Pastor Mboro Prays For Couple In Their Bedroom While They Almost Have Sex

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Remember Pastor Mboro? The pastor who allegedly went to heaven, he is at it again!

The South African pastor was recently seen praying for a couple inside their bedroom in a video broadcast of his ministration by first setting the couple in the mood for sex .
He’s seen in the video telling them to cuddle up as he prays for them. The couple are said to be expectant of the fruit of the womb.

The pastor can be heard saying “There is a feeling coming”…. as he prays for the couple while the husband gets his wife in the mood by severely french-kissin her and rubbing her all over.

The woman appears to have silently climax judging from the way she opened her mouth while the husband squeezed her boobs. Screenshots from the video below... ... le-in.html




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