ILLEGALITY? Governor Fayose buying fuel from black marketers (photos)

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Governor Ayodele Fayose can be seen patronising fuel black marketers

- The governor of Ekiti has been at loggerhead with fuel marketers for some time in the state

Governor Ayodele Fayose has taking governance to a new height as he was seen liaison with black marketers in Ado Ekiti.
The state governor has been at loggerheads with petrol marketers for some time.

The governor has consequently revoked some Certificates of Occupancy of landed properties on which filling stations are built.

Posting the pictures online, Lere Olayinka, the governor's aide wrote:

"While the strike embarked on by petrol marketers in Ekiti State was going on, Governor Fayose also patronized Okada Riders who took to hawking of Petrol on the streets of Ado Ekiti to alleviate the sufferings of the people.

Meanwhile, while the governor of Ekiti was romancing black marketers, 10 fuel hawkers popularly known as black market sellers have been arrested by the Lagos state taskforce.

According to reports, the men were arrested on Sunday, April 3 in the Oshodi and Ikeja areas for allegedly obstructing traffic with eight jerrycans of fuel were impounded from the suspects.

It was reported that 25 suspects were initially arrested by the task force, but after screening, 15 suspects, including 10 fuel hawkers, were found culpable.