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Episode 12

Salisu looked at his watch for then umpteenth time. Oga’s wife was still dressing up, quite the annoying situation. He wondered why women in general can’t be exact; its either they want you to be five minutes early or like today,twenty minutes late. He had to bear the insults, which to be fair to her has reduced recently when he comes late, or he has to waste his time when he is early.

Not that he had any choice. In fact, considering the rate of unemployment in this country, he is indeed blessed to have this job. A job pay of 120,000 naira per month, free food and accomodation (which is a boys quarters, not the ‘hut’ used by the gateman), electricity and water bills paid, he was really blessed. He could not remember the last time he really had to ‘hustle’ for a puny wrap of fufu or amala, the food has been sumptuous and never too little, courtesy of his boss wife. He knew, despite his lack of education that many a graduate will jump at the job he has, therefore he protected it with all he had. His boss had often told him that he was still around because he was part of the family, even though the first son Andrew, who has died was older than him.

Which brought him to his current thoughts. He had initially planned to save enough money to go to school, maybe even up to Diploma level or something from the tertiary institution; so as to secure a ‘better’ job, that was if there was anything called a better job at the moment. He wanted his children to have the kind of life he saw his boss kids enjoy, even if it was a shade of it.
Then Andrew entered the university and changed. Changed so badly that it disrupted what was a blissful marriage and made a nightmare, with parents having frightful fears for their kid, while Andrew carried on with his stubbornness.

At the end, Andrew was killed in what was an attack by the cultists he was trying to defeat. It broke his parents heart and with it, the marriage. Seeing all of this stunted Salisu’s faith in education, and so he stopped bothering about it until now.
Clara suddenly came out, asking him to start the car immediately. Her presence was now becoming another distraction to him, as he soaked up her beauty. Despite the facts that she has two grown up kids and she was clocking fifty, Salisu could still try and woo her. Of course, the consequences of either success or failure was too much for him to handle. After all, this was a boss who had entrusted him with some much, even as much as his wife who he had not touched for a long time. Salisu was not in the know about how their relationship had gone, but he knew that s-x was lacking, not because their hormones had paused; it was more because of the unseen lack of affection they had for each other.
Seeing her reminded him that he was a fully grown man and that he had to ‘fire’ his frustrations at a woman, both of them been n.aked of course. He loved rough s-x and Shukurat, the groundnut seller will soon show up.

She was the main recipient of his sexual urges, even though she always protests before the act.
“Salisu! What are you doing?” He just realised that he had been standing since like forever, leading to Clara being in an angry mood. He quickly apologised to her and started the car, driving her quickly towards her workplace.

Fifteen minutes later he came back, driving like a mad man. He had taken shortcuts on the road at dazzling speeds that Clara was beginning to suspect that something ulterior was on his mind. In fact if that was the first time he drove her, she would have been afraid that she was about to be kidnapped. He was not bothered anyway, his attention was only on the mounting ‘attention’ he was having and a soft, soothing fresh he had to plunder.
As he was about to enter the room, Tade called him.
“If that groundnut seller comes, call her for me.” Salisu nodded his head. Tade looked at him half-suspiciously. “Why are you shaking like a cold dog in harmattan? Ki lo she yin?” ( What is wrong with you?). Salisu realised that he was getting agitated, quickly calmed himself down.
“Nothing sir.” He answered, almost choking himself.
“Okay. If you have an health problems tell dad, he can sort you out. ”
“Okay sir.” Tade entered back into the house,leaving Salisu to walk back to his lodge
“If its because of that girl, then just be careful. If she breaks a bone, its none of our business.” Tade spoke from the window. Salisu looked back and felt like swearing for him. If not situation, will he be speaking to him like that?
“Mstcheww!” He hissed at him as someone knocked on the door.

To be continued

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Someone is playing with fire..

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Episode 13

Shukurat, about four feet tall with well made bosoms and fattened as5, walked into the house. Salisu looked immediately towards her direction and moved swiftly to her, leading her away from the gateman and towards his lodge.

“Salisu, e fi mi le! O de oh!”( Salisu leave me alone! You have come oh!) She shouted, alerting Tade to her presence.

Salisu! Bring her here! Salisu looked at her angrily, before dragging her toward the main house.

Salisu da kun, e ro ra!( Salisu please, take it easy).

Can’t you speak english? Na so you go dey embarrass me in front of people.

She smiled at him, batting an eyelid towards him as she brought down her goods. Tade came out and looked at her.

An idea came through his mind.

Come inside. He told her, shocking Salisu. Shukurat entered inside with the grace of a beauty queen, even though she was a mere groundnut seller. Tade watched her enter, wondering where she learned how to walk like that. He then turned and batted an eyelid to Salisu before entering in.

Salisu started to sweat, wondering what his boss kid was thinking. Did he want to sleep with her? She does not look like the kind of girl he will think about. Yet her ‘assets’ were that good to rid a man of his good senses. He tiptoed to the window facing the sitting room.

He watched as Tade was asking her question after question, bringing about her academics, her family, work, anything and everything. Salisu was initially relieved that he was after her but then started becoming apprehensive as time ticked away. He wanted to deal with her ‘personally’ and here is ‘this boy’ holding him up.

Salisu! Salisu! Oga don come! The gateman shouted, getting his attention. Tade then came out with Shukurat, much to Salisu’s dismay. He knows that his boss will be busy and will need him, therefore pushing Shukurat off the way. He quickly went into the his lodge in order to ‘take care’ of his urges. Tade, meanwhile brought about #200 naira groundnut before sending her away.

The holiday continued slowly, boring most people off as they began to lose the joy of being at home and was itching to return to school. Life for Tade was normal, his parents were still more at work than at home, Salisu still kept his ‘ Under-G’ runs with Shukurat, the gateman kept his busy-body role, e.t.c . The only difference was that there were lesser girls for Tade to sleep with, probably because his class of girls had risen.

The new semester started without much ceremony, the fresh students were already turning stale and the buzz was now reduced, with people now anticipating the results of the previous exams.

Tade was walking around Amphitheatre when Kolade ran towards him, telling him about a released examination result. Tade sprinted quickly towards the department, hoping to get there before angry students tear off the results.

The department was in a bit of chaos as all the results were been released sequentially, giving some students the jitters. Tade could see some of the female students in tears, clearly distraught about the results of the examinations. Many a Part One student were now calculating their G.P, while a lot of stalites just walked out of the area like it was not their business they monitored.

Tade had a good result himself, not that he doubted otherwise. Personally the previous semester was good for him, apart from Dumuje’s story with Ortega. He then remembered Dumuje’s threat and the course that he offered and rushed to the department, checking his matriculation number and name.

He got to Dumuje’s result and realised that he failed.

Tade was baffled. Was Dumuje failing the course purposely or did some conditions hinder him? What conditions could they be?
He looked at the result for some time, eventually picking out his colleague on that day, who passed the course, baffling Tade the more. Did Dumuje know that he will fail the course and then orchestrated Ortega’s death?
He walked away, having more questions than answers streaming through his mind. Malik said something about Dumuje having a power bike, in fact Dumuje was the only person with a power bike on campus currently. The report going round campus was that Ortega was killed by a person on a power bike, minutes after he reappeared on campus. Not up to 24 hours later, Dumuje reports that his bike was stolen and then reports again that it had been returned. It looked too simple, yet very efficient to dismiss Dumuje of any wrong doing. The situation irked him badly. Why did Ortega have to die like that? He walked straight to the hostel with a heavy heart.

Ortega’s burial held two weeks later in his hometown. Tade managed to gather some of his Law colleagues to go for the burial. Ortega was no one’s friend, but considering that he was the past class representative or captain, he had to do something about it, even if its just to honour him. Wande and some of the Faculty executives followed, with Wande sticking close to him, which irked Tade. Since the day that Shade gisted him all about her, Tade had kept a tape-rule distance from her. Now she is closer than he was comfortable with. To add more discomfort, she was playing more familiarly with him, asking questions all around the place. He just had to bear with the whole situation, so he answered her questions in an evasive manner, giving no clear answer to her questions.

Back at the funeral, they were welcomed by Ortega’s family, coldly at first before they eventually warmed up to Tade and his entourage. Tade could blame them really, it was the fault of the cults that Ortega was dead. It can never be easy to look at a group of students kindly when you know that one of them could be grinning secretly at them. Watching Ortega’s body being laid to the ground, Tade was briefly shocked to the bones. Was that how everyone’s life will end? Despite your beauty, riches, intelligence et al, you will just be dumped to the ground, a lump body with no idea of what will happen to it, then maggots and earthworms that you have fought so hard to drive away from you now have free access to you? Karma is real, folks!

To be continued

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Interesting so far.
just when he met Shade it went off.

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Intriguing piece.
Potrays exactly what we see in Universities.
When is the magic girl coming into his life?

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Sorry for the delay guys, I had completed this story's season 1. But most parts was lost after the "Catastrophic lost" according to the boss..

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Episode 14
Now as the class captain, Tade then began to understand what Ortega may have faced in that position. He had a couple of issues; making more copies of some lecturers hand-outs, some students had issues with lecturers, finding free venues for make-up classes, e.t.c.
And then there was threats from cult members.
He had found much to his dismay, that Dumuje would be a pain in his neck as long as they will be taking courses. Fortunately for Tade, he and Dumuje were taking no other courses, at least until Part 3. However, one or two extra students were trying to use cult influence to force him into wrong decisions. One of such happened during a test period.
Two of the students were colluding to steal a peek at one of the lecturer’s questions. They had made all the plans and were bent on fulfilling them. Unfortunately for Tade, the lecturer had trusted him with the questions which was in a leather bag.
So he was now their target!
Funny enough, it was not really as they saw it.
Dr Fakunle was notorious for been a cynic when it came to dealing with his students. It was on record that he had thee highest number of students retaking his course, and he always obliged to fail them mercilessly if they did not perform. Money did not move him, neither did hot legs or big boobs. He was seemingly so unmovable that it was rumoured that Old Sammy, who was a student in another department taking the course (for it was not only Law students that had the misfortune of facing the man). had to take the course five times, a very unwelcome experience. Of course this only scared fresh students in the department, as stalites had already become hard to his behavior.
But no student wanted to fail.
What he saw in Tade was still a mystery, up til now, but he decided to trust this rich, butter-eyed class rep with a whole lot of things. Hand-outs that he rarely gave the class, shifting of his lectures to suit students ( not like him) and he even once decide to waiver a test he had planned to give the unsuspecting students, all because Tade was not around on that day. This was not surely him!
Of course, such closeness is hard to miss and before Tade could say hey, female students, desperate to move ahead with their lives and dump the man’s course started moving towards Tade, not like he had not had enough attention from the ladies before. Some ‘bad-belle’ guys were insinuating that he and Dr Fakunle were in an intimate relationship, a rumour that led to Tade calling them to order and threatening them with a court order. Others were watching, while a few male students shelved their pride and went to meet him for help. Tade obliged gladly.
Then second semester exams were driving close and he made a stunning announcement.
‘My questions are all objective. They will be here by tomorrow. I expect no one in my office unlee my class rep. Do you understand?’

“Eh? Class rep again!”
Some of the guys could not take it again. Not that it was odd for the class representative to see a lecturer at this period; granted that he was not seeing questions of course. It was more to the character of the person in question. Dr Fakunle was not the kind of man that sees his students during this period, even if it was the class captain.
So some students decided to take action and watched Tade from a distance, planning to trap him and then get anything they could from him. The day they finally chose to implement their plan was the day Dr Fakunle gave him a certain brown bag filled with papers, purportedly question papers for the exams.
Tade was just leaving the department and was passing through what was called Science MiniMart, it was 9pm at this period, when he realised that he was cornered.
Two guys in black outfits bearing the mark of a scorpion at their backs were standing directly in front of him. He turned back to retrace his steps, only to meet three angry looking faces and mean bodies charging at him. With them so close to him, there was no time to run, so he stepped back a bit as they started sending punches at him, one by one.
Tade dodged one and a two, but three became a bit too much and when one of them held his hands at his back, he was ruthlessly exposed and beaten by the other two, at least until an overly sensitive watchman noticed the fight and faced some shots at their direction, causing the others to flee. They did take the bag, however and scurried off before the watchman could make out the identity of any of them. Tade, who was already a bit weak from the beating, moved slowly towards his hostel, aided by the watchman, then decided to take a detour to the Health Centre.
This was a week to the start of examinations.
For a week Tade laid in the hospital, feeling useless and dejected. He had fallen for a trap and failed to keep what should be important documents away from those thugs. He was sure that those guys were from his department.
However, he had friends which included his ever loyal roomies, Shittu and Made, while Quadri and Malik came in once in a while. That cheered him up, even though he felt an bit empty afterwards.
By thursday, he had recovered well enough to leave the hospital, something he was glad about. However, a cloud seemed to hang on his head as the lecturer who seemed to have put him into so much did not so much as send a student to check after his wellbeing, making Tade feel used.
He relayed his feeling to Malik.
‘You should not take it personal, besides he has not asked for his bag now, has he? Na you dey carry matter for head like say na your money dey inside the bag.’
‘But its one kind. E be like say im no send wetin wan happen to me.’
‘Wetin you expect, that one na persin? See, better face your exams and bone the issue. They no go look say you no well give you special questions, so read.’
Tade looked away from Malik and faced his books, knowing that Malik was right.
To be continued

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