The Imbecile and the epileptic

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This story was solely written by Dindy.

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[The imbecile and the epileptic]

Episode 1

Have you ever wondered about how the world of people who suffers sickness --such as imbecility and epilepsy-- feels like?.

Have you ever created that imagination of suffering from such sickness?.

Well if you haven't, I am here to take you on a short ride on how it feels like. Although most of you may cry due to your personality, but don't worry because crying is allowed in this story.

Fasten up your reading belt and get ready for a short journey to a place of inner pain and joy of the imbecile and the epileptic.


Would I say life is more of shame to me than fun?.

People keep talking about how i fell to the ground and how white Substance came out from my mouth. They always blame me as if it was my fault.

They can't imagine how hard it is to fall into that condition and be in it for minutes.

Each time I'm about to have the shock everything becomes dark, then my entire body freezes and i start shaking uncontrollable then I fall to the ground.

When the shock Is over, i always find myself on the floor/ground looking around in a lost way. Sometimes I won't even know that it was the shock that pulled me to the ground, until I see the reactions on people's face.

Sometimes when I fall in public places, I just remain laying down on the ground (whether the weather is hot or cold) even though I have fully recovered from the shock, I do it because i feel too ashamed to stand up and face people that are around
Sometimes people help me up after i fall.

Each passing day I go out, I always fear of falling to the ground and facing the world with my sickness.

I just want to be locked indoor because the outdoor is more like a prison to me.

My only place of rest is indoor, where I can stay and feel nothing.

Many would say, I'm a cursed human being due to my sickness. Life isn't what it feels like to me, to others.

I wish my mum didn't run away and leave me because of my sickness. If only I had a real mother who could have helped me when I needed her the most, I won't suffer as much as I suffer now.

I wish I could see someone to talk to, someone who would understand me and my pains. Someone who would look at me and my condition, and say to me "you are the best".

If only I didn't have this so called sickness, I would have so many friends. If only people did not reject me --most especially girls-- because of my illness, life won't be so hard for me.

He sat on a sofa with the face of a man with the world's largest problem.

The tv was switched on, but he was not paying attention to it. The tv looked more like a wall that projected his inner mind thoughts (he saw nothing but his thoughts).

As he kept on thinking, he remembered someone from his past.

Oh!, I remember my old friend Tom. He is the only one that has ever stood by me each time I fell.

He always help me up to my feet and cleans me up. He is more than a friend to me, he is my brother.

It has been long since I saw him. I so much miss him from my heart.

He is the only one I can share my pains with. There is no other human like him in my hard life...

.. To be continue.

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[The imbecile and the epileptic]

Episode 2


He Expresses his inner pain within, to himself while he stood outside placing his curved left hand on the fence, which demarcated his father's house from his neighbor's house.

Words are hard on my mouth to speak out, look at how my life is. For me to enter public transport is a problem, every one sees me as a useless unfortunate person.

My age mates are now in higher institutions, some now have families and some own cars, but look at my life.

Each time I go out to play or have fun, kids run away from me. My age mates treat me like I'm some useless piece of clothe.

I have tried and tried and tried to make friends with people, but no one here likes me not even my own brothers.

They don't even like seeing me around them, they treat me like a dog, like an animal that should live in a place of total filth and disgust.

Maybe if my mum was around, all this won't be as it is right now. Each time I try to buy something, the person that will attend to me will always tell me to wait out side the shop. Sometimes I feel so bad that I leave the place to go back home and cry.

There are times I sit down and look around to know why I was born this way. Most times, what keeps running through my brain, soul, spirit and mind, are hurtful words of what people said to me, which clips on to my deepest soul and emotions.

No one respects my voice. The first and the last time i attended our street meeting, I was abuse by everyone, even the kids around were laughing at me because saliva dropped from my mouth, which i kept on trying to clean off but the more I did it the more it came out.

To me everyday is a disgrace, but I have to carry on with life no matter what.

Ah!, I still remember my old friend Raman. He is the only true brother and friend i have.

He keeps me company anytime he is around, he helped me when I needed his help and he was the only person that ever showed me so much love after my mum's death.

He was the first person to ever buy me a hanky something no one has ever done for me. I really miss the way he talks and acts.

It has been up to 10 year since I last saw him, I am sure he must have grown up into a rich young man because his dad has alot of companies around. I just wish to meet him one more time.

I don't even know where I can find him. He might have changed so much that I won't be able to recognize him.

He was a boy that truly knows how to talk to me properly, more than my own dad. I remember he said that he saw me as his twin because we shared the same pain and rejection in life.

Well i guess life was meant to be like this for me, I guess I was made to live a lonely life.

I just wonder how my life would have been if i had money, I'm sure people would want to be my friend and stella won't have slapped me like she did yesterday evening, when I tried to hug her.

I like the way she slapped me, I really enjoyed every moment of the slap. I went to bed yesterday's night rubbing my right cheek, with my right hand and the feel of her hand print on my right cheek was awesome when I felt it.

Her hand is really soft. I think it's time for me to do something inside the house.

He got tired of thinking so much then he decided to-go-to the kitchen, to check whether his brothers remained food for him. Deep down inside him, he knew that his brothers were not going to leave even 0.005 kg of food in the pot for him................... To be Continue.

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[The imbecile and the epileptic]

Episode 3


His thought of his old friend was written all over his face. His dad saw how his face was lightened up, so he called his name, but due to excessive thinking he gave no responds to his dad.

His dad had to stand from where he sat, to call his son back to base (reality).

Raman's dad: "Son, son", he called Raman as he stood in front of Raman.

Raman jumped back to reality with his facial expression back to normal, when he heard his name.

Raman's dad: "What are you thinking about that made you lost in thoughts? And also made you not to know what was going on around you and it made you smile?", he asked looking at Raman with a happy face.

Raman: "Dad it is nothing too serious", he said trying to wave away his dad's questions.

Raman's dad: "I don't think so my son", he said placing his left hand on Raman's left shoulder.

Raman's dad: "I saw the way you smiled, which I haven't seen since we migrated into this country and i stopped you from going back", he said as he sat down beside Raman.

Raman: "[Breathes in and out] Well dad, since we migrated here no one ever seems to like me or give me much love like my old friend TOM", he said.

Raman: "No one likes to associate with me in any way. Even in the company people don't like to play with me too much", he said.

Raman: "They treat me like some kid and I am not dad", he said as he turned to face his dad.

Raman's dad: "Who are those people that treats you like that? tell me their names and believe me today will be the end of their jobs, I promise you", he said almost in an angry tone.

Raman: "No dad, you don't get it", he said.

Raman: "What I was Trying to say is that I wanna go back to find my old friend who truly understands me more than everyone here", he said with a sad face.

Raman's dad: "Hmmmm, I've always wanted you to be happy and I know I haven't totally been the best father since your mum left us, but i always try to give you all you want", he said as he turned and faced the floor.

Raman: "I know dad, but dad you gave more of your love to your work than to me", he said looking at his dad.

Raman's dad: "I never saw it that way son, but now I know son. Please forgive me", he said facing his son...........................


Before he could get to the kitchen, his dad called him to talk and encourage him, and to also remind him about what his mum told him before she died.

Tom's dad: "Tom my son please come here and sit, I want to tell you something", he said as he adjusted for Tom to sit beside him.

Tom walked up to his dad and sat beside him.

Tom's dad: "My son I've noticed you have being sad since this few days and I feel bad", he said.

Tom said nothing than to clean the saliva which ran out his mouth.

Tom's dad: "Remember what your mum told you before she left us", he said looking at Tom.

Tom's dad: "Remember the last day you saw her", he said.

Tom's dad: "She placed her hands on yours and told you never to be sad for any reason then she died", he said as he held Tom's left hand with his left hand.

Tom started feeling tears in his soul.

Tom's dad: "My son remember you are the one she loved the most, more than your elder brothers and your little sister", he said in a tone which almost made Tom cry.

Tom's dad: "I know that your brothers do treat you bad from time to time, but please always try not to listen to the hurtful words they say", he said in a deep tone of encouragement.

Tom was already at the bridge of crying, but he could not allow tears come down his eyes so he held the tears back.

Tom's dad: "Please son no matter what people say to you or what your brothers do to you, always try to ignore them and be happy", he said.

Tom wanted to voice out, but he stopped himself because he knew that if he tried to voice out, he would end up crying, so he kept quiet and nodded.

Tom's dad: "Ok son, you can now go and please don't be sad again", he said smiling.

Tom left his dad without saying anything, then matched forward to the kitchen...

To be continue...

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[The imbecile and the epileptic]

Episode 4


Raman: "I am sorry too dad for not understanding you", he said looking into his dad's eyes.

They both hugged for seconds then tears came down Raman's dad eyes, which Raman cleaned off with his right hand.

Raman's dad: "Thanks son", he said smiling.

Raman: "You are welcome dad", he said smiling back.

Raman's dad: "If I don't do the right thing now, I will live to hate myself", he said with a serious face.

Raman's dad: "So tell me son, when will you like to go find him?", he asked looking at Raman.

Raman: "Well dad I would love to go tomorrow, but I don't really remember everything about that country and I have forgotten the address where we once leaved, but if I can get the address today then surly I will travel tomorrow", he said.

Raman's dad: "Don't worry son, I will help you on how to go about everything and I will give you the address of the place we leaved so that you can be able to find your friend", he said in a happy tone.

Raman: "Thanks alot dad", he said as he stood up with a smile on his face.

Raman's dad: "Don't worry about the flight, I will take care of that and I will give you some money for support", he said.

Raman's dad: "I don't want you to go through any difficulty finding your friend", he said looking at Raman who was already standing up.

Raman: "Ok dad, thanks alot dad. Let me go arrange my bag", he said as he smiled.

Raman's dad: "Ok son, but don't forget to take your drugs and please take them with you as you travel", said Raman's dad.

Raman: "Ok dad I won't forget", he said smiling and running off to his room.

Raman's dad watched Raman with a smile on his face as Raman ran off to his room, then Raman's dad went back to continue watching television.........


He got to the kitchen to check whether his unfortunate wicked brothers left food for him, but when he got there and opened the pot, all he could admire and taste was the aroma which smelled in the kitchen.

He got very angry, then closed the pot with force which made the pot scream in pain.

Ooohhh, what kind of wicked animals do I have as my brothers, If I didn't know them I swear I would have killed them a long time ago.

What have I even done to deserve their wickedness? it's not as if I am the one that killed mum or is it because mum loved and supported me more back then? Is that why they are doing all this to me?.

I swear I would have done what I did to that boy called Kelvin, who wanted to fight me because i was talking to his girlfriend.

He was surely bigger and stronger than me, but I stood my ground and i set my hands to fight him.

When he saw me setting my hands he was just laughing thinking that he could beat me, but I surely surprised him when he opened his mouth and was laughing then I spat into it.

I'm sure that my saliva entered deep down his throat because he immediately shouted and ran away from me.

They are just lucky that they're my brothers if not they would have gotten their own share of my saliva. I don't even know what to do now, I better go explain to dad what they did.

He left the kitchen and went to meet his dad, to tell him what his brothers did to him with their eyes open.



He wake up the next day feeling more alive because he knew that he was going to see his old friend once again.

Today is such a nice day, I better go downstairs to see dad so that he would know when I'm gonna leave.

He speedy went downstairs.

What's that over there on the chair? I better check it out.

He walked slowly towards the chair to see what was there.

Hmmmm a letter, I guess it's from dad. I'm sure he wrote he is gonna miss me and all that daddy stuff.

He gently opens the letter.


Dear Raman

I have booked your flight ticket, if you go to my room, you will see the ticket on my bed with some money I left for you.

The flight will be leaving by 9:35am, don't sleep too much so that you won't miss your flight. I will always call you to know where you are.
Be careful son, have a safe trip.

Raman: "[Smiles] This my old man will never change", he said.

Raman: "Wow the time is already 7:45am, i better be quick preparing for the trip", he said.


Where can I even goto today? maybe I should go and see Stella, but she might pour me hot water.

I still remember the last time I went to her house and she poured cold water on me, then she warned me that the next time I will come close to her house again, that she would boil hot water and mix it with pepper and salt and pour it on me.

Well one thing is for sure, Stella house is not an option. Maybe I should just go through my old stuffs and check what I can throw away.

He went to his closet and brought out his bags, filled with his childhood cloths and other old stuffs.

See this my old shoe that I really liked back then. The shoe really helped me kick sands.

Oh see this boxers that i have been looking for, I even thought it was one of those unfortunate human beings I call brothers that took it.

Well I better keep it here (on top the bed), so that I will wear it after I take my bath.

Wait what is this!? this is really unbelievable, this is actually the first hanky I ever owned which Raman gave to me. This hanky really brings back sweet memories and I thought I've misplaced it years ago.

I will never loose it again, I will tie it on my right hand so that i will not misplace it again.

He tied it on his right hand with happiness in his soul, then he continued looking for what he could take out of his bags........

To be continue.

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[The imbecile and the epileptic]



Raman had gotten to the airport on time and was now inside the plane. He quickly went forward to find his seat which was located close to the toilet.

When he found his seat he fixed his luggage above his seat, then sat down.

Ah thank God i got here on time, only God can help me in this journey. I wonder maybe Tom still leaves in the same place or maybe they have packed out of that place.

Well I can't say for now, let me get there first.

He was still thinking, when a lady in her 50s came close to him.

Lady: "Excuse me, my seat is over there", she said pointing at her seat.

Raman: "Oh sorry", he said as he moved his legs a little to the left, for her to pass.

She sat down gently on her seat which was right beside Raman.

Raman looked at her, which made him fall into another section thoughts.

This woman reminds me of my mother. I remember when my dad told me the story of how and why my mum left him and me.

He said when i was born, the doctor came to them and told them about my illness, but my mum said that it was not possible for her to give birth to something like me.

My dad said she even went as far as saying that my dad was the cause of what happened to me.

My dad said she called him a wizard and other stuffs which he refused to tell me. He said she left me with him in the middle of the night and went to only God knows where.

My dad always loved her and her pictures still hangs in his room. It really hurts to remember those things my dad told me about her.

Air hostess: "Sir, sir, sir please fasten up your sit beat, the plane is about to take off", she said with a smile.

Raman: "Oh thanks alot", he said smiling back.

I think I should apply the break because I am over thinking, I couldn't even hear a thing when the hostess called.

Well let me try and sleep, at least 45mins sleep should be enough.


I can't believe that I just gave myself an unnecessary work to do, well good came out of it. I better be fast with this work so that I will go take my bath.

Ah finally done!, now it's batting time.

He took off his cloths, then he took the boxers which he said he was going to wear and went straight to the bathroom to do his stuff.

After batting he came out and he started thinking again.

That water was really warm, well I guess I better go dress up and move to the kitchen, to eat before those boys finish the remaining food.

He went to his room and got dressed as quickly as he could because he wanted to get to the kitchen quickly, before his brothers.

He walked in a slow, but quick format to the kitchen. When he got there he opened the pot.

Thank God that those boys didn't finish the food, let me take my share and goto my room to eat it.

He took his share of the food and went to his room to eat the food. After he ate the food, he relaxed on his bed.

The food was amazing, my stomach is full to the brim. I think it's time for me to sleep.


Air hostess: "Sir, sir, sir please wake up, we have arrived", she said.

Raman: "Oh shit!, I've been sleeping all through the journey", he said with an unhappy face.

Raman: "I can't believe I slept for two straight hours", he said to himself out loud.

He got up from the seat, then took his luggage and went down the plane.

He went to the garage which was 5 minutes walk away from the airport. When he got there, he saw a young man in his 30s, who was the driver of the taxi.

Raman: "Good morning sir", he greeted politely.

Driver: "Good morning", he greeted back.

Raman: "Please sir do you know this address?", he asked hoping to get a good answer.

He Handed a piece of paper, which contained the address to the driver.

Driver: "Oh yes I know this place, but it will take us 2 hours before we get there and it will cost you.........", he said but was not able to finish his statement because Raman spoke in a rush.

Raman: "Sir don't worry about the amount, just take me there", he said anxiously.

Driver: "Ok no problem", he replied.


Tom was already awake and he had other plans for the day.

This house is so boring, maybe I should go see what is going on around Johnson's area and from there, I will branch to that my favorite place at the back of the beautiful garden.

I won't come back to this house until night fall.

He left his house with the hanky tied on his right hand, which Raman bought for him years ago.

He also left without telling anyone not even his dad, about where he was going to.


2 hours later, he got to his old family house.

Driver: "Sir we've arrived", he said.

Raman: "Oh thanks alot, here is your money", he said as he handed the money over to the driver.

Driver: "Thank you too", he said.

After he paid the driver, he came down with his luggage and the driver drove off.

Raman was now left alone to find his way around, but luckily for him, he could still remember that there was a motel just at the back of his old family house.

He took a walk to the motel which was now very developed, then rented a room for himself.


He got to the garden after minutes of walking, then he walked down to his place of relaxation and laid like a baby

Out here feels more better than home, see as everyone is relating very well.

See that silly dog, does it think it can kill that turtle in its shell?.

He kept on admiring everything and everyone, and he laughed from minutes to minutes due to what he saw.


After freshening up, he left for his friend's house which was not too far from the motel.

Few minutes later, he got to Tom's house.

I hope I'm not too late, they might have packed out of this place and the new people that are here might not even know where they packed to.

Well let me first ask that little girl over there.

Raman: "Excuse me little one, please do you know anyone by name Tom?", he asked hoping to get a good answer.

Little girl: "No I don't know", she replied him.

Little girl: "But you can ask my dad", she said.

Raman: "Ok thanks, so where is your dad"?, he asked.

Little girl: "He is inside, wait here let me go call him", she replied back as she walked into the house to call her dad.

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Raman stood there under the hot sun. Inside him there was a battle between his mind and soul.

Little girl: "Dad, that is the man who is looking for Tom", she said out loud making Raman look at the direction where her voice came from.

Raman: "Give evening sir", he greeted politely.

The little girl's dad: "Evening", he replied.

Raman: "Sir please do you know anyone by the name 'Tom', who leaves here?", he asked.

Little girl's dad: "No I don't, no one is called Tom around here, maybe you should goto the next street", he suggested.

Raman: "[Breaths out] Ok sir, thank you sir", he said feeling down.

He left the house feeling down and sad because he didn't meet his friend there. He went to the next street as he was told, but there was no trace of his friend.


Tom got tired of looking at everyone, so he stood up from where he laid.

Well I better go find something else to watch or do, this place is becoming boring for me.


Raman got tired after walking from street to street. Now he was in the market and his soul was filled with sadness and sorrow.

He walked in total hopelessness and was totally confused because he didn't know where to go find his friend.

He was walking like a Man who just lost his world. The hot sun didn't help at all, and the fact that he hasn't eaten since morning and didn't take his drugs made his case more worse.

Oh! shit!, where will I go from here now? I can't believe I came here for nothing, I can't believe all my efforts were put down to nothing. I just wish........

The shock attack took hold of him and he fall right there where people were buying and selling things.


Tom walked out from the garden and went to the market to see what new things he could. On getting there his eyes caught an action in progress.

Why are does people running away from that side?, let me go and see what is going on.

Wait oh!, I know that face from some where.

Wait, it it, it is my friend!!!. Oh my Gosh!, his stock has happened again.

Tom pushed everyone who was around Raman away, then he bent down and took the hanky which was on his right hand.

He used the hanky to clean the face of Raman and stood beside him, until Raman gained back himself.


Raman's eyes were opening bit by bit and Tom was looking at him. Tom saw that Raman was regaining himself back, so Tom sat on the ground close to Raman's head, then Tom used his hands to pick Raman's head.

Tom placed Raman's head on his laps. Raman's eyes became fully opened like that of a red panda after 6 minutes.

What is going on? and who is this dude, his face looks like Tom's face.

Raman looked closer to the person who's laps his head was on, and to his surprise it was his friend who he thought he would never find.

Raman: "Oh my Gosh!!, Tom it is you!", he shouted with tears in his eyes as he pushed himself upward.

All Tom could alter out were sounds of a happy man.

Raman: "I can't believe it is actually you Tom", he said as tears dropped down from his eyes.

Tom too began to cry, then he showed Raman the hanky which Raman bought for him years ago.

Raman: "So you still remember me Tom?", he asked in a crying tone.
Tom nodded yes in respective of the question.

Raman: "Thanks Tom for always remembering me and for helping me when I needed you the most", he said crying.

They both hugged each other in a loving manner. Tom's saliva was dropping on Raman's shirt, but Raman didn't mind because he had found his friend the only person that really cares about him, the only person he could relate to and the only person that truly loves him.


The story never really ended there, Raman took Tom to the country he came from. Raman's dad accepted Tom with open hands into his house.

They both leaved like brothers and years later Tom and Raman got married.

They later had children and they're both still alive and leaving very well.

That was how the story really ENDED.

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