How to speed up your android smartphone and tablet! EASY!

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Sep 20th, 02:45

ok if you got an android smartphone or tablet..

go to your settings.. scroll down to "about" or about phone/tablet

scroll down to "build" and start tapping the build 5 times fast.. until "developer mode unlocks" .. once thats unlocked hit back

go into the developer mode options and search for the 3 animation scales

there should be 3 of them.. all set to 1x.. set all 3 to .5x .. and exit out..

navigate your phone a bit and use it.. notice the speed increase? quicker navigation! in a snap! :dance:

if you want even faster, turm them all off

you the comment box to tell how it worked for you?

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Sep 29th, 21:19

This is great, mine was 2.5x
And I followed this steps and made it 0.5x

Now my phone has never been this fast..

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