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Concerning Our Upgrade/Catastrophic Loss Of Valuable Data

Posted: 11 Aug 2017, 22:17
by William
Ok here it is , straight and to the point

An ugrade for security reasons was attempted on -- to upgrade the phpbb back bone... because of releasing a faulty "update" to their own software.. the database to became corrupted.. not only that our host didnt have any recent backups.. also the host after investigations I found to be greedy.. charging for data usage.. I even had trouble getting (the domain) out of their hands ( they were refusing the transfer of to my registar here in America.. I had to file a complaint with ICANN just to get it to my registar.. is now hosted on my server here in America, with unlimited everything, it now has twice the disk space..

it is running again, it took time.. Isaiah is sorry, We are sorry.. We lost alot of data because of and (the previous host) stupidity.

It wasn't Our fault, has since then taken down their "update" to phpbb 3.2.1. is now back up with a 99.98% uptime and backups done every single day on my American based server. It is also faster now with state of the art SSD's and a 100mbps T1 connection.

Spread the word, Afrivade is back.