Love Cycle [Pre-destiny]

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Love exists when two bodies combine to form one soul. Love might be advantageous or detrimental based on the reflection caused by its body. One can't claim to love, when him/her can't condone the malapproposition of one's partner. You can't claim to love when you don't make sacrifices. You can't claim to love when you background determines your ground. You can't claim to love when one is enveloped with hate. You can't claim to love when your heart is in a state of mediocrisy and you can't love encompassed in smoking bubbles.

Everyone on earth fall in love, once in a lifetime and when we miss that opportunity, we live in probabilities. Richard and Juliet has fallen in an unknown world. Learn how they wandered in this world, The seed their love brought forth, The difficulties they faced and their total submission to nature. Love is a cycle, it flows from generation to generation. Love is a cycle, you ride it or she rides you. Love is a cycle, it comes before destiny.



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