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This inspirational write up was solely written by Dindy.

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A family- she makes a home to be as one.

A mother- she is the general manager of the house.

A wife- she is the foundation of the house.

A fiancée - she is the one I see as my life partner.

A sister- she gives me advice.

A daughter- I love her so much.

A girl friend- she stands by me.

A friend- she keeps me company.

A woman is my pride, she is the only one that can move my heart to the highest point of the universe. Her face makes me happy, her absence makes me sad and unhappy. She is the only living thing that can make me feel alive.

She gave me life, she gave me an opportunity to see the world and she suffered because of me. She gave me a space in her stomach to live, she fed me milk to keep my bones strong and she cried because of me.

She gave her life for me, she fought for me and she came to my rescue.

She ran to catch me when I almost hit my head on the ground, she saved me from a snake bite, she loved me with all she had and owned.

I feel her everyday in my heart, nothing can replace her and nothing can fill her space in my heart.

When no one looked at me because I had nothing, she came to me and she made me a star. She looked me in the eyes and said "Believe in yourself and you will be the best in life".

She did so many other things for me and that is why i totally love a WOMAN.

We treat women badly and are quick to forget that we have sisters and mothers --we show them no respect--.

Why would one choose to beat, rape and abuse a woman?. Any person that does that is nothing but an animal; a dog, a pig, a stupid-fool, a dead-smelling-idiotic bastard!. --wow it felt good saying that.--

Do you know how painful it is to be raped, beaten and abused?.

Now imagine that you lost your sight and the person you love/loved tells you that he/she don't care and says "I don't love you anymore you are a useless blind bat". How would you feel? Very hurt right?.

Now imagine again that you lost your sight because of a robber and one day the robber who caused your blindness was caught by the police. So tell me, what would you do?. --I am sure you would want to kill the robber with your hands.--

Imagine again when someone you trust so much suddenly turns his/her back against you when you need him/her the most. Now tell me how would you feel? You would feel like the worst person on earth right?.

Rape is a painful thing and the thought of it could make you kill yourself.

It could make your whole world unstable and could dig a dark deep hole in your heart, mind and soul.

How could one choose to rape someone else's kid?. If someone rapes your mother or sis or girlfriend or wife or fiancée or daughter how would you feel?.

I'm sure you would feel terrible, but yet you did something that you don't want to happen to you, to another person's kid, daughter, gf, fiancée and wife.

Women are lovely creatures, they are many but all have different and unique qualities. Some men don't understand how it feels like to be a woman, to go through menstruating pains monthly.

--like seriously it is as painful as giving birth but some men don't understand. I guess they are ignorant or they don't care about 'A WOMAN".--

Giving birth to a child is one of the hardest task in life for women, it's hard, painful and difficult. Some women don't survive labour pains and stress due to the weakness they feel to pass through the task.

Imagine it this way, you went to toilet to excrete but it was hard and it refused to come out. So you had to use more power and force to push so hard that your anus felt like tearing and still it refused to come out.

You tried again and again and it finally came out. Now how would you feel?. I am sure that after all the pushes, your anus would hurt like no tomorrow --some people had died due to hard excrete--.

Now imagine if that excrete was as big as a baby, your head will explode with pain right?.

So learn to respect every woman, lady and girl you see because the pain they experience every day, every week, every month and year is more than enough to kill a man.

Many women insult their husband during child labour because of the unbearable pain --well I don't blame them, because if it was me, I would slap my husband if he is close by--.

Do you know that menstruation, pregnancy and menopause gives women mood swings?. Their attitude and emotions changes, they act crazy and annoying sometimes. Sometimes it might be in your favour and in other times it might not be.

A man should never fight with a woman because if he does, it will make him look like a fool and if he loose the fight to a woman, he will look like the worst idiot in the whole wide world.

So try and ignore them no matter how much they try to provoke you --I know it is not easy because they can really say hurtful things. Well I guess that is why they are women--.
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Women love attention --give it to them, they need it, they want it, they like it and they love it--. But not only attention.

They also like sweet words. They like it when a guy they like complements about them. It makes them happy --believe me it makes their head swell like balloon, that's if you use the right soft touching words--.

--To men; please never try to take advantage of women because the out come of the result might not be pleasant or fun rocking.--

One of the reason why divorce is so common everywhere is because men have failed to understand women.

Women are like puzzle, it takes more than a day to understand them. It could take a man his whole life time to understand his wife.

Men should be willing to learn everything about women both online and personally. Believe me it's hard because their mood changes like seasons. So you have to be calm and patient, to fully know them --the funniest thing about women is that they are great at hiding feelings, but for guys we suck at that--.

The sweet thing about women is that, if you are close to them or they really like you, they will treat you like a baby --believe me when I say "I really enjoy it when they treat me like a baby. I love it badly, it is totally fun!!!--.

I don't know why some girls abuse what they have by doing the wrong things like, wearing clothes that exposes their body and dancing half naked or completely naked for men. All in the name of money or just for fun.

--lady I am sorry to say this, but you are a ninny!, sorry you are not a ninny but a disgrace to womanhood. In fact you ain't a woman.--

A real woman will always think of tomorrow and how she will be remembered. Now let me ask you this, have you seen any guy dancing half naked or fully nude on musical videos? (it's rare right!), but you will see ladies dancing half naked, some fully naked.

They use those ladies to push their music upwards, but those ladies are too blind to see that because all they care about is that their faces will be shown on TV and they will be paid.

The worst part is that they don't pay some of the ladies that dance half naked or totally nude on videos --like seriously some ladies need to wise up and stop being a low life--.

The bad part is that those ladies that dance completely nude or half nude or shaking their non sense tush, on videos don't think of their future kids.

If they did, they would respect what they are. The problem is that they don't know that one day their kid/kids will grow up and all the crazy things they did, might end up affecting their kid/kids or their kid/kids might tap into the bad life style they once lived.

It might even spoil the woman's name in the time of marriage and so many other bad things will probably follow --like seriously women need to stand up and stand against all those ladies that dance completely nude or half nude in videos and other places because it totally spoils the name of women all over the world--.

Presently, musicians sing about women in a bad way. They have no respect for women any more and yet some of those ladies will dance for them in videos that talks wrongly about womanhood, and will even go half nude or completely nude --do you ladies know how bad it is?, I guess no because if they knew they won't do it--.

Some ladies are not to be blamed because in the area or street where they grew up, they believe it's not bad. Some are forced to do it to find money, some of them were forced into it by people they stay with.

To all those ladies selling their body for money; I am sorry for you because you will age quicker than a 60 years old woman. Instead of selling your body why don't you dig into yourself and find your talent because every woman has a wonderful talent hidden inside.

--For all those runz-girls (prostitutes) out there, keep runzing (prostituting), runz (prostitute) well because one day you will end up in the grave and your runzing (prostituting) will continue in hell and I am sure that you will runz (prostitute) fire and the devil very well.--

For those ladies that dresses improper, for example;

-Wearing a chain on your neck (chokers).

-Wearing a chain on your waist.

-Wearing a chain on your leg.

Neck chains (chokers) makes women look more like a female dog and a slave --like seriously do you women know what that neck chain (chokers) signifies?. It sends a signal to guys that women are female dogs and are slaves which guys are free to ride on when they want to. Well that is what is means to me, but it might have worse meaning to so many others--.

All what a neck chain (chokers) needs is a longer chain to hold it at the other end, to control ladies like a dog or a slave.

Some ladies open their nose and mouth with rings or pins. The worst is nose piercing, they mostly put a ring in between their nose and end up looking like a cow. Believe me it doesn't make you ladies look more beautiful, it actually reduces your beauty --if you think I am lying try and remove the ring or pin and see how beautiful you will look--.

For some of you ladies that open your ears with rings and pins, are your ears the new rings and pins store where people can buy rings and pins? --some ladies have totally destroyed the beautiful name of WOMEN and because of them some guys no longer have respect for WOMEN--.

For you ladies that wear short clothes to show your stomach or to show your legs or to show off your knocker, it is not good because when you wear things like that some bad guys will wanna have their way with you, and people will see you as a prostitute --The day devil will punish you with your improper dressing, you will know that improper dressing is not so good--.

Every woman is "A DIAMOND" whether little, small, medium or big. They are the most important thing in the whole world.

I can't live without them, in fact no man can stay without a woman, even some gods won't exist without them.

Like I occasionally say; there is A WOMAN in every man, because every man has a weak and soft spot.

With that being said, i've come to my conclusion here.



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