What Do Girls/women Want?

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Aug 30th, 08:19

In the world of experience, i want everyone to speak.

i want everyone to speak. I want everyone to speak in the spirit of fareness. What do you girls really want in a guy? What are the qualities you look for to say "Yes" to the guy? Money? Handsome? What?

Just share your prerequisites with me. I wish to know more of girls before proceeding with a relationship. Thanks?

Just share your prerequisites with me. I wish to know more of girls before proceeding with a relationship. Thanks

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Aug 30th, 08:58

wow well if that is the question that you are going to ask well you will get different answers because we all have our different preferencies
i for one am looking for a guy that will respect me and my choice and my mind and way of thinking. he also should have a mind of his own, of course he has got to look good, built okies more like well toned and defined muscles, good teeth smart as in he knows what he wants and he can hold intelligent conversation,tall, someone that knows when to have fun and knows when to be serious too. someone that has his priorities straight.... i could go on

anyway my point is we ladies are going to give you a whole list of preferencies but you can not decide based on what we give you there is no one right answer to your question. so you have just got to read them and you be the best judge of them.

one other question how old are you? because you said "I wish to know more of girls before proceeding with a relationship"

Angela Norgan
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Aug 30th, 09:06

Girls want what a "normal" person would want from the opposite/same sex.

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Aug 30th, 09:49

Treat them how you would want to be treated, instead of trying to be the problem solver all of the time, listen to them, understand their feelings and emotions, put yourself in the woman's shoes and try to view it from their perspective, ask how they're day was, listen to their problems carefully and attentively , be on their side always, back them up, guard them, protect them, stand up for them if necessary, and never betray them or their trust if you have established it, and do your best never to hurt them with words like the stabs of a sword.. And ESPECIALLY PHYSICALLY never harm them. Treat them as a weaker vessel, the feminine one, but with respect and honor, a good relationship takes two good forgivers as well. Always be willing to forgive mistakes and forget, dont hold grudges, if you do, work on your own imperfections to the best of your ability regarding what your mate desires, and play the male role, support them materially. Be a sweet heart, surprise them once in a while, make them laugh, brighten their day if their having a bad one, become one flesh. :) BTW im not a woman and maybe im 100% wrong.

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Aug 31st, 07:48

Bro women don't know what they want..
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Angela Patrick
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Aug 31st, 22:01

its long but worth reading..if u really want to know what we want.

to be appreciated smiley

1) We want a man that's protective. But only when we want to be protected. Usually when we ask. Mostly when we don't. Don't try to fight every guy that makes a rude comment or insults us. We can usually stick up for ourselves and fight our own battles. If things get out of hand we'll ask for back-up.

2) Sex doesn't have to be a marathon affair. We get sore after a while and while you are trying to hold back from coming, we are wishing you would just climax already. Listen to what our bodies are saying and go with it. We don't have the stop watch out.

3) We want men to take us out on "real" dates. We want to be asked a few days ahead of time. We want the evening planned with activities we'd enjoy.. We want you to pay for dinner. We'll offer to pay. Don't jump on the offer before the words have finished coming out of our mouths. However, if we insist - offer to split costs. If we ask you out, we expect and plan to pay. Of course we also expect you to try to pick up the check. We may not let you. Think of it as a test.

4) not looking for input or advice from you. That's what girlfriends are for. We just want you to listen. You need to pay attention though. If we do ask a question or for advice you need to have been following along. "What did you say" is not an optional response from you at this time. When you do answer - don't be logical. When we complain we really hate logic. Just sympathize and agree. Or say nothing at all. It's the safest bet.

5) We want our men to be men. We're turned off by the overly macho-man without a brain. We're turned off by the overly sensitive guy that cries at movies. Real men don't shed tears. At least not in front of us. I know we want you to have feelings and be emotional. Just not around us. Unless there's a really good reason. The reason must include a funeral.

6) We want our men to know manly things. You should be able to at least change the oil in a car and do simple household repairs. We may take pride in knowing how to do these things ourselves. If we do - don't act surprised, act impressed. We like knowing manly things too. Either because we're genuinely interested or because it makes it easier to talk to you.

7. We want men that are honest and dependable. We want to be able to count on you. Don’t make plans to go out with us if you know you’re going to cancel. Don’t tell us what you think we want to hear instead of the truth. Yes - me may get angry at some things that you say or do. Yes, our feelings may be hurt that you had already made plans with the guys on Saturday night instead of leaving it open for us. Along with dependability is courtesy. If you’re running late - call and let us know, realistically, how late you’ll be. Don’t say you’ll be there in 5 minutes when you know it will be more like an hour. This is not so that we can “check up” on you. We’re not making you accountable for every minute not spent with us. We are natural worriers. It’s just the polite thing to do.
Honesty is a given. Don’t lie, exaggerate, tell half truths, etc. We want to be able to believe in you and what you tell us. Again - don’t tell us what you think we want to hear. Especially when it comes to us and our relationship. Honesty really is the best policy.

8. For a guy to be faithful. It is okay to look and to even admire other women, just don't touch their merchandise. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. If you wouldn't want us to mess around with another guy, don't mess around with other women (or men if you are so inclined)

there u have it.

Angela Patrick
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Aug 31st, 22:06

Awwwn, @William Is really on point...
That's just it

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