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Why is the Lecturer actinq less concerned 2 his ever faithful class rep?………sometinq must be wronq somwhere……

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Episode 15

The exams came with the usual buzz of reading even though in actuality, the buzz of reading is always established far earlier than usual. That is often due to the high amounts of assignments and church/mosque work to be done, not adding the conferences and meets around.
Tade was hurrying to his room after a dracula of a exam which spanned two hours before seemed like six hours to the students, including Tade himself, when some students accosted him.
‘Shebi na you be Dr Fakunle’s pikin, why you no answer us wey we ask for answer for exams? You dey form holy, holy for us abi?’
Tade’s looked at them squarely in the face, his face almost bursting into flames.
‘What is it with you people? Can’t you read for your own exam? I was beaten and wounded in the hospital a few days to exams, none of you ask after me. I struggled to get the latest material from him, you guys could not help me there. The only thing you three know is to be copying people everywhere. You can’t get give people answer if they asked.’
He now turned to their leader. ‘If you know that you can’t read for your exams, go and sort yourself out. I had the worst exam today and I can’t start petting you people.’
He stormed out in their presence, obviously fuming. How can humans be so careless and tactless? He had gone through the toughest period of his life and still had to do this exam, yet all they care is about themselves. Not even a “how are you doing?” from their mouths.
He was about taking a bike when a student stopped him.
‘Dr Fakunle is asking after you.’
]He hissed.
So this man remembered me today? He thought to himself as he walked briskly back to the department. He did not want to spend much time in there.
‘Good evening sir.’ He greeted the lecturer, who seemed to be busy and had faced the window.
‘Oh, there you are.’ He turned and faced Tade. How was the exam?
Tade looked at him, trying to decipher his thoughts from his face. He failed woefully.
It was fine, though a bit tough. He answered sincerely.
‘I expected it to be a bit tough for you and more difficult for other students. That’s the way to breed fine students, pass them through the fire of examinations!’ He grinned, leaving Tade to imagine if the older man was with his senses. The topics from which the questions came from were basically uncharted grounds as he just touched on the topics in class.
‘But sir, you hardly taught us this aspect of the course.’ Tade tried his luck and spoke out, just in case the man gave some information about the reasons why he did what he did. His luck just shaved the area.
‘Of course! That’s why you have textbooks; so that you can read more about the topics! You students like to be spoon-fed! In our days we always went ahead to search for textbooks and we were always ahead of the class.’
But you guys had free meals and less distractions. Tade thought to himself.
‘If the result is bad, I will see what I can do.’ He concluded. He then looked at Tade squarely.
‘Where is my brown bag?’
Tade broke into a sweat. His feet agitated as he did not want to offend the man, in as much as the older man had to know the truth.
“Sir, some students stole it from me.” He blurted out, hoping that it will be the end of it. His luck then ran out.
“How did that happen?” Dr Fakunle asked.
“They waylaid me on the day you gave me the bag sir. Tade said a bit more confidently. They beat me up and collected the bag. In fact I was in the Health Centre for a week.”
“So those lads went after the bag, eh?” Dr Fakunle said quietly before breaking into a big, hearty laugh, surprising Tade who did not know what to make out of it.
“The fo.ols! He said. They fell for it, the idio.ts!” He then looked at Tade.
“I told them that the bag contained the question papers for the exams and told them that they will never see it. For course they were the ones who came around to ask for favours that I was not willing to give.” He grinned again. “I put some random questions from other Universities into the bag and used the department answer sheet to cover it. I don’t believe what they did.”
“Please you can go.” He told Tade, who was expecting an apology. When the lecturer turned his back and faced the window, Tade walked out in anger.
What were you expecting? A pity party?” Malik asked Tade. Tade had just relayed what happened between him and Dr Fakunle to the room.
“Of course he was not going to apologise to you, which part of the world did you come from?” He asked Tade again, as Made looked at his roomie. Ajebutter folks can be so stupid! He thought.
“Well, I expected him to show some sympathy at the least.” Tade answered back. “Not like I wanted him to prostrate for me.”
“You are on a long thing, Tade. Made told him. Don’t you know that its a hidden rule that elderly folks don’t apologise to their younger ones, including and especially if they are not so wrong. Even when they are in the wrong, they won’t apologise and woe to you if they are in the right! You will be roasted.”
“See Tade, you just have to forget that treatment meted out on you and move on. These men are not worth it and in four, five years you will be done with them.” Chuks advised him.

“Yes, behaving like a kid whose candy was seized from him won’t help you. Andrew said. Mind you, you have an exam tomorrow and he has none. Its you that is losing if you continue thinking along those lines.”
Tade sighed and moved to prepare for the next day.

The exams continued with no incident. Soon it was time to go home as the session had ended. Most of the other folks had left and the rest ( Malik and Andrew) were not in the room when Tade started packing his load. Again, he had excess raw food to give. As he was about locking his locker, a certain fellow showed up.

“Na you dey form James Bond for me abi?” He asked. Tade turned round and saw the fellow who first accosted him in school over a packet of Indomie.

“Hungry boy, what are you looking for here?” Tade looked menacingly at him. The young guy cleaned some sweat off his head and started removing his shirt.
“Na me you dey call hungry boy? A whole Jugo! Yee, I don die! Who be you sef? Wetin you feel you get?” He said, flexing his muscles.

“See, see if you have nothing to do, I have somewhere am going to. Isn’t it disrespectful to yourself that you have to be making all this noise, like a village tout despite your age?”

The boy could not take it any longer and lunged at Tade with a punch. Tade was swift, and comfortably dodged the attack before landing a choke-slap at the guy’s throat. The action forced the guy to beat a retreat, his eyes betraying the sensation of shock as he gasped for air. As he make another attempt at Tade, he missed and fell on a wooden chair. Enraged at his failure, he swung an arm to Tade, who dodged it again and then land two quick, heavy blows at the fellow, before dragging him off the chair and laying hold of his neck.

“Now listen to me, idiot!” Tade started. “If you can’t ask for something nicely, don’t ask at all. This will be the second and last time I will let you off nicely. If you continue to harass me, I will make sure that the face of amoeba will have more structure than you, you understand?”
The guy nodded as Tade released his grip and kicked him out of the room.
“Nuisance!” He hissed out

To be continued

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hehehe, I have been missing something here
anoda jackie chan don cme be dat,tade i like d way u handle dat fat,chubby,hungry guy pls continue to the teach him dat style wey i show u

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Episode 16

Back home, Tade watched as the country’s leaders plunge themselves in the usual political drama. Yet another Minister was accused of stealing Government funds and was been queried by the Anti-Corruption body in charge of such cases, in full glare of the National Assembly. Of course this was due to a dare by the opposition party to conduct the investigation in such a manner.
Tade continued to watch the drama,shaking his head in disgust. His dad, often absent-minded at the affairs of his son, looked at him.
“What is happening?” He asked Tade.
“They are questioning the Minister of Education, sir.” Tade looked at his father, surprised and a bit intrigued that his dad took interest in the situation. He was known to be apolitical.
He sat down and observed the proceedings.
“What do you think will happen?” He asked Tade.
“Well, they will release him eventually, isn’t it this country? Tade said a bit consciously, wondering what entered his father’s head. Am sure that even if there was concrete evidence of his guilt, nothing will happen. We are too used to corruption to deal with it.”
“Hmn, we are too used to corruption.” Wale said,feeling his brow. “It was not always like this, especially during my time. Government officials were honest and loyal to the course of improving this country. Petroleum was not really sought after like that due to the stunts the U.S and U.K pulled on people. Our people’s eyes began to get clear, as they say and we starting electing good leaders who brought up policies that improved the country. Then someone sabotaged the U.S storage of shale oil and money started coming towards crude oil. Then we lost it.”
“That’s what all those activists say. Tade said, trying to feel relevant in the discussion. They are always against the ‘Capitalist’ economy we are running.”
“Can they do better? His father replied. Tade, don’t allow their sweet talk to deceive you. Most of them are as corrupt as the leaders they profess to hate, and the few good ones are surrounded by those who just want a shot at power. If anything, don’t join them, especially when they protest, because they use the innocent, blinded ones among you as shields against any aggression while they hide somewhere. The best that happens to them is that they enter an office and do worse. We just seem to have a problem with handling power.” He concluded.
“Tade! He stood up. Be careful of those activists wherever they are.” Wale walked away, leaving his son to enjoy the hearing

Tade watched more drama on TV as each day passed, getting more convinced of how annoyingly corrupt the government had turned. He found it hopeless and chose to turn his attention to the less mundane things of life; Salisu and Shukurat’s love affair was on top of such a list, the whole issue becoming comically serious.
Not that he cared though. Like he really did not care, for he had the company of his friends. Most of them, including Shade were his friends on BBM and Shade, if not any one else pestered him with messages and ‘hellos’ and ‘his’ and what have you. Made was the next in line and so on.
The new session came quickly enough and he arrived at school in the way many people expected, fresh as ever. Everyone seemed to have made it to the next level; Malik and Andrew were already done with their school work and were clearing up things.
Tade soon got a new place on campus through the usual ‘selling’ practice- illegal yet much in practice due to the amazing lack of hostel accomodation. He and Chukwuma landed in the same room, yes the same Chukwuma that was quiet and taciturn.
Yet he saw a great change in this lad, for Chukwuma had become a Class representative

To be continued

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Aleph wrote:
Aug 20th, 21:15
hehehe, I have been missing something here
anoda jackie chan don cme be dat,tade i like d way u handle dat fat,chubby,hungry guy pls continue to the teach him dat style wey i show u
Glad to see you my guy, welcome back

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Episode 17

It was the shock of the moment, as Chuks never looked the part. Tade did not know about it until a fair-skinned babe came asking after him.

“Please is this Chukwuma Onye’s room?” She asked with a precise, faked British accent. Probably she was trying to learn how to speak with such accent. Tade sized her up, wondering what lady will come to a guy’s room and no greet before asking questions. She even had the audacity to raise her nose at him before asking that question.

“Will you answer me!” The lady said aggressively. Tade obviously pissed off, slammed the door at her, leaving the poor girl sobbing and calling Chuks.

“Na wa o! Korede, Tade’s current roommate said. So na so your friend go come get girlfriend before you. You sabi say him score na 2-1 wey you still dey play 2-0.” Korede was a tall, fair skinned dude, who despite his humble background was tastefully polished in school, courtesy of his girlfriend who is a wealthy half-caste running a beauty spa in Victoria Gardens in Lagos.

Wetin concern you? Tade answered, obviously unimpressed with the angle that he was bringing to the convo. Made had just ‘acquired’ a girlfriend too, and that one had no discretion in his behavior about it.

The two guys continued arguing about the issue until Chuks suddenly showed up, carrying some papers with him.

]As soon as Korede saw Chuks, he looked up and shouted.

“Omo Aye! Omo agba! The coded one!” Korede said, jumping up and waving his hands in the air, shocking both Tade and Chukwuma. Tade looked at his roommate, stupefied at the incredible change of mood and ‘agberoism’ that Korede showed at the moment. Chuks was confused at the sudden ‘hailing’ by Korede.

“No come form for me, your babe don come check you. If you see as the babe dey cry as she no se you ehn, you go sabi say na true love.” Korede continued. Tade just managed to suppress a laugh.

“Can you tell me what is happening?” Chuks said, looking at both lads with a blank face.

“Some girl came asking after you. Tade started, seeing that Korede had quietened up. She was rude so I just slammed the door to her face, then she started crying……..”

“Saying how she can’t do without you, how your ‘thing’ sweet die, how you used to rub her……”

“Korede!!!” Chuks and Tade said together. “Stop lying for Africa abeg. Tade added. She just cried abeg.”

“How does she look like?”

“She was a bit tall and fair with…….”

“Medium sized bo!obs and a good fleshy a-s. Korede jumped in again. You know I saw her.” He told a shocked Tade.

“Wetin concern you?” Tade asked him.

“How fair was she? Was she fair like albino or white or just fair?”

“She was very fair, in fact she was white. white as the sun…..”

“The sun is yellow not white, Korede. Even I know that.”

“Tade don’t interrupt me abeg. She was fair like the day……” Tade shook his head at the strange similes coming from his roomie’s mouth

“and terrible as the dawn.” Chuks interrupted, stunning both of them.

“She is not to be touched or followed. And she is not my girlfriend!”


“She came to submit an assignment and if you have not been so rude Tade, she would have…….”

“Submit her assignment in your room!” Both Tade and Korede echoed. You be class rep? “How she sabi here sef?”

“None of your concern and yes, am a class representative!” Chuks said. “Now if you don’t mind, I need some time to think. These assignments have waited for too long here. Toke must have been worried.”

“So if she is not your girlfriend, I fit scope am be that?” Korede asked.
]”She has a boyfriend.” Chuks said, causing a free face fall for Korede.

“But I can try my……”

“Guy, she get boyfriend, you get girlfriend, why you wan dey chase am? Tade asked him. Toyin never do you?”

“Please, Tade let me be! This one wey you bring Toyin matter come here, I dey wonder if she dey pay you make you dey form ‘monitoring spirit’ on top of my matter.”

“Its not even possible sef for you to date Toke. Chuks cut in. She is dating Nightcrawler.”

At the mention of the name, Tade’s skin tingled. Korede was defiant.

“That one no concern me, if she likes make she dey date Daybreaker, I no send…”

“Better send! Tade interfered. I don hear of am for department. He is the current capone of the Ravens, and he is second to the overlord of the Ravens.”

“So make I dey fear abi? Abeg I go see as I go handle am, my own be say I go chop my own comot from am.”

“Korede!!” Tade and Chuks shouted. “When will you control your d*ck? That thing will kill you one day!” Tade added.

“E she! Let it kill me, but the ladies love it, especially Toyin.”

“Hmn, Toke is different from your regular babe. She is very saucy and vengeful. I have seen what she does to guys that use her.” Chuks said. “Then Nightcrawler is a very jealous guy and he has spies everywhere watching what happens to her, who talks to her, e.t.c . Its suicidal to date such a girl, especially for a person like you that has no cover.”

“See, all that one no concern me, what concerns me is to enter the place. I just imagine how fresh her toto go look. Like make I …..”


“What?! Na babe she be, she no be beast, abi she be mammy-water?”

“Korede, your thirst for women is unsatisable! I don remove my hand for your matter!” Tade said.

To be continued

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Episode 18

The week rode on, with Korede trying his luck with Toke, the girl who came to see Chuks. As Chuks warned him, the girl was proving stubborn and saucy, despite all his best efforts. Korede was soon getting depressed over the issue, with Tade and Chuks now trying to offer counsel to him.

“Korede, free the babe!”

“Can’t you just get it? That babe has a boyfriend!”

“Make Nightcrawler no catch you! I don tell you oh!”

And so on they went. Korede grunted and left the room, causing some giggles across the room.

Meanwhile Toke was moving closer to Chuks, for she needed help in her courses and the class representative was the best lead she had. As Chuks knew what was at stake, he made the relationship one-lined, making sure she does not even enter platonic level with him. However this did not stop two unknown men from trailing him down and warning him about Toke. He immediately knew who sent them and nodded sheepishly, while making mental notes in his mind. The corresponding weeks gave enough evidence to Toke that he had changed, Chuks started bantering her off to other intelligent but awkward students who did not like her behavior, he avoided any occasion of long conversation and he now starting watching his back, making sure that she or no one else was trailing her.

It came to a head on a certain Thursday, when she went to his room.

“Good morning, where is Chuks?” She asked a stunned Tade, who took a few minutes before answering that he was not back from class.

“I will wait for him here!” She said defiantly while standing outside. Tade did not send her cause, so he closed the door and went to sit down. Korede soon came along and tried to ‘toast’ her, receiving a slap for his troubles. It was not up to thirty minutes after the slap that both of them heard her voice, this time considerably raised in anger.

“Chuks, why are you avoiding me?”
]Chuks ignored her question and walked into the room, anger steaming up. Toke followed, much to the amusement of Tade and Korede.

“Chuks, didn’t you hear me? Why are you avoiding me?”

“Toke, don’t you have common sense to see that I don’t want to talk to you? Or are you too dumb to realize that its not safe for me to talk to you? I have told you to meet Shola and co, yet you are here shouting at me. Who do you think you are that you can shout at anyone?”

“Chuks, answer my question now. I don’t need answers later. Why are you…..”

“Toke, leave my room now!” Chuks boomed at her, dragging her by the hand and ‘throwing’ her out of the house before she could blink.

“Chuks, am sorry, please talk to me.” She started crying as Chuks locked the door and went straight for his bed, blocking his ears with his pillow. Tade and Korede watched with keen interest.

After a few minutes, she stopped and picked herself to go. Korede watched her leave, his eyes following every bounce of her as5. He then turned to Chuks.

“Why are you treating her like that, Chuks?”

“What’s your problem, Korede?” Chuks replied.

“See, I know she has her behaviour, but what you did is not right. Dodging such a beauty when it evident that she is in distress is not chivalry, Chuks.”

“What concerns you?” Chuks replied, looking at Korede like he will slice his head off at the moment.

“Korede e don do.” Tade stepped in. “Chuks, what’s wrong with you? You don’t behave like this to Korede, nor do you lose your cool like that. What happened?”

Chuks looked at Tade and saw concern. “Her boyfriend sent guys to warn me a few days ago.”

“Eh? Hope say they no touch you?” Tade said with some shock. Even Korede’s face altered to shoe some concern.

“Nothing. They just waylaid me on the way to hostel and warned me. Since then, I sorted her out, not that I abandoned her.”

“But why will they just come and warn you if you had nothing to do with her?” Korede asked just as Tade’s face turned scarlet under his dark skin. Tade was about attacking him when Chuks raised his hand, suggesting calm.

“She had been taking extra classes for BCH from me, since she had issues with the course. They must have seen us together,that’s why they warned me.”

“I understand you.” Korede began. “But its no reason for you to avoid her. At least you should tell her what is happening, so that she can sort herself with her boyfriend. Its her education that is at stake here.”

“I will support Korede here.” Tade said. “Its not healthy, the way you are taking it with her. You will still meet her on this campus and she looked pretty hurt that you are avoiding her. I suggest you tell her, unless you have another motive for seeing her.”

“Noooo! Chuks said. If you guys feel I should tell her, then I will tell her. He brightened up. I have some work to do.”

]The month floated by idly, the boring rote of classes, hostel, party and classes again made it a burden. He was already in a couple of associations but had nothing concrete. The only thing that interested and bothered him were the ladies in his life.

Not that he was double dating, in fact he was dating nobody. The problem was that he had three girls competing for his attention. Shade was the first one in mind. Since that day in her house( or Lekan’s house), she had sort of warmed her way into his heart, they had become fast friends and cool buddies, gisting on a lot of things including their plans and relationship and s-x. Yes, they talked about s-x and at times they did s-x text and phone s-x, Shade often initiating it and Tade responding. He knew that if he asked her out, she will at least consider it, but he threw it out of his mind, especially as she had a boyfriend already.

Then there is Wande. The Black Brass leader. She had taken an interest in Tade since the day they had faculty colloquim and he had to defend his classmates who were accused of been rude and noisy. He made some quality contributions alongside his apologies, drawing praise for his maturity. Since then, she had been tailing him, trying to get as close as possible. Tade obliged her, not because he had interest in her, far from it, but he did not want to wake up one morning and see himself bleeding from a knife stab or in the hospital. Since his secondary school, he had known that ladies can be difficult in relationships and Wande was no different, plus the fact that she leads a cult.

Then Sophie was in the picture. She, like Shade had a boyfriend, difference was that the boy was in Black Axe and was already known for cutting across people’s chest if crossed. In contrast Sophie was a meek, humble and kind girl, in addition to her beauty of course, who was targeted by the lecturer of the course she took in the previous year. The imp of a man failed her because she refused to sleep with him, leading to her boyfriend finishing the man off during the break. Despite the fact that she was a session older, she treated everyone in his class with respect and kindness, endearing everyone to her. Due to her boyfriend’s status, people often feared and loved her presence in equal measure, though they showed the fear part in her presence but speak good of her when she is away. It was only a few people like Tade that associated with her up close, and like a leper who has just got a new friend, she stayed close to them. Tade felt some sort of closeness to her but cautioned himself for obvious reasons.

He was currently playing everything in his mind when someone tapped him from behind.

“Wetin you dey think for there?” Made said.

To be continued

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