Love like never before

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Mar 4th, 08:19

One would think I am jobless
Just because I visit her always
They don't know she's the room that houses my heart
Anytime I am alone I think about her
Her image keeps appearing in my oblongata
Her beautiful face keeps popping in my mind
Even though I try to keep it off
I guess it is the work of her vegetable
I ate on her well decorated table
I can't resist the beckon of her efo
I do not care about what people say
All I want is to be with her till the end of time
Seeing her each time I rise from my sleep
I will be her shield in cases of war
Her umbrella when there is a downpour
Her comfort in discomfort
Her pleasure in pains
Her laughter in sad times
Her happiness amidst tears
And even when we are both

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