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.........THE NEXT DAY.........

Dad: "When will the pastor come?", asked my dad.
Mum: "He said we should give him two hours, that he would be here.

Dad: "Please let him come fast because I'm becoming impatient", he said.

Mum: "Impatient? Are you still thinking of killing your son?", she asked.

Dad: "I am not thinking, I have planned it", he said.

Mum: "What is wrong with you, why do you want the blood of your son on your hands?", she questioned him.

Dad: "like I told you yesterday, the only way to free your son off his spiritual illness is to kill him", said my dad.

Mum: "Please dear, kill that thought, he is our son", she said.

Dad: "Point of correction, he is your son, when he dies then he becomes ours, I can't have a possessed human as my child", he said.

Mum: "It's ok, the pastor will come soon", she said.

.......MEAN WHILE........

I was out side my parent's room ear dropping on what they were talking about, to know when the pastor would arrive.

Dea dea: "So this man really wants me dead", I said to myself standing close to my parent's room.

Dea dea: "No problem, the pastor will be here in two hours", I said to myself.

Dea dea: "That is just great, in fact wonderfully awesome", I said smiling to myself, as I left their and went to my room to get ready for what was going to take place.

.....2 HOURS LATER.....

Anita: Someone is knocking at the gate", she said.

Sonie: "Let me go check who it is", she said as she walked out side to check who was knocking on the gate.

When she got there, she found the pastor Standing, then she let him in because mum had inform them of the pastor's arrival.

When Sonie and the pastor came in, everyone one was already there waiting for the pastor except me, i was still in my room.

Pastor: "Peace be unto this family", he said as he dropped bits of the anointed oil he held.

Everyone: "Amen", said everyone.

Pastor: "Where is Dea dea, the lord told me things about him", he said.

Hassan: "He is in his room, let me go call him", he said.

Pastor: "No don't go there", he said.

Pastor: "I would go myself", he said.

Pastor: "What you guys should do right now is to start praying because the spirit controlling him is a stubborn one", he said.

Mum: "Ok pastor", she said as she told my dad and my sibling to hold hands together.

Pastor: "No matter what happens don't stop praying", he said.

Everyone: "Ok sir", they said.

Pastor: "You may start now, let me goto his room", he said as he left to my room which was shown to him by my dad.

When he got to my room, he saw me sitting on my bed with my legs crossed and my back was what he could see. My entire body was pure white.

Pastor: "la ka ka ka sa ba kas", he spoke in tongues.

Pastor: "You evil stubborn spirit, I command you to leave in the name of Jesus!", he said as he dropped bits of the anointed oil in his hand on my body.

Dea dea: "uhn uhn", I moved my body like I was being flogged with a painful Cain.

Pastor: "Lo kakaka zuka, I said leave!", he said dropping bits of anointing oil on my back.

Dea dea: "uhn uhn, hahaha", I started laughing, then took the knife I kept beside me and stabbed my bed continuously to the extent that the foam inside it started jumping out.

Pastor: "Go go go!!, in the name of Jesus", he said.

I stood up standing on my bed, then I looked at him with my eyes which were pure red.

Dea dea: "Blood, blood, give me your blood", I said looking at him like a zombie demon, with the knife pointing at him and my mouth filled with red paint.

Pastor: "You don't scare me you spirit, I say leave this body in the name of Jesus", he said.

Dea dea: "I need your blood!", I said then jumped off my bed with the knife and miss stabbed his neck, then placed my teeth on his neck.

Pastor: "Jesus Christ!!", he shouted in fear as he bent his head and crawled out my room, then made a run for his life.

Pastor: "The devil is alive, the devil is alive", he ran straight to the parlour screaming with his red neck, making everyone in the parlour to reduce the speed at which they prayed.

Hassan: "[Opens an eye] huh what I'm I hearing?, he asked.

Mum: "[Eyes closed] close your mouth and pray", she said.

Pastor: "The devil needs blood oo", he said as he ran out side the house.

Mum: "Don't stop praying, remember what the pastor said", she said encouraging them not to stop.

Dea dea: "Blood, taste for blood", I said as i walked out my room with the knife above my head and my mouth dropping of red paint.

The prayer quickly ended and everyone looked at me.

Hassan: "Jesus Christ!", he said as he quickly took off following the pastor behind.

Sonie: "Pastor wait for me too, I left my life at the gate", she said taking off quicker than Hassan.

Mum: "Anita where is Veron, we need to stay together and pray harder", she said.

Anita: "Veron left when Sonie was still talking", she said moving backwards.

Mum: "Why are you going close to the door?", she asked.

Anita: "I think I forgot my life too at the gate, I better go.... Jesus he is already too close", she said as she took off quickly.

Only my dad and mum were there looking at me in fear, I then stopped.

Dea dea: "Your blood is mine for the pleasure of my desire", I said pointing the knife to my dad.

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Mar 4th, 11:32

Mum: "[Afraid] Thank God it's your blood he wants, let me go check on the kids whether they've found their lives", she said as she ran out side.

Dad: "Honey, don't leave me here", he spoke in fear looking at the direction my mum ran.

Dad: "See, I'm not afraid of you", he said looking at me shaking like a fish as he adjusted backwards.

Dea dea: "I will drink your blood", I said walking closer to him.

Dad: "Jesus Christ, your eyes are extremely red", he said in fear.

Dea dea: "I need blood!", i shouted as I jumped on the sofa he was close to and pointed my knife in his face.

Dad: "[Extremely afraid] Jesus ooo!", he screamed like a lady and ran out side towards the gate.

Dea dea: "Come here I need your blood!", I shouted as I ran after him wearing only my boxers and my entire body painted pure white, with red paint coming out my mouth.

Dad: "Don't lock the gate!", he shouted for my mum who was about to lock the gate form the out side.

Dad: "Dea dea wants to kill me o, Dea dea wants my blood o, I'm too young to die!", he shouted in fear as he got close to the door and I got close to him....

........STORY ENDS.......

[Laughs] That was crazy right?, I'm totally the king of tricks right?, well I can't say because I'm still wearing my zombie demon look right now and they believe that I'm not a human any more.

They are out side the gate as I speak right now, the best part is that the pastor left his shoe, bible and anointing oil in the house [Laughs].

Maybe I should tell them it was a trick or maybe I should enjoy this while it last :D.

Wait I think someone is knocking on the gate, I better go get the cutlass in the kitchen, that would make me more scary :D, good bye guys, I have people to scare :D :D.


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