Oregun boys

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[Oregun boys]

[Episode 1]

This story contains 5 episodes only and may contain trashy talks, thanks for reading.

Welcome to the land where life is fun all day long, where there is no dull moment, where everyday is fun time. Where businesses moves and transactions are made.

Welcome to the land of Oregun, Welcome to our land and zone, welcome to the place of hustling.

We are Oregun boys, we hustle more than the hustlers that hustle in the streets of oregun.

We work hard 24/7 Just to get the money. Money and girls is all that matters. Clubbing is the best way we have fun.

Oregun is our home and life, we breathe and stand for Oregun.

Oregun boys are hot and on fire, so don't try us because we might just take you down to the land of the death.

We are citizens of Oregun, we are Oregun itself and this is our story.
Micheal: "Oh boy yesterday night was hot!", he said expressing his excitement.

Frank: "Asin ehn, see as n*ked babes just dey scatter for us", he said demonstrating how it happened.

Godwin: "I no even know when I finish my money on top that girl big yellow fanny", he said.

Chuks: "Mehn those babes bad o", he said.

Segun: "Oh boy me carry one enter one room o, the babe wan kill me on top bed", he said.

Micheal, Frank, Godwin, Chuks, and Segun had gone to a nightclub on Friday night which was super amazing. The club was a strippers club filled with n*ked young ladies.

Godwin: "[Laughs] no be you go carry wetin pass you", he said.

Micheal: "Shey I warn you Segun, but you no hear, you think say na your cock long pass", he said.

Frank: "Segun you done forget say na me get the biggest fattest and longest cock", he said with a smile.

Chuks: "Frank you lie, na me. Abi you done forget the last girl wey we enter her cunt the same day, the scores wey she give us", he said.

Frank: "Forget your side jare, that day I just dey sick", he said.

Godwin: "[Laughs] na lie, Shey na all of us here do the bet and she agree, and Chuks win you", he said.

Chuks: "Thank God say all of Una dey there that day. Segun you be my boy na", he said.

Segun: "I don hear, but know say one day I go beat you for the game", he said.

Chuks: "E no go ever happen", he said.

Chuks: "Guys we must to reach that place today again o, my thing still dey scratch me badly", he said.

Chuks: "The drinks wey I drink no allow me enter cunt o, and I need am badly", he said rubbing his private part.

Segun: "[Laughs] Ah Chuks you too like To-square", he said laughing.

Frank: "[Smiles] Segun you don start again, which one be To-square?", he asked with a smile on his face.

Micheal: "[Laughs] Na t*to dey fear am to talk o", he said laughing.

Godwin: "No mind Segun, him go dey claim good boy but Na him like t*to pass all of us", he said.

Frank: "Godwin you no lie jare, Na Segun like t*to pass", he said.

Micheal: "Chia!, all of Una done spoil finish see the kin thing we Una dey talk this early saturday morning when 8 never reach", he said squeezing his face and folding his hands.

Chuks: "Shut up jare, ashewo like you", he said making all of them to burst into laugher.

Micheal: "[Laughs] Yeye boy", he said.

Segun: "Chai!, I just remember something o", he said.

Frank: "Wetin be that?", he asked.

Segun: "Linda tell me say she go come with her friend today", he said.

Godwin: "Wait shey Na with that her fine oyimbo friend Cindy?", he asked with his face all lightened up.

Segun: "Yes Na she", he said.

Micheal: "Guy I go come your house o", he said.

Frank: "No just try am o, na me get that fresh fish", he said.

Chuks: "Make una no try am o, Una go allow me first enter am then leave the remaining for una", he said.

Godwin: "Make una better stop this joke, Na me tell Segun make him arrange the babe for me", he said.

Segun: "No be lie, the babe Na for Godwin", he said.

Chuks: "See na me senior Una for here o, so na me suppose taste am first", he said.

Frank: "Senior ke, na just months you use take senior us here", he said.

Chuks: "Shut up, I be 18years now and Una still be 17+ una never reach my age", he said with a smile.

Micheal: "[Laughs] you be real case this boy Chuks", he said.

Segun: "Abeg make I dey go, before she come", he said.

Godwin: "Guy wait make we go together", he said as he followed Segun.

Segun and Godwin left leaving Frank, Micheal, and Chuks there to continue chatting.

Frank: "Thank God say them don go", he said.
Micheal: "Why you talk so?", he asked.

Chuks: "Hmmm, Frank your way no pure o", he said.

Frank: "Na your own con pure pass abi Chuks", he said as he brought out something from his side pocket.

Chuks: "[Smiles] Correct guy, as if you know wetin I need now", he said.

Micheal: "Guy why you no bring am out since na, see as cold dey catch me", he said.

Frank: "Guy no vex, if I bring am out Segun and Godwin go finish am one time", he said as he gave Micheal and Chuks part of the substance he brought out of his pocket.

Micheal: "Chuks I hope say you hold lighter?", he asked.

Chuks: "Sure na, always on me", he said as he brought out the lighter from his pocket and lightened up his weed.

Frank: "This weed strong o, I buy am for one of my consumer hand. The guy tell me say na the new weed wey dey in town now", he said as he took the lighter from Chuks and lightened up his weed.

Micheal: "Nice, Chuks no go rush this one o", he said collecting the lighter from Frank then lightened up his weed.

They smoked puffing thick smoke into the air, spoiling the atmosphere with the smell of weed....... To be continue.

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[Episode 2]

Chuks and Micheal stayed in a hotel where they did their illegal works with laptops and some other stuffs.

Micheal: "I no just understand this people again", he said as he punched the keyboard on his laptop.

Chuks: "Wetin happen", he said as he operated his phone.

Micheal: "sheybe you remember that oyimbo I tell you about wey one wire 2 million into my account", he said.

Chuks: "Yes na I remember the man", he said.

Micheal: "The man done dey change mind o", he said.
Chuks: "Na f*ck up be that o", he said.

Micheal: "I no know wetin i go do", he said unhappily.

Micheal: "Him tell me say my offer no worth the money", he said sadly.

Chuks: "Guy no worry i go help you, but only on one condition", he said.

Micheal: "[Happy] Guy anything my guy, i go do am i swear", he said with his eyes still looking at his laptop.

Chuks: "You go buy me drinks and two fresh cunts wey never yeye go follow am o", he said.

Micheal: "[Laughs] Guy you funny o, you too like enjoyment", he said.

Chuks: "Guy Shey you gree?", he asked.

Micheal: "Yes yes, I gree just help me abeg", he said pleading.

Chuks: "Ok, see just give the man another offer", he said.

Chuks: "Give am that kin offer wey Segun give that Chinese woman last month", he said.

Micheal: "You sure say e go work?", he asked.

Chuks: "Na wa you o, you know say oyimbo people like that kin offer wey be say them go benefit from am for years to come", he said.

Micheal: "Thanks bro I owe you", he said with a smile.

Chuks: "Yes you owe me drinks and two fresh cunts", he said as he opened up his laptop.

Micheal: "[Laughs] I don hear", he said as he continued what he was doing.

Micheal and Chuks were hustling their way (which was illegal) to make more money, after they had spent the last 5million they made on the last job they did.

Frank and Godwin were heading to another hotel to see two girls which they had invited too spend a night with them.

Frank: "So wassup with that stuff na?", he asked.

Godwin: "Mehn that thing no sure o, I mean am", he said.

Frank: "Ah na F up be that na, after all the arrangement and packaging wey dem do", he said.

Godwin: "Well I no know wetin to talk", he said.

Frank: "Shey another way no dey again?", he asked.

Godwin: "My guy, no other way o", he replied.

Frank: "So na like that I just waste my money go", he said.

Godwin: "Guy you no waste am, e go still come back, I just dey follow you play", he said.

Frank: "Guy you no well o, which kin play be that, I go break your head o", he said hitting Godwin on the head lightly.

Godwin: "Guy na wa you o, you f up. You suppose believe me when I say the thing go click", he said.

Frank: "No vex, but I be human being na. Doubt go dey", he said.

Frank and Godwin had made a business transactions with some hard drug dealers and were to except their money that very morning day.

Godwin: "[Laughs] You too dey hurry ah, cool down", he said.

Frank: "Me go hurry o, money is needed", he said.

Godwin: "Shey be them tell us say na today dem go pay na", he said.

Frank: "ok no wahala but how much be my cut?", he asked?.

Godwin: "Guy na big money sha, no ask me", he said.

Frank: "Ok no wahala", he said.

Godwin: "Guy I hope say you hold C.D there o?", he asked.

Frank: "Wait make I check", he said putting his left hand into his back pocket.

Godwin: "Abeg o no dull me sha, because me no hold", he said.

Frank: "Ah I hold, I get like five for here", he said putting up a smile and removing the C.Ds from his pocket.

Godwin: "Good boy", he said.

Frank: "Who be your boy?", he asked.

Godwin: "Na you na, my small boy Frank", he said smiling.

Frank: "I no give you C.D again, shey na me be boy", he said putting the C.Ds back.

Godwin: "Guy abeg na, ok na me be your boy", he pleaded.

Frank: "If you no beg me well I no go give you", he said.

Godwin: "Guy abeg na, na me, your guy o", he said.

Frank: "You no be my guy, you too dey f up jare", he said.

Godwin: "Guy you dey break my heart na abeg", he said with a fake sad face.

Frank: "[Laughs] person fit break your heart, guy take abeg before you kill me with laughter", he said laughing as he brought out two C.Ds which he had kept back in his back pocket.

Godwin: "Ah! oga me thank you o", he said collecting two C.Ds happily and throwing his hands up and down.

Frank: "[Laughs] Guy you be real actor. You for go dey act movies, I swear you go make am", he said.

Godwin: "For sure na, I go dey act the bed part", he said as he put the C.Ds in his front pocket.

Frank: "Idiot, I know say na that one you go like pass", he said.

Godwin: "You uko, you no like am?", he asked with a smile.

Frank: "Guy me love am o", he said.

Godwin: "And you con dey judge me", he said.

Frank: "No vex but you like am pass me", he said.

Godwin: "I agree with you", he said.

Frank: "Guy i hope say those girls sabi way o?", he asked.

Godwin: "Me sef no sure", he said.

Frank: "Sha the n*de pix wey dem send give us make sense", he said.

Godwin: "No be lie you talk, my body never rest since I see their n*de pix", he said.

Frank: "Asin ehn, tonight I go feel everything", he said.

Godwin: "Guy every every o. top, bottom, underneath, below, behind, and front", he said.

Frank: "[Laughs] Guy I swear you bad noni, no kill that girl o", he said.

Godwin: "No kill wetin, after all na she cause am and she go collect money so she must obey", he said.

Frank: "[Laughs] Bad guy!", he exclaimed.

Godwin: "Because of her I done go learn new style, na die she dey today, I go make sure say I drink better hard drink wey go turn me on fully", he said.

Frank: "[Laughs] Guy no kill that girl o, she be just 16, not go spoil her cunt oo abeg o", he said.

Godwin: "Wetin concern me, Shey na me tell her papa and mama make them no hold their pikin?, she want money so she go fill that empty space wey she cause with her n*de pix", he said.

Seconds later, Frank and Godwin got to the hotel and found the girls already there waiting for them. They both smiled and took the girls to two separate rooms......... To be continue.

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[Episode 3]

Daniel: "Bros abeg I wan join Una", he pleaded.

Segun: "Why you wan join us?", he asked.

Daniel: "I wan be like you guys, I wan do everything like Una", he said.

Segun: "[Smiles] But you still small na", he said.

Daniel: "Bros no small pikin for money", he said.

Segun: "You still dey 15 years and you never understand life", he said.

Daniel: "Bros I go learn life from Una", he said.

Segun: "Ok no wahala, I go follow my guys talk", he said.

Daniel: "Ah bros thank you", he said happily.

Segun: "No thank me yet", he said.

Segun: "If my guys say yes then you go join us", he said.

Daniel: "Bros at least make i still thank you for accepting wetin I talk", he said.

Segun: "Ok I accept that one", he said.

Segun: "Oya go answer your mama, e be like say she dey call you", he said.

Daniel was a 15 years old boy who had serious love for money and was ready to do the unthinkable just to have it. He was soon going to join Segun and his friends who were highly into the business of fraud (Yahoo boys).

After Segun was done talking to Daniel he went to meet Micheal, Chuks, Frank and Godwin in a hotel, to talk to them and also tell them about Daniel.

When he got there, he found all of them drinking.

Chuks: "Heyyy the mother fu*ker done come", he said immediately he saw Segun.

Frank: "My guy hwfa na", he said shaking Segun.

Segun: "I dey my guy", he said to Frank.

Micheal: "My oga", he said to Segun.

Segun: "Na you be Baba na", he said to Micheal as he took a seat beside Godwin.

Godwin: "Segun my real nigga", he said.

Segun: "My big bro", he said shaking Godwin.

Chuks: "You dey ignore me ba", he said to Segun.

Segun: "Abeg shut up, na me you call mother f*cker, I go soon beat you black and yellowish", he said making all of them to burst into laughter.

Chuks: [Laughing] See as you just yeye yourself", he said laughing hard.

Micheal: "Guy na yellow you for talk, no be yellowish", he said then laughed.

Frank: [laughs] make Una pity am o, no be him fault", he said.

Godwin: "Who fault e con be?", he asked.

Micheal: [Laughs] Godwin done drop him own o", he said laughing hard.

Segun: "[laughing] At least my own better", he said.

Frank: "him say 'who fault', instead of 'whose fault'", he said then laughed hard.

Chuks: "I better no over talk before I go drop my own", he said making all of them to burst into laughter again.

Godwin: "[Laughs really hard] Chuks I swear you be better bastard", he said.

Frank: "Only God know where this boy chuks come from", he said laughing.

Micheal: "Abeg e done do Una", he said laughing softly.

Segun: "[Laughs] No mind that animal Chuks", he said.

Micheal: "Segun so wetin you wan take.
Everybody here done get drink for their side only you", he said.

Segun: "Just give me one better beer, make I take hold throat", he said.

Frank: "No wahala, make I use style waka go bring am for you", he said then he stood up and went to get the beer quickly.

Godwin: "So Segun where you go all this days wey we no see you?", he asked.

Segun: "I go hustle on the low", he said.

Chuks: "Your maga done pay you na and you no wan give us the gist", he said.

Segun: "Abeg clear one side jare Chuks, you too dey talk wetin you no know", he said.

Frank: "Segun tell us na, where you corner yourself?", he asked as he dropped the bottle of beer on the table for Segun.

Segun: "Na one new fresh business wey one guy introduce me to", he said.

Micheal: "Which kin job?", he asked.

Segun: "Na shipment job", he said.

Frank: "Oh shipment. Chuks and Micheal no go understand the job", he said.

Chuks: "So una don get new click and una no tell us", he said.

Micheal: "Una dey f*ck up o", he said.

Godwin: "Make una no vex, we done plan say na today we go tell una", he said.

Micheal: "E no tight o, una dey fall my hand", he said.

Frank: "I no tell una because I no want make all of us invest money into am at once con loose", he said.

Segun: "If to say all of us invest inside the business and e fail, we go all dey broke na", he said.

Chuks: "No wahala, now wey una done understand the business una go teach us so that we go sabi", he said.

Godwin: "No wahala, the Job no hard like that", he said.

Segun: "But if wahala come, e go follow for body o", he said.

Chuks: "Abeg you too dey fear jare nothing dey happen", he said smiling.

Segun, Godwin and Frank gradually explained how the business is being done and other stuffs associated with it.

Micheal: "Guys una go link me and Chuks to those people o, no time to dull", he said.

Godwin: "No wahala na make tomorrow reach", he said.

Segun: "Guys matter dey ground", he said.

Chuks: "Wetin e be?", he asked.

Segun: "Daniel say him wan join us", he said.

Frank: "Daniel?", he asked.

Godwin: "That boy na still 15 years old na", he said.

Micheal: "Shey him sure say him wan join us?", he asked.

Segun: "Yes, I ask am wella and him say him wan be like us", he said.

Chuks: "Well I no see anything bad there, if him wan make money like us him go have to work really hard for am", he said.

Segun: "So wetin Una dey talk?", he asked.

Segun: "Shey him go join us or not?", he asked.

Micheal: "Sure him fit join, but him go have to pass test", he said.

Frank: "Which kin test?", he asked.

Micheal: "Shipment test", he said.

Chuks: "Guy you sure say that boy no go f*ck up?, he asked.

Micheal: "We go try am first na, abi any of una wan carry the shipment?", he asked.

Godwin: "No be me o, Micheal I agree with you", he said.

Segun: "So the boy done join us be that ba?", he asked.

Chuks: "Yes I guess so, since our oga Micheal done talk. Abi Frank you disagree?", he asked.

Frank: "I no disagree, make the boy join us", he said......... To be continue.

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[Episode 4]

Godwin, Segun, Frank, Micheal and Chuks had brought Daniel into their group and had pushed him to do the shipment job for them, which went well successfully.

They went to a club to celebrate their success (of the shipment job) which went absolutely great with no hold up. They were seriously having fun and there was nothing that could spoil it.

Frank: "That boy sharp o", he said.

Micheal: "My mind don tell me say him no go dull", he said.

Godwin: "We don dey rich now", he said.

Chuks: "I must buy that car wey I wan buy tomorrow", he said.

Segun: "All of us go buy cars tomorrow", he said.

Micheal: "Guys make we no do am like that", he said.

Godwin: "Why, abi you no wan spend your money?", he asked.

Frank: "I just dey wonder o", he said.

Micheal: "Make una use una head", he said.

Micheal: "Shey una remember wetin do flex?", he asked.

Segun: "Yes na we still remember", he said.

Chuks: "Flex go buy house of 6.7 million and e go buy car of 5 million after the day wey him hammer", he said.

Frank: "That guy foolish die", he said.

Godwin: "I never see any Yahoo boy wey foolish pass that guy", he said.

Segun: "He think say SAS no go nab am", he said.

Micheal: "Exactly, if we go rush buy car like that, SAS or POLICE if go trace us and nab us", he said.

Chuks: "You no lie o", he said.

Godwin: "Na true sha", he said.

Segun: "E better make we just wait at least 2 months before we touch the money", he said.

Frank: "No e better may we make am 5 months, we go use the other money wey we get for now", he said.

Micheal: "Yes that's the best", he said.

They agreed not to spend the money which they had just got from the shipment job. They also agreed that when the five months came to an end that they would spend the money with care.

Godwin: "So I guess it's a deal right", he said.

Chuks: "Yea sure", he said as he drank his glass full of alcohol.

Segun: "Yes it is", he said as he poured alcohol into his glass cup.

Micheal: "Sure", he said. Drinking his alcohol.

Frank: "Guys sure na church abi na club we dey?", he asked.

Frank: "Make we leave this matter enjoy life jare", he said.

Godwin: "Guy you no lie jare make we just leave this matter for here", he said.

Segun: "Thank God say una wan leave the matter. I bin wan talk say make we leave am but as all of una put mouth I just jeje keep quiet", he said.

Segun: "E don get one babe wey I don dey look since we enter here", he said.

Chuks: "Ah Segun you and woman ehn", he said.

Segun: "Abeg forget your side jare", he said.

Micheal: "Make I talk true o, e get one babe wey I see her knocker. I swear her knocker make my cock stand 180 degree", he said.

Frank: "[Laughs] see confession", he said laughing.

Godwin: "As to say na confession time make me too confess", he said with a smile.

Godwin: "E get one wey me don sight see when we enter, she fine die. See am there", he said showing them where the lady stood.

Chuks: "Guy this one go kill you sha no go there", he said.

Micheal: "Guy no near there", he said.

Frank: "That one na die o, no put head", he said.

Segun: "Godwin you know say I like you pass anybody here, just forget that babe", he said.

Godwin: "Na wa o, na so the girl useless reach?", he asked.

Micheal: "Guy she useless pass useless o", he said.

Chuks: "One of my guys wey enter her cunt tell me say her cunt yeye. Him describe as her cunt be sef", he said.

Frank: "I be living testimony o. The first time wey I enter am she still tight but months later wen I enter am again, I discover say na wishing well her cunt be. I no enjoy anything", he said.

Segun: "Godwin abeg e better make you still hold that oyimbo girl Cindy wey my babe connect you with", he said.

Godwin: "Segun that oyimbo girl no sweet like that", he said.

Segun: "Na lie jare, her body too fine not to sweet", he said.

Godwin: "Guy shey be na me enter am, so na me go tell you as she be", he said.

Frank: "Oya yarn is how she be", he said.

Godwin: "Her cunt dey medium size and her knocker dey small like Kemi that girl wey I tell una say na she be the first girl wey I press and imbibe her knocker", he said.

Godwin: "The oyimbo girl sef no strong and her cunt dey simple. After one round the oyimbo girl tell me say she done tire", he said.

Micheal: "Oya bad guy!", he said.

Godwin: "I no allow am make she go, I use style tell am say make she turn. And she turn", he said.

Chuks: "Guy you done yeye oyinbo o", he said.

Godwin: "Guy I squeeze her knocker ehn with my hands and fire am non stop. Na she con dey beg me", he said.

Segun: "Chia Godwin I no know say you bad like this o, no wonder my babe tell me say her friend dey sick", he said.

Micheal: "[Laughs] Rod of flame", he said.

Godwin: "The oyimbo no strong and sweet like that girl wey send me and Frank n*de pix", he said.

Chuks: "E sure me say you piece that one too", he said.

Godwin : "Ask Frank na as e go", he said.

Frank: "You wey wan kill person pikin, him and the girl just dey disturb me and the girl wey I carry", he said.

Frank: "We dey separate rooms but our rooms connect to each other", he said.

Frank: "The guy just dey enter the babe anyhow and the girl just dey shout small small", he said.

Segun: "How you take know?", he asked.

Frank: "Guy the noise wey she make ehn, na the room wey me and her friend dey everything dey enter", he said.

Godwin: "The girl small o but she sabi pass the oyimbo girl. make I tell Una how I start", he said.

Godwin: "She start to dey rub my cock then as e stand wella, she con put am for her mouth. She give me cock sucking straight for 30mins", he said.

Godwin: "After that i con push am on top bed, con open her legs wella. I con jump enter am.

Godwin: "After that one, I con carry my cock move pass her cunt, her belle and use am rub pass the middle of her knocker to her neck", he said.

Godwin: "I con carry am near her mouth as she dey lay down. She con grab am with speed con dey imbibe am again", he said.

Godwin: "After like 15mins I con tell am say make she turn back", he said.

Chuks: "Oboy this your tory don make my cock stand strong o", he said.

Micheal: "[laughs] no mind Chuks jare continue", he said.

Godwin: "She con turn con bend down wella. O boy if you see tush ehn, e fresh die", he said.

Frank: "Guy my cock done stand o", he said holding down his cock.

Segun: "Godwin you bad o", he said.

Micheal: "[Laughs] Abeg continue jare", he said.

Godwin: "I con first feel the tush with my cock. I use my cock take rub her tush up, down, left to right and i con use my hand squeeze and press am", he said.

Chuks: "Guy you dey cause komotion for my under o", he said grabbing his cock.

Godwin: "After that one, i enter am slowly con use my two hands dey squeeze and press her knocker", he said making all of them sexually excited.

Godwin: "After 15mins, I con jack am up for wall, con dey enter am again and dey suck her knocker", he said.

Godwin: "She con dey beg me say she done taya, but me no gree I still continue", he said.

Godwin: "I make sure say I finish am that day, I do all the styles wey I know", he said.

Godwin: "The girl no fit stand up the next day after I deal with am badly", he said with a smile.

Segun: "Chai!, my guys you bad o", he said then laughed.

Micheal: "[laughs] Guy I fear you o", he said.

Chuks: "Chia my cock done too strong, I better go find babe to enter", he said as he stood up and went to find a girl that he would pour his dirty thoughts into.

Frank: "My cock done dey commot substance o, I no fit hold am again. Make I go find one good ashewo", he said as he stood up and left......... To be continue.

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[Episode 5]

Segun: "Chuks wetin be the scores?", he asked.

Chuks: "E still be one-one o", he said.

Micheal: "Police come scatter things o", he said.

Segun: "I wish sey I dey, I for do something", he said.

Chuks: "E pain me die I swear", he said.

Micheal: "I for done commot person hand if to say them no come that time", he said.

Micheal: "Where you even dey sef?", he asked.

Segun: "I go arrange our shipment", he said.

Segun: "What of frank and Godwin?", he asked.

Chuks: "I no know where dey put head o", he said.

Micheal: "I done dey try their number since and they no dey pick", he said.

Segun: "I hope say dey never catch them o?", he asked.

Chuks: "E no fit happen na", he said.

Chuks: "I trust those mad boys, them sabi how to escape police", he said.

Micheal: "I see them when dey run enter another street", he said.

Segun: "Well if you sure say police no catch them no problem", he said.

Segun: "But how come police con locate una on time?", he asked.

Micheal: "Guy e sure me say na one of the other cult members call police because them know say we go finish them", he said.

Chuks: "Micheal I no sure say na any of them call police o", he said.

Segun: "Wetin Chuks talk na true", he said.

Segun: "Them no fit do anything like that", he said.

Micheal: "Well na true sha", he said.

Chuks: "Segun how the shipment be this time?", he asked.

Segun: "E large pass the last one", he said.

Micheal: "That's good, more money", he said.

Micheal: "I wish say Frank and Godwin dey here with us", he said.

Segun: "Guys my mind dey trouble me o", he said.

Chuks: "Shey na because of Frank and Godwin?", he asked.

Segun: "Yes o, I dey really troubled", he said.

Micheal: "Guy you too dey fear", he said.

Segun: "But na yesterday all this happen na", he said.

Segun: "So dey for done come here by now na", he said.

Chuks: "No fear nothing go happen", he said.

Segun: "But time na 2pm and they never show face o", he said.

Micheal: "Guy cool down", he said.

Micheal: "Shey na me tell you say I see them when dey escape", he said.

Segun: "I done hear", he said.

Although Micheal and Chuks assured Segun that Frank and Godwin escaped the policemen who wanted to arrest cult members that were fighting in a street, Segun didn't believe all they said.

His doubt was on the high side and he felt so comfortable waiting for them. Just as he was about to make a decision to go out to go find them, a call came into his phone and to his surprise it was...

Micheal: "Who dey call you?", he asked wanting to know who called Segun.

Segun: "I no know this number o", he said.

Segun: "I no go pick am", he said.

Chuks: "E better make you no pick am because you no know whether na people wey wan track you", he said.

Segun: "Wetin you talk na true, I no go pick am", he said.

Micheal: "What if na one of those your babes?", he asked.

Micheal: "Maybe one of them don carry belle for you", he said.

Segun: "I no dey enter babe without C.D o", he said.

Segun: "I no be Chuks na", he said with a smile.

Chuks: "Guy wetin you mean na?", he asked giving him the bad eyes.

Segun: "Wetin I mean be say you na player and me no be player", he said with a smile as he put his phone on silent.

Micheal: "Una don start again with una non sense talk", he said.

Chuks: "No mind the yeye boy. Him dey call me player like say na him pure pass me", he said.

Segun: "Chuks pack well jare, you wey drop out of Jss 2 because you wan f*ck aunty precious", he said.

Chuks: "See this werey sha, no be you drop out of jss1 third term because say one sugar mummy call you to come spend 4months for her house", he said laughing.

Micheal: "[Laughs] na true o I just remember that sh*t now. Ah Segun na you be the badest o", he said.

Segun: "Micheal no start your own o, I no wan open mouth talk your own", he said.
Micheal: "I no beg you o, open mouth talk", he said.

Segun: "Make I talk?", he asked playfully.

Chuks: "Talk na, after all Micheal own no bad like your own, although himself drop out but him reasons pure", he said.

Micheal: "Even Frank and Godwin own pure. Their parents no get money again to help them for school so dey come drop out con enter Yahoo", he said.

Segun: "Guy e done do, but wetin I know be say Chuks na the olosho amongst us", he said laughing.

Chuks: "Id*ot na you be olosho", he said smiling while Micheal laughed.

Segun: "Na wa for this peron o, e still dey call me", he said looking at his phone ringing in silent.

Micheal: "Guy e fit be those shipment people o", he said.

Segun: "No be them. Na text them dey mostly send give me and even if them wan call dey go first send text then call me", he said.

Chuks: "If na so, no pick am", he said.

Segun took the advice of Chuks and didn't pick the call because he wasn't sure who the caller was.

He left his phone to continue ringing and they continued talking about other things.

As they continued their discussion, a message came into Segun's phone.

Segun: "Guys that number don send me message o", he said.

Chuks: "Read am out make we hear", he said.
Segun: "Ok make I open am read am out", he said.

After Segun opened and read the content in the message, all of them began to shake in fear.

Micheal: "Jesus Christ", he said in disbelief.

Chuks: "Chia wetin we go do now o?", he asked.

Segun: "I talk am, my mind no rest. I know say something dey wrong", he said.

Segun: "I know say trouble dey. Shey una don see am, dey don arrest Frank", he said.

Segun: "Make I quickly call Godwin back maybe him fit meet us for here so we go know our next move", he said.

Micheal: "Abeg call am fast fast so that we go know our next move", he said.

Segun quickly called Godwin to tell him to come over to where they were.

Godwin picked Segun's call immediately it came in. Segun then told Godwin to come to where they were, but Godwin told him that it won't be possible because he was presently running away from SAS....

Segun: "Godwin, Godwin!", he shouted as the call dropped.

Chuks: "Wetin happen?", he asked.

Micheal: "Guy tell us wetin happen na", he said.

Segun: "Godwin talk say SAS dey chase am o and as the call wan end I hear gun shot", he said.

Chuks: "Guy this thing don pass o", he said.

Micheal: "Abeg make we clear from here sharp sharp before them con trace us here o", he said.

Segun: "So dey don catch Frank and Godwin like that", he said with tears in his eyes.

Segun: "I hope say dey no even kill Godwin because the gun shot scare me o", he said in fear.

Chuks: "Them no fit kill am na", he said.
Micheal: "Guy make we clear from here now", he said.

Chuks: Make we quickly find where to hide o", he said.

They all quickly left the place and went to a special hide out which was far away from Oregun.

The place they found was quiet and was more like a grave yield than a place where people lived.

Chuks: "At least for now we go dey safe here", he said.

Micheal: "Nobody go suspect say humans dey stay here", he said.

Segun: "Make I rest, I don tire for all this things wey dey happen", he said as he fell on the chair.

Micheal: "See time sef 6pm and we never chop since morning", he said.

Chuks: "Guy life better pass food o", he said.

Segun: "So how we wan take help Frank and Godwin?", he asked as his phone vibrated and immediately an sms came in.

Chuks: "I no know for now o because this one wey SAS don put hand inside. E tire me", he said.

Micheal: "Segun who message you?", he asked.

Segun: "Guy na those shipment people", he said.

Chuks: "Wetin dem talk?", he asked.

Micheal: "Abeg make e be good news", he said.

Segun: "O boy this one no be good news o. They done catch the boy o and dem say dem dey come after us", he said.

Micheal: "Chia!", he yelled.

Chuks: "Which kin non sense be this na?", he questioned angrily.

Segun: "Today just carry bad luck, sh*t!", he exclaimed as he threw the phone he held.

Segun, Micheal and Chuks later slept off without eating a meal because they were seriously worried about the things that happened that very day.

Night came and the time was 9pm, suddenly a loud voice yelled their names.

Voice: "Segun, Micheal, Chuks!!", said the voice loudly.

Voice: "We know you are in there!", said the voice.

Voice: "This is the police force. Please step out with both your hands on your head!", said the voice loudly.

Segun, Micheal and Chuks quickly got up and was surprised to hear their names.

Micheal: "ah how dey take know here?", he asked in shock and tears.

Segun: "Jesus o, e don end for us here", he said in fear and shock.

Chuks: "No way!", he yelled.

Chuks: "I no fit enter prison", he said as he stood up from where he laid.

Chuks: "E better make I die than to enter prison", he said as he run out side to escape.

Segun: "No Chuks!!", he shouted as Chuks ran out side.

Micheal: "Chuks nooo!!!", he shouted the name of Chuks as Chuks tried to make a run for his life away from the policemen.

Two bullets hit Chuks on his legs pushing him to the ground in pain. Chuks yelled and shouted in pain as he held his legs strongly.

The policemen arrested all three of them and they were jailed together with Frank, Godwin and Daniel.

Chuks could no longer walk again because of the damage the bullets did to his legs, he was totally paralyzed. Godwin was shot in the arm when he had tried to escape.

Daniel was taken to a rehabilitation hospital and was going to be charge to court when he comes of age for drugs trafficking.

The five of them where placed under house arrest until they got to the age of 18 which was sooner than soon.

When the time came, They went to court and were charged for fraud, drugs trafficking and gang violence.

Due to the kind of man the Judge was, he sentenced them to 69 Years in prison.

They cried out in tears begging the judge, but it was pointless because the judge had made his last order.

They cried out in pain wishing they had not moved into the life they chose. They cried cursing and blaming no one but themselves for what they had brought upon themselves.

All the money they had was now useless and of no use to them because they were no longer the owner.

All they had was nothing and their lives were totally ruined because of their greed to acquire much money and to have a great stand (negative) in the society.


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