12 Things You Won’t Believe Have Proper Names ( Photos )

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Names are important.
What kind of world would it be if everything didn’t have a name?! Imagine having to point at whatever you wanted in the super market. African parents would be unable to send their kids on errands since things didn’t have names. All in all, a world without names would be chaotic for sure. Here are names of some common things you didn’t realise have proper names:

1. Wamble
The rumbling/gurgling sound your stomach makes especially when you’re hungry is called a Wamble.

2. Tines
The four pointy ends on a fork are called tines.

3. Glabella
This is the name of the space betweenyour eyebrows.

4. Petrichor
After it rains on a hot dusty day, you’re usually treated to some nose p--n. Yes, that smell after it rains that makes you nostalgic for when you were a kid is called Petrichor.

5. Overmorrow
Everyone says the “day after tomorrow”. Rather than saying that, overmorrow is the name of the day after tomorrow.

6. Interrobang
An interrobang is used to describe the combination of a question mark with an exclamation mark. This “?!” is called an interrobang.

7. Armscye
This is the name given to the armholesin clothes where the sleeves are sewn on.

8. Griffonage
Bad handwriting that is essentially unreadable is called Griffonage

9. Tittle
The little dot over a small letter i or j is called a tittle or jot.

10. Minimus
The last finger on your hand isn’t called a Pinkie. It’s actually called Minimus. The name also applies to your little toe too.

11. Aglet
This is the metal or plastic coating at the end of the laces on your shoes and sneakers.

12. Agraffe
You know how you open bottles of non-alcoholic wines or even Champagne and you would find a weird metal cage that holds the cork in? That metal cage is called an Agraffe.

Source: http://omgvoice.com/lifestyle/things-proper-names

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