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Episode 19

Tade hissed before pouting his mouth towards Made.
“Why you just come sneak on me that? You sabi say na correct slap I wan land you before? ”

“Wetin I do na? I no even sneak, na just play I dey play with you. Your mind no even dey here.”

“So? Wetin bring you come?” Tade eyed him nastily.

“Guy, Guy, take am easy na! We dey fight?”

“Yes, we dey fight!” Tade replied, obviously lying. He knew what Made will say if he says the truth.

He will simply say: “Get a girlfriend!”

Tade was not ready to hear that horse shi.t!

“No vex, me dey think about assignment.” He finally apologised to Made.

“Easy oh! Made said. Na so person dey start to dey mad. Na just assignment oh.” Then Made started gisting about school and the babes for im department, Tade half-listening. Then he asked about Chuks.

“I hear say babe dey fight over am. Na true?”

“Made! Made!! Made!!! You don come with your gossip!”

“Wetin you dey listen before? Abeg na true or lie?”

“I no sabi, ask Chuks when you see him.”

“Okay oh! He made to leave. Before I go, somebody said I should give you this.” He brought out a piece of paper, obviously full scalp sheet. “Take.”

“Who give you the paper?” Tade demanded.

“Na one guy give me, im talk say na babe send am. Wetin be my concern?” Made said as he left

]His curiosity grew as he stared at the leaving body of Made, until he was out of sight, then he opened the paper, which was previously sealed with candle wax.

It was ……a kind of love letter.

I know you are single and I don’t care if you are in a relationship, but I like you and I want to be your girl. I don’t know why you are avoiding me but I don’t care. What I care about is the well-being of our relationship, which is none existent for now. If you keep resisting any effort from me to get close to you,……………… figure out the rest.”

Tade looked with horror, and then interest at the letter. He knew who could write this.

It had to be Wande.

Meanwhile, far away on Ede road, a meeting is happening…………..

“Who did you see with Toke?” a young handsome man bearing a scar across his eye asked.

“Na one bush boy dem call Korede.” Another one answered. “The idi.ot even had the nerve to openly date her.”

“Blade, Kira, go send this imp a message so he will have a taste of me, Nightcrawler!”

“When shall we strike, sir?” A light skinned dude with a sly smile said.

“Two days time, Kira.”

“But we have that senator’s work to do on that day, don’t we?” Blade, a short, dark dude with excess hair on his body asked.

“Stop shying away from such work, Blade.” Kira told him. “You may soon need us to do such for you.”

“Kira, mind you business.”

“Blade, I was just……..”

“Enough, both of you!” Nightcrawler whispered at them. “We are in a busy road in the full glare of the day, do you have some manners? If you speak any more, I will have your heads. We will send the message next week!”

Meanwhile, Korede was doing some ‘serious’ business with Toke.

“You see, am a very nice person.” He stated. He had just brought her some ice-cream from Fivers as they walked around SUB.


“I love you, Toke. You see, I can d anything for you, even lay my life for you. And my dad is rich and successful. He is well connected, so I will be well-placed. If you don’t reject me now, you won’t……”

“Will you just shush it there, Korede! Who do you think you are? You, this church rat that can hardly afford #500 Ice-cream! You that is living on Toyin….”

“Forget about…..”

“Shut up! If I hear anything from you again, I swear I will punch you to hell and back” She shook her fists. “Better leave me alone, Korede. You can’t handle me, not to talk of my boyfriend.” She walked away swiftly, swagging her as5 around.

“I swear, I go still tap that as5!” Korede said. He did not know that he had other things to worry about.

To be continued

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Episode 20

]Chuks had advised him against his chase, but Korede was heedless and unrepentant, so Chuks had freed him.

On Monday morning, Tade was reading a magazine when a call came through.

“Who is this?” Tade picked the call.

“Please, are you Tade?”

“Yes, this is Tade. Can I help you?”

“Your roommate has been found in the Health Sciences, seriously injured. He is been rushed to the hospital, so he asked me to call you.”

“Which roommate?” Tade asked.

“Korede. We found him on the road to…….”

“Yes, yes I heard you the first time. Which hospital is he in?”


An hour later, Tade was at the emergency ward, looking at Korede, a bit sorry for him but not surprised at where he landed.

Korede face looked like a bag of buns so finely placed to resemble a face, his eyes were heavy laden with stress and his hair was recently combed, like it was riddled with dirt previously. His left hand was already connected to a drip, while his right hand was on plaster, obviously broken. His two legs were in similar condition as the right hand and were consequently supported by ropes tied to the ceiling

“What happened?”

Korede was just looking at Tade sheepishly, unable to talk. A nurse came in.

“The best you can do for now is to pray for him and visit him. His jaws were broken and he has to be in that position for weeks.” She chipped in.

Tade then noticed his mouth was been supported by something that looked like iron thongs. He shook his head and left.

During the next few weeks, he and Chuks showed up at Korede’s side in the hospital, waiting for weeks. Finally, when it was barely two weeks to exams, Korede could talk.

“What happened, Korede?” Chuks asked.

“Omo, as e happen I no fit talk. I dey waka go hostel as I just finish that assignment wey I tell you that lecturer give my class. Na so I see Gozie, one of my classmate. Na so we dey talk then one bros come joined us. As we wan reach the roundabout, the bros come slap me one heavy slap ehn, e too heavy. Gozie sef run, but as one pick race, another bro come join rack me come down. They come drag me go the bush wey dey the other bus-stop wey near SUB, yeeeh!….” Korede yelped as his arm started to hurt, much like it was burning.

Chuks and Tade tried to settle him down. Then the nurse of earlier, now known as Nurse Nike came in.

“You guys are still bothering my patient. Oya, make una go, e don do.” She shooed both Tade and Chuks together as they left Korede.

As soon as they reached outside, they both burst into laughter.

]Shebi we tell am? Chuks said amidst all the laughter as they found their way back to the hostel.

Meanwhile, Nightcrawler was in Awolowo hall, enjoying a political argument that was ongoing when a text message came in.

“Message still in custody of the receiver. Receiver still in the trash bin.”

Nightcrawler smiled. He won’t take any rubbish, especially from a non-initiate like that Korede.

Not that Toke could fall for him. He knew the kind of lady she was and had it in his mind that Korede will not smell an inch near her cooking pot, not to talk of having s-x. The one that was a threat was her class rep, the one they call Chuks the Quiet one.

That’s why he needed to send the message through Korede.

Meanwhile at Fajuyi hall, Chuks got an incoming call from Toke.

“Chuks, please see me.”

Chuks looked around in fear and when he did not see her, he heaved a sigh of relief.

“What do you want from me?”

“Chuks, I need help with my work. Please I don’t know what I did to you, but am sorry.”

“Okay, where are you?”

“I am in Moremi.”

“You expect me to find my way to Moremi? Please I am busy.”

“Okay, let me meet you wherever you are.”

He sighed again. “Let’s meet at Fajuyi cafe.”

As she walked towards Fajuyi hall, Toke wondered what happened to a previously sound relationship.

She had known Chuks since his first year and they became fast friends. What attracted her to him initially was his quiet demeanor, coupled with the fact that he was always doing well in tests and exams.

But as she moved closer to Chuks during the second semester of that session, she saw more of him and was fascinated at his ideals and dreams. Yes, for Chuks had a dream of wonderful proportions. His dream was to become a doctor and then join Doctors without Borders, a non-governmental and highly effective group who go around distressed countries of the world and offer medical services. She could see the gilt in his eyes whenever he spoke of those dreams and she knew that she had a man there.

But then she met Chinedu, her senior in school who was more outspoken and forward. He came across to her as a goal-getter and a strong guy who won’t take a no nor will take nonsense from a lady. Chuks, on the other hand was never interested in her to start with and so she chose Yomi, just to discover that he was a cultist and no only that, but that he was the current capone of the Ravens, going by the name Nightcrawler.

Initially this session, Chuks was still close to her, finding time to gist or talk to her despite his role as class rep. But all of a sudden he withdrew, delegating all the explanations he was giving her as per class work to other nerds, who honestly did not give a shii about her. She needed to speak to Chuks and know what was happening.

She needed him now more than ever.

As she stepped into Fajuyi hall, Chuks dragged her away from the hostel.

“Let’s walk to academics, White house to be exact.”

To be continued

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episode 21
As Chuks increased his sprightly steps virtually dragging her, he thought of how soon he wanted the discussion to be done with. He knew he owed her a sort of explanation and he will give it to her today.

He walked her to the highest part of White house, where few students come to and then sat her on the stairs to one of the mini-lecture rooms there. He also sat down.

“What do you want from me?”

“Chuks, I don’t know what I did to you, but I don’t like the way you are avoiding me.”

“Is that all?” He eyed her.

“Chuks, please don’t do like that! I missed you, I miss our conversations, our dreams, how you used to help me with my assignment. I miss your voice, your smell, everything about you. The guys you threw at me are all a bore.”

“But you have friends before you met me Toke, so that does not fly!”

“Chuks! What’s wrong with you?” Toke’s anger was beginning to fly. “Is it because I am trying to repair what damage that has been in our friendship? Are you taking me for granted?”

“Toke, that’s not the point here…….”

“Its the point, Chuks! What’s it about you guys that you toy with a girl’s feelings for you? I liked you for you, not because of anything else. I liked your dreams and aspirations and persona. You were the only friend who seemed to have a future, something bigger than parties and popularity and so on! God! You are quite annoying!”

Chuks looked at Toke, tears voluntarily coming from his eyes. He never expected this outburst.

As she was about to leave, ignorant of his tears, Chuks held her back.

“Toke, please don’t go” He called her back, making her to face him. “I know I have been unfair to you, am sorry.”

“But why? Just tell me why?”

“Its because of your boyfriend.”

“Which one? Nightcrawler?” Toke asked in disbelief. “He does not know about our friendship.”

“He will know, Toke. Its like you don’t know this guy, he has spies everywhere. Some weeks back they attacked Korede for pestering you and to God who made me, he has not come out of the hospital.”

“That’s good for that one. Na only me dey market?” She giggled, almost forcing a smile from his face.

I” can’t afford that situation, that’s why I did what I did. Toke, you don’t know what you did to me today. I never realised the depth of affection you had for me.” Chuks then held her hands gently,like a guy swimming in love.

“Toke, I promise that I will remain your friend and I won’t take your emotions for granted. But I can’t do that with my life hanging on a thread. Its not like I want to marry you or something.”

“Straightforward as usual” Toke smiled. “So we are friends, I take it?”

“Friends we are.” Chuks said as he hugged her, not unaware of a certain guy on shades watching them.

“But please, explain to your husband.”

“I don hear you.” She said as she hurried down the building. Chuks was about leaving when he saw the guy talking on the phone.

He knew something was not right.

Chuks quickly charged at the fellow, making sure he did not escape.

“Hey, you… Who were you calling?”

“Its none of your business.” He replied.

“Yes its my business, especially as you were watching me and that lady while calling. And I ask, who were you calling?”

“I said its none of……………………” Chuks did not allow him to finish the statement before lunging at him, catching the fellow off-guard. Despite his quiet demeanor, Chuks was agile and had fought in local boxing gyms, so it was easier than eating chocolate to snatch the dude’s phone.

“If you don’t want trouble, return that phone………..”

“To you, abi?” Chuks looked at him with contempt as he searched for the last number called and then dialed it.

“Mosquito, are you done with it?” The voice from the other end spoke.

“So you don’t even have a decent name, even for a cultist, Mos-quit-o.” Chuks said, emphasizing the name.

“Who is this?”

“I am the person you are spying on, Nightcrawler.”

“Listen to me, ant. If you………”

“No, YOU listen to me” Chuks interrupted. “I don’t know hwy you think so, but I have nothing intimate to do with Toke. She needs help with one of her courses and I am helping her as a class rep and her friend. If you were nicer than you, you would have realised it by now.”

“However, since you now realise it, I will make myself clear. I don’t have anything serious to do with Toke, If not for the fact that we were friends before she met you, I won’t be a mile close to her. So, stop been an insecure child and grow up!” He dropped the call and tossed the phone to Mosquito.

“Don’t follow me again.” He warned.

To be continued

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Episode 22

Tade woke up suddenly. It looked like a dream whatever he saw, but it reminded him of his present predicament.

His present predicament with Wande.

He saw her a day ago and tried dodging her again. However she cornered him.

“Tade, come here” She ordered him. When he refused to answer her, she moved quickly to hold him back.

“What’s wrong with you? You behave like you don’t know me, you refuse to acknowledge my advances and now you avoid me again?”
He just looked at her like a person who had just been tranquilized.

“Tade, is it that I am not desirable enough or you just don’t like me? Answer me Tade!”

Tade would have liked to tell her to gather her sh*t together and stop bothering him, but considering that she is a cult leader, that would be like sending an open invitation to all sorts of harassment. Besides, Korede’s case was still fresh in his mind, so he decided to play it cool.

“Wande, its not like I hate you. Its just that I can’t really date you.”

“Why? Why Tade? Am I not attractive?”

“Wande, its not about beauty. The fact is that I barely know you and I can’t trust you, not with the reputation you have.”

“As a cult member? Tell me, are cult members animals? Are they not human beings?”

“I don’t see it like that Tade’s voice rose up. You guys think you are cool, well you are not! To me, many of you are just savage beasts in human flesh.”

“So am not human enough to date you, Tade? Is that it?” Wande ran off, bursting out in tears.

“Noo, its not like….” Tade’s voice trailed off as he watched her leave.

Remembering what transpired made him to start wondering how heartless he could be. Wande was a lady, cult member or not and it must have hurt her to have a guy reject her, especially with the current circumstances and what he said. He then did something that normally he won’t consider smart or wise.

He picked his phone and called a number. It rang a few times before the owner picked it up.

“Wande, am sorry” He started

“What are you sorry about?”

“I am sorry for calling you inhuman. Even though I have somewhat being affected by cult attacks, I should not have judged you the way I did. I don’t know about your past and I have no right to attack you that way.”

“Uhmm.” Wande said, though he heard her sniff.

“Were you crying?” He asked, genuinely concerned.

“No, yes… Yes I was crying” She answered back. “But am okay now. Tade, I want to get a reply.”

“What reply?” Tade said, even though he knew what she was asking for.

“About my question now.”

“Well, I don’t know you, at least you are not the Wande I knew in school. Besides, I have been warned not to get close to you.”

“By Shade abi?” Wande said. “That b*tch!”

“Not by Shade, wait why are you expecting her to do such thing?” He asked.

“Because she is a b*tch with a capital B. She will say so, after dumping me for that half-baked boy called Lekan.”

“Dumping you? What do you mean?”

Wande laughed hysterically. “So she did not tell you all this while? Don’t bother on how I know about you guys, I have been following you since you entered campus. She did not tell you that we dated and had fun as sisters, eh? She won’t, which Naija babe go tell you that kin history?”

“Eh!” Tade let out a small shout, almost waking his roommates.

“Don’t disturb anybody’s sleep. Yes, we have dated and done some random sh*t which none of us is proud of really, only that I found Lekan first and tried to polish him, only for her to come and steal him off me.”


“I wish her well, but what annoys me is that she keeps chasing any guy that comes near to me. At least she should give me a chance to have a boyfriend.”

“But you are attractive and you have a cult persona that is strong. At least one cult member should be interested in you.”

“See, its not like that. Who wants to have his or her mind torn in two places? Or don’t you know that if I have a cult guy as a boyfriend that my mind will not be at rest?”

“Really? I thought it suppose to be an advantage.”

“Na you dey see am like that, Tade. If im cult group go one assignment and they shoot am nko? Abi you no sabi say cult persin be flesh and blood? What of if na on top mission im come die?”

“Besides as a cult member, your life is always at risk, always. You no sabi when one idiot member go find trouble and you gast defend am. As a leader, me myself gast dey watch my back.”

“Eyah. It must be tiring.”

“The worst part na if your boyfriend cult group come get kwanta with your own cult group, if the leader no dey mature na wahala be that! Shey you go get mind fight your boyfriend? The thing taya me abeg. Na just the fear and ‘respect’ people dey give me I dey look, if not, na to comot fully.”

“Okay, I will think about your request, Wande” Tade said. “I need to sleep.”

“Good night. Thank you.”

As soon as Wande hung up, Tade started to think on the conversation and Wande. Why did Shade not tell him all this? What did she exactly do with Wande? Did they ‘f--k’ each other? He did not know why this was unsettling him, as he had no plans at the moment to date any of them.

Abi I don dey trip for this Shade of a girl? He asked himself, before shaking his head strongly to the negative.

After some more thinking, he decided to sleep. The day may roll something interesting along his way.
The day brought something new, almost a miracle he dared to say.

Korede was up and running!

He was not yet out of the hospital, but he was now looking stronger and more active. He was even beginning to ‘scope’ the nurses in the hospital, choosing the student nurses obviously as the older ones were sort of unattractive to him. Even Korede had standards, no matter how cheap they looked.

Tade and Chuks were listening as Korede as he gisted them about the nurses and the patients.

“You see that Nurse Nike ehn, na she dem suppose use as advert for Close-up, na so she dey shine teeth anytime she dey come here. At times I dey wonder if na so dem dey teach them for class.”

“The other nurse, Nurse Peju no dey smile unless she wan give persin injection. Even after I follow am yarn, she still dey form say na she dey carry the whole Africa for head. Besides she too dey complain sef. Na so she almost give that baba heart attack the way she dey handle am.” He pointed to an old man, obviously sleeping.

“Korede, how are you doing?” Tade asked just to get pause from Korede’s talk

“Am fine, isn’t that obvious?” Korede replied.”They will allow me to leave during the weekend.”

“That’s cool. You must have missed classes now.”

“Yes, I must get lecture notes…..”

“No I mean friends, colleagues.” It was Chuks that was speaking.

“Abeg, none of them missed me. Abi you see any of them?” Both Tade and Chuks shook their heads. “Na only you two and Toyin that has been here.” He then sat up straight and pulled Chuks shirt tightly.

“The people wey beat me say make I pass this paper to you” He brought out a dirty looking paper and gave a surprised Chuks.

Meanwhile, in Motion ground, two ‘lovers’ were having a heated discussion.

To be continued

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Its never easy being a leader.
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Mikeson wrote:
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Episode 18

The week rode on, with Korede trying his luck with Toke, the girl who came to see Chuks. As Chuks warned him, the girl was proving stubborn and saucy, despite all his best efforts. Korede was soon getting depressed over the issue, with Tade and Chuks now trying to offer counsel to him.

“Korede, free the babe!”

“Can’t you just get it? That babe has a boyfriend!”

“Make Nightcrawler no catch you! I don tell you oh!”

And so on they went. Korede grunted and left the room, causing some giggles across the room.

Meanwhile Toke was moving closer to Chuks, for she needed help in her courses and the class representative was the best lead she had. As Chuks knew what was at stake, he made the relationship one-lined, making sure she does not even enter platonic level with him. However this did not stop two unknown men from trailing him down and warning him about Toke. He immediately knew who sent them and nodded sheepishly, while making mental notes in his mind. The corresponding weeks gave enough evidence to Toke that he had changed, Chuks started bantering her off to other intelligent but awkward students who did not like her behavior, he avoided any occasion of long conversation and he now starting watching his back, making sure that she or no one else was trailing her.

It came to a head on a certain Thursday, when she went to his room.

“Good morning, where is Chuks?” She asked a stunned Tade, who took a few minutes before answering that he was not back from class.

“I will wait for him here!” She said defiantly while standing outside. Tade did not send her cause, so he closed the door and went to sit down. Korede soon came along and tried to ‘toast’ her, receiving a slap for his troubles. It was not up to thirty minutes after the slap that both of them heard her voice, this time considerably raised in anger.

“Chuks, why are you avoiding me?”
]Chuks ignored her question and walked into the room, anger steaming up. Toke followed, much to the amusement of Tade and Korede.

“Chuks, didn’t you hear me? Why are you avoiding me?”

“Toke, don’t you have common sense to see that I don’t want to talk to you? Or are you too dumb to realize that its not safe for me to talk to you? I have told you to meet Shola and co, yet you are here shouting at me. Who do you think you are that you can shout at anyone?”

“Chuks, answer my question now. I don’t need answers later. Why are you…..”

“Toke, leave my room now!” Chuks boomed at her, dragging her by the hand and ‘throwing’ her out of the house before she could blink.

“Chuks, am sorry, please talk to me.” She started crying as Chuks locked the door and went straight for his bed, blocking his ears with his pillow. Tade and Korede watched with keen interest.

After a few minutes, she stopped and picked herself to go. Korede watched her leave, his eyes following every bounce of her as5. He then turned to Chuks.

“Why are you treating her like that, Chuks?”

“What’s your problem, Korede?” Chuks replied.

“See, I know she has her behaviour, but what you did is not right. Dodging such a beauty when it evident that she is in distress is not chivalry, Chuks.”

“What concerns you?” Chuks replied, looking at Korede like he will slice his head off at the moment.

“Korede e don do.” Tade stepped in. “Chuks, what’s wrong with you? You don’t behave like this to Korede, nor do you lose your cool like that. What happened?”

Chuks looked at Tade and saw concern. “Her boyfriend sent guys to warn me a few days ago.”

“Eh? Hope say they no touch you?” Tade said with some shock. Even Korede’s face altered to shoe some concern.

“Nothing. They just waylaid me on the way to hostel and warned me. Since then, I sorted her out, not that I abandoned her.”

“But why will they just come and warn you if you had nothing to do with her?” Korede asked just as Tade’s face turned scarlet under his dark skin. Tade was about attacking him when Chuks raised his hand, suggesting calm.

“She had been taking extra classes for BCH from me, since she had issues with the course. They must have seen us together,that’s why they warned me.”

“I understand you.” Korede began. “But its no reason for you to avoid her. At least you should tell her what is happening, so that she can sort herself with her boyfriend. Its her education that is at stake here.”

“I will support Korede here.” Tade said. “Its not healthy, the way you are taking it with her. You will still meet her on this campus and she looked pretty hurt that you are avoiding her. I suggest you tell her, unless you have another motive for seeing her.”

“Noooo! Chuks said. If you guys feel I should tell her, then I will tell her. He brightened up. I have some work to do.”

]The month floated by idly, the boring rote of classes, hostel, party and classes again made it a burden. He was already in a couple of associations but had nothing concrete. The only thing that interested and bothered him were the ladies in his life.

Not that he was double dating, in fact he was dating nobody. The problem was that he had three girls competing for his attention. Shade was the first one in mind. Since that day in her house( or Lekan’s house), she had sort of warmed her way into his heart, they had become fast friends and cool buddies, gisting on a lot of things including their plans and relationship and s-x. Yes, they talked about s-x and at times they did s-x text and phone s-x, Shade often initiating it and Tade responding. He knew that if he asked her out, she will at least consider it, but he threw it out of his mind, especially as she had a boyfriend already.

Then there is Wande. The Black Brass leader. She had taken an interest in Tade since the day they had faculty colloquim and he had to defend his classmates who were accused of been rude and noisy. He made some quality contributions alongside his apologies, drawing praise for his maturity. Since then, she had been tailing him, trying to get as close as possible. Tade obliged her, not because he had interest in her, far from it, but he did not want to wake up one morning and see himself bleeding from a knife stab or in the hospital. Since his secondary school, he had known that ladies can be difficult in relationships and Wande was no different, plus the fact that she leads a cult.

Then Sophie was in the picture. She, like Shade had a boyfriend, difference was that the boy was in Black Axe and was already known for cutting across people’s chest if crossed. In contrast Sophie was a meek, humble and kind girl, in addition to her beauty of course, who was targeted by the lecturer of the course she took in the previous year. The imp of a man failed her because she refused to sleep with him, leading to her boyfriend finishing the man off during the break. Despite the fact that she was a session older, she treated everyone in his class with respect and kindness, endearing everyone to her. Due to her boyfriend’s status, people often feared and loved her presence in equal measure, though they showed the fear part in her presence but speak good of her when she is away. It was only a few people like Tade that associated with her up close, and like a leper who has just got a new friend, she stayed close to them. Tade felt some sort of closeness to her but cautioned himself for obvious reasons.

He was currently playing everything in his mind when someone tapped him from behind.

“Wetin you dey think for there?” Made said.

To be continued
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Fear Wande most o....
Girls can be emotionless at times.

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