6 Questions Guys Secretly Want To Ask Girls About Makeup… So Hilarious, But True!

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May 27th, 23:45

1. How much lipstick do girls swallow daily?



Like, how do y’all eat with lipstick and not swallow some of it?

2. How are girls not terrified about the concept of gluing fake eyelashes to their eyes?


How are you not freaked out by the fact that GLUE could get in your eyes and possibly blind you?? Y’all are brave oh.

3. What exactly is the point of blush?


Do you really want to look like you’re blushing ALL the time? Why?

4. How are girls not terrified that they’ll accidentally stab their eyes while applying eye liner?


HOW?! That thing looks like a tiny dagger!

5. Why do most girls like using eye shadow with glitter?

What is the point really? Isn’t the normal eye shadow enough to make the eyes look good?

6. When you guys are done with the face beat and are now prepared to go out and slay, does all the makeup feel………..heavy?

This might sound stupid but believe us when we say that all guys want to know the answer to this.

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