See What Was Written On A 1000 Naira Note That Was Paid To Me Today in Lagos

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Aug 16th, 21:07

IPOB every where in Nigeria Give us Biafra was written on a 1000 Naira Note that was paid to me this morning.
This struggle is for real o!
What do you have to say about this ??


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Aug 17th, 05:01

The struggle is real according to them, they could scribble that on the sky if they like, but what is certain is certain.

The old retired Army General currently running Nigerians system wouldn't legalize "Biafra" while he's in power period

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Aug 21st, 15:38

I don't like commenting about political issues.
But the fact is People should learn to think and act sensibly and realistically.

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Aug 30th, 16:06


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