is how we angels of protection operates......... To be continue.

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Episode 10

Lady: "Rescue me o LORD from this people. I don't wanna die like my friends and the others."

Lady: "GOD please if you save me from this situation, I will never again go back to my old ways."

Lady: I will always pray and shall serve you forever. Just please save me."

Lady: "I promise that i will do all this I said."

Rachael prayed in her heart with tears on her and in soul, and mind.

Rachael was a lady in her early twenties. She was in need of help because she was about to face death.

It all started on Wednesday 26 of July 2006.
Rachael was invited to a party which was going to be attended by people of her age. Her mum and dad were people who feared GOD alot.

They were actually pastors. Rachael had no respect for GOD nor her parent.

Rachael's parent warned her not to go, but she didn't listen to them, instead she shouted at them.

Rachael's dad bent his head in shame because he couldn't believe that he had lost the ability to control his own daughter --that is how GOD feels when humans disobey him. It hurts him alot, believe me--.

The party was to be held on the 28 Friday of July from 10pm until dawn.

She had planned to go stay with a friend named ify (on the 28th), so that they could go together.

Ify stayed 8 blocks away from Rachael's and they were very close friends.

Ify was a girl who once was good, but after she was introduced to Rachael by a friend named Daniela, she became as bad, nasty and naughty as Rachael.

The day came for the party and Racheal was fully ready for it. She had gone to the market a day before the party, to buy new clothes that she would wear to the party.

She had already planned that she would leave the house by 12noon to Ify's house.

Rachael's morning went on smoothly but slowly. She couldn't wait any longer for 12noon to clock, so she decided to leave the house by 10:30am. She packed the new clothes and other stuffs (shoe, money and girly things) inside her middle size hand bag, which she kept beside her bed.

After she was done packing, she zipped it close and went to take her bath. As she was taking her bath, her phone rang uncontrollable on her bed.

On hearing it, she quickly took her bath so that she would come out and know who the caller was.

She came out of the bathroom leaving a trademark of foam on her left ear. She went to her bed and picked up her phone.

She saw 5 missed calls, then checked the name and it was ify. She unlocked her phone then called ify back.

They both discussed for 6mins which made her phone a little bit hot. She dropped her phone after they both talked, then she went back to the bathroom to brush her teeth.

After that, she came out and applied Cream, got dressed and applied make up. She took her bag and phone which was on her bed, then she left her room and head to the parlour after locking her room.

When she got to the parlour her mum and dad were not there, they had gone out.

She walked pass the parlour and moved out side closing the door behind her.

She got out side, then she remembered that she forgot her sun glasses, so she went back to get it.

She got to her room and her sun glasses was on the shelf where she left it.

She took it and walked straight out. She locked the gate of the house with the spare key that she had.

She didn't want to walk to Ify's house, so she stoped a biker who was going up her street, then boarded the bike.

When she got to Ify's house, she knocked on Ify's gate. Ify came out knowing who knocked, then unlock her gate to let Rachael in.

As Rachael entered, they both started talking of how they would rock the party and other silly stuffs they would do.

When afternoon came, they both went to see a friend who would follow them to the party.

They all agreed that they would leave by 9:30pm.

Ify and Rachael stayed in their friend's place til 7pm, then they went back to Ify's house to get dressed for the party.

Immediately they got there, they moved into action by getting dressed up.

Rachael brought out the gown and shoe from her bag. The gown was short and blue in colour, while her shoe was a 4inches high heel and was red in colour.

After she got dressed, she looked herself in the mirror and smiled.

Ify, Rachael and their other friend left for the party by 9:30pm as they planned.

Their other friend had a car, so they all boarded into the car and drove to the party in style and class.

They got to the party by 9:50pm. The place was a very big place, but it was an under ground house.

They parked the car and went straight in. As they walked in, people were staring at them.

They got to the door leading to the underground part of the house. They pulled the door open and went in.

There was a staircase drop down from the door to the floor. They walked in majestically until they got to the floor.

The time was now 10:00pm, so the DJ started playing music. More people where still coming in as the music was on a middle level sound of loudness.

Rachael and her friends took drinks which got them turned on to dance.

The time was now 11:27pm and the party was still bubbling. Rachael, Ify and their other friend, met some guys who where the main host of the party.

They all related and exchanged number. The security men locked the door leading out side because they didn't want anyone moving out and they didn't want robbers to get in.

As time went on the Dj started increasing the music. Rachael was looking around, then she saw a man wearing a complete black suit with a black shoe and hat.

She turned to Ify then told her and they both made mockery of the man who wore suit to a hot night party.

5 minutes later Rachael saw another man wearing the same suit, shoe and hat. she started feeling uncomfortable, then she saw another and another.

Now half of the people in the party both male and female were wearing black suits, shoes and hats.

When the time got to 12:00 mid night, the light changed to red and the Dj killed the music.

Rachael became very afraid, she turned and looked around then she saw that they were only fifteen people that were not wearing the black suit, shoe and hat.

She turned over to Ify and their other friend, they were shaking in fear. Rachael, her friends and the remaining people all ran towards the exit door.

Rachael was in the middle running, but she fell to her knees when her left high heel plunged into a medium crack on the floor.

She quickly pulled off the heels and dropped it there. She hopped with one leg while she tried to remove the other heel.

They got to the door and tried pushing it open, but it was totally a waste of effort.

They all started crying and shouting for help, but it was hopeless because no one could hear them cry or shout out loud.

Rachael looked at the Dj and bar man, and they were both in the same dressing like others. She then knew that it was a cult-group and she was going to die.

They all went back down in tears and were forced to kneel down. They brought out a greenish substance for them to drink in a glass cup. They all drank it and fell to sleep.

Rachael wake up the next day confused of where she was. She tried standing up but it was hard for her.

She noticed that she was tied down. She turned her head to the left and to the right and she saw that all of them had no head. They all had been beheaded, including her friends.

She started crying and that was when she started praying to God from her heart and mouth for help.

After 30mins, she heard two voices talking about how they would throw away the bodies, and how they would kill her because her head was not used in the sacrifice.

After they talked, two huge men came out for where they stood. One of them untied her while the other stood and watched.

After the man untied her, he took the edge of his cutlass and knocked her out.

They threw her into a hole and left her there to die or to be killed by a wild animal, but luckily for her God heard her prayers and sent me to rescue her.

When I got to the hole, I disguised myself as a hunter. She was very unconscious and couldn't tell a man from an ant.

I jumped down and jumped back up with her on my back, then I took her to the road side where she would be able to see a car that would take her back home.

I dropped her there and before she could say a word i left, then changed to a young taxi driver.

When she fully got hold of herself, she stood up and stopped a taxi.

I was the taxi man she stopped. She entered and I drove off.

I asked her "where are you going ma?", but she didn't answer my question instead she asked me where she was.

I told her the place where she was. She was totally shocked because she was in another state and it would take up to 6 hours to get to the state where she lives.she told he that she did not have any money.

I told her that I don't have any problem with that, as long as she pays me when she gets to where she was going to.

I drove her for six hours and finally we got to her house.

She said "Thank you, please wait let me go and bring the money".

I said to her "Remember your promises to GOD".

She looked at me with a questioning eyes of "How did you know I made a promise to GOD?", then went inside to get the money.

I disappeared right after she went inside to get the money.

We rescue angel do what we have to do, when we have to do it and why we do it? well we do it to the glory of GOD.

GOD the greatest of all gods, the superior being and the most powerful GOD ever.

Everything tremble underneath HIS feet. HE is an outstanding teacher, HE knows your secrets and life pains. You are an open book before HIM, you can't explain HIS accelerating power and understanding.

HE knows everything and I mean everything. HE owns beauty, HE owns gold and diamond, HE own powers.

We angels are just nothing but HIS creations. HE made us to glorify HIM not for humans to glorify us. HE loves the humans more than us angels.

If we angels and the 24 elders pray and song to GOD every single day, who are you not to?.

Who are you not to sake his face and mercy?. Who are you not to pray for HIS protection? Who are you not to serve HIM?.

My name is ENTT and my existence is nothing without my GOD, the one and only true God of the heavens and galaxies.





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I wonder where the writer got his imaginations.

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I'm telling you bro, this guys wrote this story as if he's the son of an ex- angel

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No doubt, Ossy Andy is an exceptional writter..

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